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13 Great Relationship Apps You Need to Download Today

Apps are a great way to track just about everything in our lives, sex and relationships included! Here are some essential apps you need in your life!

While not the sexiest fact ever told, it’s true that instead of interacting with our partners, it’s more likely that our cellphones are the first thing we look at in the morning and the last thing we see at night. Sad but true, so why not take advantage of our phones and use the creative and insightful apps to make both our lives and our relationships easier and spicier.

While there are certainly an abundance of apps designed to kick your sex life up a notch, not all relationship apps are centered on the risqué. In fact, there are many apps designed for long distance romance, fertility and periods, relationship abuse, and just plain fun games shared between you and your partner to bond you closer together.

What apps are missing from your phone?

Wondering if relationship apps might be just what you and your lover need? Here’s 13 apps for you to start with, and build your collection from there.

For flirty couples

1. Date Ideas

Whether you’ve been in a relationship for a week, or 10 years, coming up with date night ideas can be difficult. Great for the fella who can’t think of romantic date idea to save his life! Date ideas is a great, free app that generates fun and romantic date night solutions, which range from paid to absolutely free ideas. Download this app to take a little pressure off your planning. [Read: 20 fun and unique date ideas to try]

2. LoveByte for Couples

This app is great for long distance relationships, or for couples close-by. This app has a private chat option, specifically designed for you and your lover to share private messages and stickers, as well as sickeningly adorable ways to share photos such as a “scratch card.” In this app you can also keep track of dates, anniversaries, upcoming events, and presents. This app is protected by a password, so none of your nosey friends or family can get in and see your naughty talk.

3. Couple

The Couple Relationship app is an adorable way to keep a timeline of you and your lover’s time together. This insanely cute app is great for those who want to keep a “journal” without the commitment of having to write something every single day.

This app features stickers for when you’re feeling cheesy, voice messages and photo filters, a shared history section, as well as cute games to play with each other such as sketching and “thumbkissing” – touching the same spot on the screen of your phone, as soon as you and your partner touch the same spots, your phones will both vibrate. Aww! [Read: 10 survival tips for long distance couples]

4. Kahnoodle Couples App

This virtual app is a mix of all these other apps combined, featuring a personal timeline of your relationship to keep as a virtual scrapbook, date ideas specified to your city, sweet ideas to surprise your sweetheart, private messaging, love coupons and more.

Full on sex apps

5. Sex Positions

This sex position app by “SexyApps” features pixelated couples getting down and dirty in 180 illustrated positions. This app also lists the difficulty, pros and cons, and descriptions of how to perform each position. They even have a randomly generated position for those nights that you feel up for anything. You can also try the iKamasutra app for similar naughty ideas. [Read: 30 sexy ways to spice up your sex life]

6. Track my Sex Life

While keeping a detailed account of your sex life may seem the opposite of romantic, many people have gotten a kick out of seeing their sexual calendar through this app. Track My Sex Life allows you to use a planning calendar, allows you to add your sex partners, where you’ve had sex, great sex positions that work for you, as well as notes about your partners’ performance.

For the very brace, Track my Sex Life also allows you to share your information with your current partner, so they will get a better idea of who you are sexually. A cuter, less invasive version of this app is Kindu for Couples, which allows you to unlock your lover’s secret fantasies. Yum!

7. Prognosis: STD

This fun and interactive app gives those who are perhaps having a bit too much unprotected fun in between the sheets some solid medical advice on their sexually transmitted symptoms. This app has been review and approved by 120+ physicians, and provides symptoms and information about up to 15 different types of sexually transmitted diseases. May the fact that you’ve had to download this app remind you to always have safe sex!

8. Best Sex Dices 18+

This may sound like a corny sex game, because it is! Embrace the sexy fun of this silly app, and you’re in for a wild night. This virtual game of “naughty dice” will have you “licking” and “sucking” various parts of your partner with a simple roll of the dice! This game also provides a similar double dice drinking game. You can also try the “Sex Game Roulette” app for similarly sexy ideas.

9. Sex During Pregnancy Guide

This interesting app teaches newly pregnant couples which positions are bound to be the most comfortable, what to expect from sex while pregnant, and other insightful tips on the newly opened world of pregnancy sex!

Other handy apps to have

10. The Aspire “News” App for Domestic Violence

The Aspire app, highly backed by Dr. Phil’s wife Robin McGraw, appears on your phone like a regular news app. This app will show you entertainment, sports, and world news.

However, when you click the “Help” tab, the real app begins. This app allows you to have a pre-recorded audio or text message that, once triggered, will be sent to 911, as well as your pre-selected contacts letting them know to come and get you. Tapping this app will allow you to return to the front page without your abusive partner being tipped off. [Read: 16 signs of an abusive lover]

11. Period Tracker

Much like its name suggests, the Period Tracker app will help monitor your periods and let you know when you will be expecting your unfriendly monthly surprise. This is great for women who do not have regulated periods, or for those looking to get to know their cycles better for pregnancy reasons. This app calculates how long your average period lasts, expected symptoms, and lets you keep track of your moods, weight, temperature, and ovulation days. [Read: The ultimate guide to period sex]

12. Kindara Fertility Tracker

Again, this app is great for women who are looking to get pregnant. This app will help you track the best days for baby makin’. Keep track of your cycles with an interactive calendar and daily journal.

If you’ve just moved into a new neighborhood, or you’re just plain curious, check out this sex offender tracker app. Since sex offenders are legally required to be registered, this app will show you the registered pervs living in your neighborhood!

Whatever your symptoms, desires, or flirty fun needs are, you just know there’s going to be an app for it. Take advantage of technology and the useful “life hack” apps available, and get downloading!

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