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Sugar Baby: What It Is, 69 Tips to Be a Good One & Get a Rich Sugar Daddy

So, you’re thinking about becoming a sugar baby? Well, here are some things to consider, how to find a sugar daddy, and how to be a good baby.

sugar baby sugar daddy

So, if you want to be the sweetest, most successful sugar baby without a hitch, you better read up on these tips on snagging a rich sugar daddy.

Let’s say you’re an attractive junior college student who wants to graduate debt-free. Perhaps you’re a driven entrepreneur who wants to launch your startup and is seeking a boost with some financial help. 

Or you could be someone who is just so used to the fancy and luxurious lifestyle that you’re looking for someone who can support you in that department. [Read: Why age gaps are the new trend in relationships]

Many girls have had those moments when they thought, “screw it,” and have gone online to search about being a sugar baby. Of course, you stopped yourself, thinking that it was too hard. Plus, you don’t want to be with just anyone to get the financial benefits.

Well, that’s the thing about being a sugar baby, you make the rules. All you need to do is find a sugar daddy that agrees with your rules and meets your needs.

But first, let’s give you a quick reminder of what sugar dating is. It’s when someone, typically older than you, financially supports you in exchange for emotional or physical support. [Read: How to find yourself the perfect sugar daddy]

What exactly is a sugar baby? 

A sugar baby is someone attractive, looking for companionship without any strings, and wouldn’t mind having the finer things in life. And their partner – a sugar daddy or mommy – has it to offer.

While it is easy to stereotype sugar babies as gold diggers and manipulators, that isn’t actually the case for many.

Sugar babies generally seek someone who can supplement their lifestyle or help them achieve their goals. [Read: The complete guide to snagging a rich partner or a sugar daddy]

However, they also have something to offer their partners, such as intimacy, connection, or companionship. And some sugar babies even develop genuine, long-term relationships with their partners.

Some sugar baby facts

Here are some interesting facts about sugar babies that might interest you.

1. The average sugar baby makes $2,800 per month

Now, remember, this is just the average. Some make a lot more, and some make less. It really depends on where you are. For example, sugar babies in large cities tend to make more because of the cost of living. [Read: What to do if your partner makes more money than you]

2. Sugar dating is definitely not long-term *2-3 months*

Your sugar baby’s life span is limited. Sadly, you will eventually grow too old to be a sugar baby. But on top of that, each sugar daddy you have won’t be a long-term thing. The average is only two to three months.

3. It can be dangerous 

These days, the world is full of dangerous things. So, if you want to be a sugar baby, you will have to be prepared to be on the lookout for any financial scams. Also, the sugar daddies might be toxic, and you could subject yourself to sexual violence if you’re not careful.

4. 20 is considered the best age for a sugar baby

If you’re still an 18 or 19-year-old teenager, you might want to wait until you’re older even though you’re legally an adult. 20 seems to be the right age for being a sugar baby.

This doesn’t mean you can’t be older, but it seems like younger is better for sugar daddies. [Read: How to attract an older man – 18 things to do and know before dating him]

Reasons for seeking a sugar daddy

While each sugar baby has her own reasons for seeking a sugar daddy, there are some commonalities among them all. Here are some of them.

1. Money and/or gifts

Let’s face it – we live in a materialistic world, and money and gifts make life more fun. So, that’s one of the major reasons that a woman might seek a sugar daddy. She likes being showered with gifts and receiving money for her “services.”

2. Personal choice

Some women just have a taste for older men, and not younger ones. In that case, they figure why not find a rich older man who can pamper her?

In her mind, it’s a hell of a lot better than dating a poor older man. [Read: May December relationship – 22 truths, problems, and why it works so well]

3. Mentorship

Maybe a woman is very ambitious and wants to climb the corporate ladder or start her own business.

In that case, she might become a sugar baby to get some good advice from her sugar daddy. She could learn a lot from his success.

4. Travel

If a woman likes to travel but doesn’t have the money to do it herself, then she might seek out a sugar daddy so he can pay for it.

