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How to Avoid Getting Stood Up On a Date

Being stood up is never going to feel good. Read these tips on how to avoid getting stood up on a date and other ways to get even with your date.

avoid getting stood up

Getting stood up on a date is annoying and frustrating.

Yet it’s an inevitable hindrance of casual dating.

It doesn’t happen all the time, but on a rare occasion, you may find yourself on the waiting side of a lonely date.

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Have you ever been stood up?

Getting stood up can feel insulting, even if no one around notices that you’ve been stood up.

While getting stood up on a date can be annoying, there are easy, effective ways to avoid getting stood up in the first place.

And even if you find out that you’ve been stood up midway through the date, there are a few ways to get back at your missing date without losing your own cool.

How to avoid getting stood up on a date

First dates are all about making a great impression.

And if someone stands you up without even as much as a warning call, you should definitely kiss him goodbye.

The next time you fix a date with someone who seems interested, remember these tips to avoid getting stood up. [Read: 20 signs of attraction to know if your date’s interested in you]

#1 Be fashionably late

Being fashionably late is still cool, especially if you’re the girl. Better yet, be late by at least fifteen minutes. If your date hasn’t come by then, call another guy and go party somewhere, or pretend like you’re in the wrong place and walk out.

#2 Waiting time

If you don’t believe in making your date wait, you can always get to the restaurant on time. But don’t wait for a date any more than twenty minutes. Make that fifteen minutes if he’s not answering his phone. [Read: 12 dating rules for classy men and women]

#3 Have him pick you up

If you know him already, let him pick you up from your place. Waiting for him at a restaurant can be embarrassing, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

#4 Avoid getting stood up before the date

Don’t leave for the date if the last time you spoke to him was over two days ago. Just call him and chat up for a while early in the day. If he reminds you about the date or talks about the date, then go ahead with the preparation, but if he behaves like he has no memory of ever fixing a date with you, kiss his worthless butt goodbye.

#5 The last resort

Even if you do get stood up after all these pointers, remember he’s definitely not worth all the pain. Just have a great dinner yourself if you’re up for it, or call a few friends over to join you. You can still have a lot of fun even if he didn’t bother to show up. [Read: Tips to be a good date every time]

Understanding what you feel after being stood up

When you realize that you’ve been stood up, your mind would be clouded by emotions. There’s anger, resentment, frustration, self doubt, depression, pain and loneliness.

Understand what you really feel more than anything else. Remember that it’s just a silly boy who couldn’t be man enough to call off a date or care about a woman’s feelings. And by being upset about it, you’re only giving this guy more attention than he ever deserves.

You may feel depressed or humiliated after being stood up, but guess what, no one other than you knows you’ve been stood up. So don’t worry about other people’s perception. Relax a while, call a friend, speak aloud and pretend like you were supposed to meet elsewhere and walk out of the restaurant with your head held high.

You can meet another guy who likes you *who’ll be more than happy to take you out* or you can go home. But don’t make any hasty mistakes like throwing yourself into someone else’s arms or wallowing in lonely self pity.

Shit happens. Get over it! [Read: How to get any guy’s attention in any circumstance]

How to get back at a guy who stood you up

If you want to get back at the guy who stood you up or let him know that you’re not hurt by his action, here are a few tips to do just that.

What you shouldn’t do

# Don’t tell him later that you met another guy, thanks to him standing you up. He’ll never believe you. If you did meet someone else for real, then let the word reach him after a few days through someone else so he truly believes you.

# Don’t create a scene. Most women get really pissed off when they’re stood up, and whether they realize it or not, they create a scene that would be really embarrassing. Avoid that.

You really aren’t going to gain anything by standing outside his door with a lit torch threatening to burn him down, or by writing him a hate mail, or by abusing him through hundreds of texts.

It’ll only give a sadistic guy a good laugh.

What you should do

# The best thing you could do is wait a few minutes after being stood up, and then text him telling him that you’ve been trying to contact him for the last twenty minutes as you can’t make it for the date because…

– you’ve met an ex of yours who asked you out again.

– you already had a date with another guy and had forgotten all about it.

– you had already made plans with your friends and need to cancel the date.

By doing that, he’ll actually wonder who stood whom up! After all, you’re going to make it seem like you’ve been calling him only to say that you couldn’t make it to the date. [Read: How to plan and end a date to have a great one]

# Text him late that night and tell him you’re sorry you couldn’t make it to the date, and that you feel really bad about it. You just didn’t know how to tell him earlier but thought you needed to apologize for not showing up. Use this move only if you haven’t called him too often before the date.

If he responds by saying it’s alright, make plans again for another night, and this time around, you stand him up.

All these moves are great ways to get even with the guy who stood you up. It’ll put him in his place, and even though he’s the one that stood you up, he’d wonder if you stood him up too.

Use these tips on how to avoid getting stood up and you’ll drop all chances of ever getting stood up. And even if you do get stood up, you now know just what to do, don’t you? Click here to read my “he stood me up” confession to find out what I did to get even.

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