She gets to travel the world and not have to foot the bill for it. That is reason enough for a lot of women.

Why do you want to be a sugar baby? 

This might sound like a dumb question because the answer is usually “for the money and the lifestyle.” And yes, that is a major reason most sugar babies do it. [Read: Casual relationship rules to keep a relationship just happily casual]

But before you decide to become a sugar baby, you have to have a serious talk with yourself. This is not something you should enter into lightly. It may sound like a great idea at first, but the reality of it might be quite different for you. 

So, what exactly are your reasons for considering becoming a sugar baby? Do you want someone to pay your college tuition? Do you want to travel? Or, do you want someone to buy you diamonds and pearls? 

You have to figure out why you’re doing it. Sure, the money, lifestyle, and gifts are fun. But as with anything in life, there are trade-offs. You don’t want to sacrifice your self-esteem just for money. [Read: 18 ways to have high self-esteem and start winning at life]

That’s why you need to give this question some serious thought before you make any decision.

What does a sugar baby do? 

You might think that being a sugar baby sounds like a great arrangement for you. But do you really know what they do? If not, we have a glimpse into the life of a sugar baby.

1. Goes to parties and events with their sugar daddy

Rich men typically have a lot of formal events and parties to attend. And if they’re not married or in a real relationship, they want their sugar baby to accompany them. [Read: 31 secrets to be charismatic and awe and draw people to you in a snap]

So, that means you would have to have a pretty nice wardrobe to keep up with him – or he can buy that for you.

2. Travels with him

What good is having the money to travel if you don’t have a travel companion? That’s why a lot of sugar daddies like to have their babies travel with them. That sounds like a great perk to a sugar baby if you like to travel but don’t have the money for it.

3. Pretends to be his real girlfriend

A lot of sugar daddies don’t like to let people know that you’re a sugar baby. Instead, they want other people to think that he “got” you all on his own and that you are his girlfriend.

So, just play the role and play the part. Pretend to be his real significant other. [Read: How to be the perfect girlfriend – 50 little ways to get there]

4. Spends time with him on dates

Just like a real girlfriend, the sugar daddy also takes the baby out on dates. It can be to the movies, out for a fancy dinner, or anything else that normal people do on dates.

However, the quality and expense of the dates would probably be higher than the average person.

5. Has sex sometimes

Now, this is what sometimes prevents a girl from becoming a sugar baby. Not all sugar babies do have sex with their sugar daddies, but some do.

It all depends on their arrangements. Some men just want companionship and don’t need sex, but others do.

How much do sugar babies make? 

Not all sugar babies make the same, because all people are different, as are their needs.

Every sugar baby wants an allowance so she can change her life for the better, but how much money you need to do this varies from person to person. [Read: The lazy twentysomething’s guide to saving money]

A typical range for a sugar baby is somewhere between $1,000 and $5,000 per month. But the average tends to be around $2,000-$3,000. Most ask for $2,000-$2,500 per month.

This money is paid in addition to their fancy dates, expensive gifts, and travel that is given to them by their sugar daddies.

The amount of money you ask for should be based on your needs and not your expectations. A sugar daddy will not be happy if he finds out that you lied to him about your expenses.

To figure out how much you need, do calculations that include your tuition/fees, books, rent, utilities, and how much to put in your savings account. That way, you won’t seem like a gold digger. [Read: 62 flirty topics and things to talk about with a guy to keep him interested]

There are also two types of ways that a sugar baby can get paid. 

1. Pay-per-meet

This means that a baby gets paid every time they meet and go on a date. The cost of the date depends on the man’s expectations. The range tends to be the following:

a. Platonic dates – $50 to $200

b. Sexual dates – $200 to $500

c. All-night dates – $300 to $900

Some babies might increase the price with every new date. Then, they might ask to be paid regularly. [Read: 40 secrets and easy hacks to look rich and dress like you’re rolling in cash]

2. Allowances

Most sugar daddies prefer paying monthly or weekly allowances, especially if they want sex from their sugar babies. That’s because it doesn’t seem like prostitution and there will be no misunderstandings.

Most daddies and babies make a legal arrangement with a confidentiality clause to protect both of them. And it’s important to discuss compensation from the beginning.

This allowance does not include the dates, travel, gifts, and other perks of being a sugar baby. [Read: 15 reasons why you should travel at least once a year]

Requirements for a sugar baby

If you have read this far and still think that you want to be a sugar baby, then you might wonder what the requirements are.

Can anyone be a sugar baby or do you have to look and act a certain way? Here are some top qualifications for a successful sugar baby.

1. 18 or older

Of course, you at least have to be a legal adult. Otherwise, it’s pedophilia and you are “jail bait.” But you can’t be too old either. And age is relative. 

To a 40-year-old daddy, a 30-year-old sugar baby might be too old. But for an 80-year-old daddy, a 50-year-old sugar baby isn’t too old. Do you see the difference? [Read: When does age difference in relationships matter?]

2. Attractive

Most sugar daddies don’t want to have an unattractive sugar baby. Sorry, but it’s just the truth. So, there are some physical requirements. 

Now, the good news is that attraction is also relative. That means that you don’t have to look like a supermodel just to get a daddy to notice you. But you do have to look good to him.

3. Good personality

You also have to have some sort of charm and charisma. A sugar daddy isn’t going to want to spend time with a bump on a log. [Read: How to be charming – 15 adorable habits of really likable people]

They want to have a conversation, and they want you to be able to hold your own at a party or an event. So, you need to be comfortable in groups, and crowds, and be able to talk to anyone – especially him.

4. Flexible and available

If your schedule is so full that you can’t even find time to sleep, then you are probably not a good candidate for a sugar baby. That’s because a sugar daddy wants to see you when he wants to see you.

So, if you have work, school, and a very full social life, the sugar daddy might get sick of you never being available. Plus, you might have to change your plans at the last minute just to please him. [Read: How to be nice – 20 easy tips to make everyone love being around you]

5. Agreeable 

Let’s face it – rich and powerful men like to be in charge. They usually don’t want a sugar baby who is too disagreeable or challenges him on certain things.

So, it’s up to you to be a “yes, daddy, whatever you want me to do, daddy…” kind of girl. Not that you should violate your personal boundaries, but just let him be in control most of the time unless he tells you otherwise.

How to find a sugar daddy

You probably already know all of this. And if you didn’t know, then you should probably do some more research on sugar dating. [Read: How to be the best sugar baby – 16 secrets to the luxe life]

But, let’s say, you’ve done the research. Now, all you need to do is find a sugar daddy. That can’t be too hard, right?

Well, if you struggle to find one, then it’s about time you had a helping hand. It’s time you got yourself the sugar daddy of your dreams. We’ll help you find him. It’s not that hard, ladies.

1. Relationship status

The first decision to make is to consider what relationship status your man should have. [Read: 26 signs a married man is attracted to you and why he’s pursuing you]

Do you just want to have some fun with a wealthy married man who will pay anything to keep you happy in exchange for his occasional extramarital fun? Or would you prefer a wealthy widower or single bachelor that will want to spend all his free time with you?

Knowing this will also help you find the perfect match. If you have no preference either way on relationship status, then you can have the pick of the bunch.

2. Date online smartly

If you’re cruising the online dating world such as Tinder and OkCupid, it’s time you gave your profile a bit of a facelift.

Let’s get practical here. If you’re looking for a sugar daddy, it’s not going to be a 20-year-old barista at Starbucks. [Read: How to write a dating profile that will set you apart]

Let’s look beyond that. You need to change that profile setting to men over 40. 

Those are the guys who are financially able to support a sugar relationship, plus, they’re on Tinder, so they’re most likely single *you may want to double-check that*.

3. Go to specific sugar dating apps/websites

Now that sugar dating is no longer a taboo and underground idea, you’re able to go on a couple of well-known sugar dating websites. These sites are specifically designed for sugar dating. [Read: Handpicked alternatives to try something besides Tinder]

The guys on these sites are looking for casual relationships and have the means to back up their “sugar daddy” claims. Of course, double-check that as well. It’s online. So, you know, you need to do your due diligence.

You need to have an end goal. That way, you don’t stick in a relationship with the intention of it developing into something serious, as it most likely won’t.

4. Ask your friends

If you have any friends who are sugar babies, they could be of great use to you when trying to find a sugar daddy.

It’s also probably the safest way to find a sugar daddy, as they are someone recommended by a trusted friend. [Read: 40 ways to have fun with friends, beat boredom, and create new memories]

You can get your friend to set you up on a date. That date will be when you state your boundaries and needs very clearly.

5. Hang around money

Let’s get real, if you want to know how to find a sugar daddy, you need to hang around where wealthier men are. It’s really as simple as that. 

Go to affluent neighborhoods, bars, clubs that are known to have rich men, cigar lounges, yacht clubs, etc. You know, places where college kids aren’t hanging around. [Read: A girl’s guide to snagging a rich boyfriend]

6. Go with a fellow sugar baby

If you need support when looking for a sugar daddy, then go out with a sugar baby or someone also interested in becoming one. 

That way, you feel more comfortable speaking to older men and someone else knows that you’re safe. Though, if you ever feel uncomfortable, then pull out of the situation.

7. Be persistent

You may find a sugar daddy on your first night out or it may take you a couple of tries in order for you to find the right sugar daddy. [Read: Secrets to living the luxe life of a sugar baby]

You can’t expect this to just happen overnight, even though you want it to. Be patient, nothing happens with just the snap of a finger. It may take some time until you find the right one.

8. Show off your qualities

The sugar baby pool is overflowing with people that like to be pampered. However, there aren’t as many sugar daddies out on the market, so, this means that the competition is fierce. This means you must highlight your best qualities. 

No, this doesn’t just mean your boobs or butt. This also means your smile, your laugh, and your eyes. Show people what makes you different and interesting. [Read: How to be sexy and own your own unique attractiveness]

9. Make yourself desirable to a wealthy man

You’ve heard the expression “speculate to accumulate,” well, this is where you need to put this into practice and dig deep into your savings/overdraft to make that initial investment into yourself. 

A wealthy guy will also be used to the finer things in life and that will include his choice of woman. So, it is important you look as immaculately turned out as you possibly can in order to catch his eye. [Read: A secret guide to attract men in a way they can’t resist!]

10. Be a high-maintenance woman

Have your hair styled sophisticatedly, make sure you regularly visit a nail salon, and purchase the nicest clothes you can afford. 

Your potential walking wallet may not be interested in how much money you have but he will expect you to look the part. So, to grab his attention initially, make sure you look amazing whenever you go out.

This will also help you out later on when you have your beautifully manicured nails hooked right into him and you tell him that looking as great as you do is not cheap and takes hours to achieve. [Read: 15 things high-maintenance women do that you need to start doing!]

Then watch how quickly his spare visa card jumps right out of his wallet and straight into your Gucci purse. After all, he also wants his beautiful girlfriend to look great all the time as well.

11. Frequent wealthy men’s hangouts

This is a definite must. Trust us, you are not going to find your new sugar daddy/rich boyfriend by hanging out in your local boozer. You need to start going to the theatre and ballet. 

You may not even enjoy these activities, but it’s important that you show prospective rich boyfriends how cultured you are. Keep your eyes open for notices in your local newspaper for art gallery opening nights. [Read: Easy ways to appear much more graceful and elegant]

Wealthy men enjoy fine art and will happily spend their money on a fine piece of artwork to hang in their study or billiards room. 

While he is admiring the paint, you can admire his Armani suit. Pay attention to what the men around you are spending, if anything. This will give you a clue to their wealth and bank balance.

12. Go to casinos

Casinos are also good venues to be around, especially the more exclusive members-only casinos.

Okay, you might have to take out a second mortgage to pay your membership fee, but it will be worth it in the long run. [Read: 64 best places to meet men and ways to find your perfect, attractive, and eligible guy]

The same goes for golf clubs as well. Forget yoga, golf clubs will soon be your new best friend as you sit in the cocktail lounge sipping mojitos while your sugar daddy plays eight holes.

13. Find the right parties to go to

Also, try to attend as many private functions as you possibly can.

You might need to be inventive here to bag an invitation to such events, but private cocktail parties and dinner dances are good places to search for your wealthy man. [Read: The art of networking at a party and making a great impression]

14. Social connections

Ask your friends if they have a friend of a friend that might be able to help you get an invitation to a ball or an opera house exclusive showing. 

This will also be good practice to get you used to the kind of events you might find yourself attending when you are on the arm of Mr. Rich. [Read: 15 easy conversation starters you can use effortlessly when you find the right man]

15. Set up a profile on special dating sites

There are lots of dating sites online where women can set up a profile specifically to find a wealthy boyfriend or sugar daddy.

This method of bagging your beau is also good if you really don’t have the funds to go out to expensive venues and drink champagne with the hoity-toity people.

Remember to take your time when you are creating your profile. It might even be worth having some professional photos taken that you can use. [Read: Bad girl traits every man wants to see in a girl he dates]

Make sure you look sexy, sophisticated, and appealing and you don’t resemble a dog’s dinner. If you can’t afford to have some professional photos taken, then ask a friend to take some for you. Don’t post selfies. They really won’t give a good first impression.

16. Keep your eyes peeled

If you follow our tips, you will soon find the right person. However, don’t expect to find exactly what you are looking for within a week. It might take a little longer than that. 

You might also have to date a few Shreks before the right fella comes along, but don’t worry, just make sure every date you go on is somewhere very exclusive and expensive. [Read: What guys look for in a girl 26 things men like more than appearances]

You might as well enjoy some fine food and sip champagne while you are on your quest. Good luck and have fun!

17. Be patient

Not all people you meet who seem to be sugar daddy/mommy material really fit the bill in the long run. Therefore, it takes patience.

You have to put in a lot of work, too. Shower them with affection, time, and be there for them, especially in times when they need to be with someone who really cares.

Once you get that connection, then you can go in for the kill. [Read: How to be patient in a new relationship and avoid risking a new love]

Best sugar daddy websites

Sugar daddy websites are probably one of the most popular ways to meet a daddy. So, here is a list of the best ones you can try.

– SugarDaddyMeet

– SugarDaddy.com

– SugarDaddie.com

– Secret Benefits

– SugarDaddyForMe

– MissTravel

– WhatsYourPrice

– AgeMatch

– RichMeetBeautiful

– EstablishedMen

– AshleyMadison

– AdultFriendFinder

– EliteSingles

You might want to try more than one and see which ones you have the most success on. [Read: How to know if online dating is right for you – is it your match?]

How to spot a fake sugar daddy

As you probably already know, there are a lot of scammers out there from all walks of life, and the sugar daddy arena is no different.

So, how can you be sure that you’re not getting ripped off by a fake sugar daddy? Here are some things to look out for.

1. Watch out for sugar baby loyalty tests and fee requests

Some “sugar daddies” will play the power card and expect a small payment as “proof of loyalty” to them. And others might request you to pay some sort of fee. 

Do you really think that a man rich enough to be a sugar daddy is going to ask a potential sugar baby for money? No, they won’t. [Read: Signs of an online dating player – 15 tells you shouldn’t ignore]

2. Don’t instantly trust any incoming funds

If you’ve ever watched the Dr. Phil Show, then you know how often both men and women get scammed on dating sites. 

The perpetrators are usually people in Nigeria that are trying to steal money from lonely people. So, just because you receive funds from a sugar daddy, make sure it’s legitimate before you go spending it all.

How to maintain safety and privacy as a sugar baby

Even if you’re not getting scammed by a fake sugar daddy, you still need to know how to maintain your safety and privacy as a sugar baby. Because you can never be too careful! [Read: How to catch a catfish – online fakers revealed]

1. Keep messaging on the sugar daddy site

In regular online dating, most people get off the app or dating site and exchange personal phone numbers. But don’t do that.

It’s best to keep your communication on the public sugar daddy site. Just keep your private information as private as you can.

2. Use a nickname or alias on your sugar daddy profile

Speaking of private information, don’t ever use your real name on the sugar daddy site. Ideally, you’ll have both a fake first and last name, but at least don’t tell them your last name. 

Instead, it’s best to use a nickname or an alias so that they can’t track you down and stalk you if things don’t work out between the two of you. [Read: Online dating woes – most common Tinder horror stories]

3. Always Facetime or video call with your potential sugar daddy before you decide to meet in person

It’s best to talk to them ahead of time before you meet them. Facetiming, Zooming, or Skyping is best because you can actually see the person.

But at the very least, talk to them on the phone. You want to make sure they don’t have a foreign accent and are calling you from a different country.

How to be a good sugar baby

Now that we talked all about what a sugar baby is and how to find a sugar daddy, it’s time to discuss how to be a good sugar baby. [Read: 37 secrets for guys and girls to prepare for a date and get ready to impress]

You’ve already made the decision that you want to become a sugar baby, but it just doesn’t end there. You want to be a successful sugar baby, one that gets what she wants.

You’re going to have to know the golden rules. Yes, there are rules. Do you have to follow them? No, but if you want this to go smoothly, then knowing the basics will help you immensely. Being a sugar baby is not as complicated as you think.

1. Keep feelings out of it 

Emotions can make a relationship with a sugar daddy or mommy messy. Really messy. Sugar daddies or mommies want you to provide drama-free, mess-free, and fun relationships. [Read: No strings attached relationship – how to have it, end it, and 35 NSA rules]

So don’t bring your emotional baggage into the equation. Be careful not to have unrealistic expectations as well. Not all sugar daddies can devote all their time, attention, effort, love, and money to you.

2. Have the right attitude

Get into any sugar daddy/mommy relationship without any illusions or delusions. Often, your partner may just be in it to have someone on a casual, no-string-attached basis. 

There’s no pressure to be anything – serious or long-term. The agreement may already be in place, so you have to be in the right frame of mind to make it work. [Read: Unrealistic expectations that can ruin your love life]

3. Know what you want and need

Before you become a sugar baby, you need to be 100% honest with yourself and ask yourself why you’re doing this and what you want out of it. 

If you don’t know the answer to either of the questions, don’t do it. You have to be clear with yourself because it will help you set your boundaries as well. [Read: How to start living life on your terms]

4. Sex or no sex

This is a common question that comes up, but this is also something you need to think about as well. Of course, this will change depending on the sugar daddy you’re with. 

You may not feel a sexual connection with your sugar daddy and that’s okay. You don’t have to sleep with him. But, you do need to express it to your sugar daddy ahead of time, so that he can either agree or dismiss your terms.

5. Have an end goal

Don’t just go into a sugar relationship without knowing why you’re going into it.

Maybe you want to cover some of your tuition, buy yourself a car, start a business, or get a down payment saved up for a house. [Read: Casual dating vs. serious dating – what’s your dating speed for now?]

6. Don’t settle for less

Being a sugar baby means you have to be honest with yourself about how you see yourself and your self-worth. 

Never compromise your morals and values. There are people out there who would try to get the most out of you for as little as they can, and this isn’t good. Don’t settle.

Hold your ground and build a connection with someone who knows your boundaries and can make you happy on your terms, while at the same time, putting in an effort to return the affection. [Read: Should you settle for less when you can have so much more?]

7. Invest in your looks

As a sugar baby, you have to take care of yourself. It’s not called “sugar hag” for a reason. So, brush up on your makeup skills, go hit the gym regularly, and go easy on those cronuts. 

Your partner would want you to look and feel your best so you can also give your very best to them. [Read: 15 real-life tips to look way better naked, in no time!]

8. Hush the critics

Again, contrary to popular belief, not all sugar babies are gold diggers. It’s deeper than that, actually. Often, sugar babies are there not just for sex, but also as a companion, arm candy, or even serious wife material. 

Some people really are just looking for someone to shower all their love, affection, and money on, and you just happen to love receiving all those. As with anything you do, don’t mind the critics – and just mind your own business. [Read: How to know if you’re being used for sex or money]

9. Know what daddy wants

Some want constant companionship, some want to have a trophy girl/boyfriend, and yet others just want to have someone to be on the receiving end of all their affection and gifts. 

The best and most successful sugar babies know what their sugar daddy/mommy wants and they become just that. It’s all about fulfilling a need and getting your reward in return. [Read: What is a trophy wife and why do all men desire one?]

10. Don’t be afraid to ask

If you don’t ask, you’ll never know— or get what you want. Since your relationship is based on a give-and-take exchange, you have to assert yourself on what you want to receive. 

Considering that you have your arrangement laid out, your partner will appreciate it more if you know what you want and tell him or her about it.

11. Agree on an arrangement

For every relationship to run smoothly, you have to set it up on a foundation of mutual agreement.

As such, an arrangement must be clear-cut for both of you so that you can set expectations and avoid misunderstandings and disappointments in the future. [Read: 15 signs you’re a high-maintenance woman that all men desire]

After you make an agreement together, you need to stick to it. If you agreed to meet up every Friday night, stick to that agreement. 

If you flake out or cancel too much, it’s not going to work for them. Be accommodating. However, when it comes to payment, it should not be stalled. If it is, that’s a red flag.

12. Appreciation is an art

Remember to be genuine with your partner, especially when it comes to accepting gifts, favors, affection, and other things.

As a sugar baby, you will be on the receiving end of a lot of these, so you better brush up on the art of appreciation. [Read: How to show your appreciation to someone and express your gratitude]

So, even if you have nothing to offer your partner but your body, time, and affection, he/she will feel great that you like the Tiffany earrings or the Lake Como villa vacation.

13. Be on guard

Just because your partner has given you the moon and the stars doesn’t mean you have to give too soon in return. First of all, trust shouldn’t come easily, and it should still be earned, as with any other kind of relationship.

Emotionally speaking, you have to guard your heart too, so you can be sure you don’t fall too hard too soon and end up giving more than you have bargained for. [Read: Sneaky signs that make you the perfect 24K gold digger]

14. Show your best assets

If you’re going to become a sugar baby, you’re here for the financial benefits, let’s not kid ourselves. Now, showing your assets doesn’t necessarily mean your boobs or butt, but also your internal assets as well.

If you’re funny, show that off. Smart, show it off as well. These are all assets that showcase the best parts of you. They can be physical as well. The point is, you’ll attract sugar daddies attracted to those features. [Read: How to be sexy and own your own unique attractiveness]

15. Be cultured and sophisticated 

Try to make yourself sound as cultured and as interesting as possible. Bend the truth a little if you have to. 

It’s worth sitting through three hours listening to Pavarotti if it earns you a three-week cruise in the Caribbean during the summer! All you have to do is stay awake and act like you are enjoying the singing, even if you don’t really understand a word of it.

If you are the type of person that finds it hard to hide their true feelings, then it might be best that you don’t tell any white lies on your dating profile. [Read: Charming ways to make yourself appear more approachable]

This is especially true if you are likely to yawn loudly with boredom while you are meant to be enjoying a German version of Swan Lake.

16. Be available

If you want to connect with sugar daddies, you need to be available. If you’re too busy, unless they really like you, it’s already too much of a hassle.

Remember, they want a relationship that’s easy and smooth and works around their schedule, not the other way around. [Read: Does he think I’m not interested? 22 things girls do that confuses guys]

17. Set strict personal boundaries

You both need to know exactly what you are looking for out of this relationship. Once you have decided to date each other, this is when you settle the terms of the relationship. Here are some things you should have answered:

a. How long do you feel the relationship will last?

b. Will you only hang out alone or go out in public as well?

c. Where will you meet?

d. What time of the day and for how many hours?

e. How many times a week or month will you see each other?

f. When will you receive your payment, gifts, etc.?

g. How will you be financially supported?

h. What is the maximum age gap you can stand?

[Read: Healthy relationship boundaries – how to talk about them and set them]

18. Don’t wait for them to come to you

This isn’t the same as other typical online dating sites. These sugar daddies aren’t trying to chase women playing hard to get. 

They’re financially investing in the relationship for a reason. Now, that means you shouldn’t just open your profile and let it sit online, waiting for sugar daddies to write you.

You need to be active. Write them first, go through profiles, and be the one to make the first move. It may take a while until you meet someone that you connect with. [Read: A girl’s guide to snagging a rich boyfriend or a sugar daddy]

19. Don’t assume sugar daddies are rich

They are your sugar daddy but don’t assume they have boatloads of money. Many sugar daddies are middle-class men who are single and have the income to spend on another person.

This doesn’t mean they’re rich. Now, this doesn’t mean you should lower your payment or gifts. However, you should aim for a sugar daddy that can fulfill your expectations with regard to payment.

20. Handle your emotional expectations

It’s normal to develop feelings for someone you’re dating, regardless of if they’re your sugar daddy or not.

But, for your own heart and to prevent getting hurt, remember that these relationships are usually short-lived. [Read: How to manage your expectations in a relationship]

Keep your emotions in check and ask yourself how you’re feeling about the relationship and if your needs are being met.

21. Don’t get too comfortable

Though this is a relationship, it’s not the kind where you can wear your stained sweatpants and hang out after not showering for a couple of days. 

Remember, your sugar daddy is financially supporting you to get something in return. Your sugar daddy is looking for you to look and feel your best when you’re around them. [Read: Signs you’re getting too comfortable with each other]

22. Be discreet

No one wants their personal business aired out to dry. You need to talk to your sugar daddy and see how he feels about you posting photos online. 

If he wouldn’t like any photos taken of you two, respect that. Some sugar daddies are open while others are not, it simply depends on them.

23. Treat it like a relationship

Because at the end of the day, it is a relationship. Enjoy the time you’re spending with your sugar daddy because this is your own time that you’re using. [Read: How to find a rich sugar daddy and hook the rich guy of your dreams]

This is why it’s so important that you have a connection with your sugar daddy. If not, you’ll hate every moment of it and they will too.

24. Be self-sufficient too

Sugar daddies come and go. They may only be looking for something short-term, or you know how life can be, things come up and they can no longer see you. The point is, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

You should never fully depend on your sugar daddy to support you. If you’re desperate for money, this shouldn’t be your sole way of supporting yourself. [Read: How to not be overly clingy in a relationship]

Once you successfully do this, then you’re in for a treat, which means luxury vacations, expensive gifts, the fanciest dinners, couture clothes, and lots and lots of moolah.

25. Be honest

These sugar daddies or mommies have chosen this form of relationship for a reason.

They’re busy, they don’t have the time to emotionally invest in a relationship, and they’re choosing to be with someone who understands their limits and can work around them.

As they need to be completely honest with you and what they want, you’re going to need to be completely honest with them. Tell them how they can fulfill your needs in an honest manner. [Read: Is monogamy for you? How to know your needs and what works for you]

26. Make the most of it

The advantages of being a sugar baby are endless—if you know how to maximize them. Typically, your partner may have skills, expertise, influence, connections, and money to help you get ahead in your career – and even in life in general. 

Your sugar daddy/mommy can actually be not just your partner, lover, and friend, but also your confidante, mentor, and benefactor. [Read: How to deal with jealousy in a relationship]

27. Continue dating others

Listen, he’s a sugar daddy, but he’s not your boyfriend. This is something to clearly differentiate. 

While you’re landing yourself a sugar daddy, you can always keep yourself on the market, looking for other people. Know where your emotional boundaries are and when you need to call it quits.

[Read: How to catch a rich guy’s attention no matter where you are!]

Being a sugar baby can be a fun experience if you know how to do it right. Follow these golden rules, and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t become a sugar baby earlier!

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