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Date Night Ideas during COVID: Easy & Fun Ways to Keep On Dating

COVID paying havoc with your regular date nights? Staying safe is more important but here are some date night ideas during COVID to try. 

Date night ideas during covid

While we wait for respite and a brighter day, it’s important to make light wherever you can. COVID doesn’t mean your love life has to be put on hold. Certainly, it doesn’t mean that your date nights have to be cancelled. There are many date night ideas during COVID you can tinker around with. It just means being a little creative and thinking outside of the box.

We’re living in strange times. This time last year, would you have ever dreamed that we’d be in a lockdown, wearing masks, and staying away from our loved ones to keep them safe? It’s almost like the plot from a very unpleasant movie, but unfortunately, it’s the world we’ve living in for now.

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Sure, it’s not going to be the same as booking a table at your favorite restaurant or dancing ‘til dawn in your club of choice, but it’s something at least. Perhaps if nothing else, COVID will teach us the value in time spent together, rather than focusing upon the things we do or the things we buy.

There are so many people who are required to stay away from those closest to them, such as elderly parents or grandparents, so cherish every moment you spend with your partner right now and be creative with your activities. 

If you’re totally out of ideas in terms of date night ideas during COVID, your luck is in. Here are 12 suggestions you might like to try. Why not adopt two per week and really mix up your quarantine date nights? You might find a new activity you want to adopt over the long-term!

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Date night ideas during COVID to try tonight 

Remember, it’s about spending time together. While you might not choose to do these things during the normal life, that doesn’t mean you can’t put expectations aside and focus on creating new and special memories. 

How many of these date night ideas during COVID will you try?

#1 Movie night in the garden. Some communities are having drive-in movie nights. If you can find one of those, definitely go for it. If not, why not make your own? All you need is a large projector and these are pretty easy to find online, although if the weather is dry, you could take your TV outside.  

Simply grab some blankets, throw some fairy lights around the garden and find some large cushions to make yourselves comfortable. Choose your movie of choice and cuddle up under the stars with some snacks and perhaps a bottle of your favorite tipple. Romance indeed! [Read: The 11 best date night movies and put your partner in a good mood]

date night in covid

#2 Wine tasting at home. Many couples love to go wine tasting. While it’s difficult to do right now, create your own mini version at home. 

Simply purchase a wine tasting kit online, or even a few mini bottles of wine you’ve never tried before. Next, create a cheese board or a snack bowl, and pretend you’re in a vineyard! Some vineyards are even hosting virtual events which you play along with at home. It might be something you’d like to try as one of the date night ideas during COVID too. [Read: Could dealing with a pandemic bring you closer to your partner?]

#3 Do a spot of mixology. You don’t have to go to a club or a fancy bar to enjoy some cocktails! You simply need to buy a few ingredients from the supermarket, check out some cocktail recipes online, and away you go!  

Either make them ahead of time and enjoy in a virtual bar at home, or mix them together and see what you can create. Throw on some tunes and you’ll feel like you’re in your favorite club!

#4 Take your partner to dinner, at home. While dining out might not be possible right now, that doesn’t mean you can’t take the opportunity to hone your cookery skills at home. Plan a full four-course menu, go shopping and grab all the ingredients you need, send your partner home for the day, instructing them to return at a set time, and get to work. 

Create a mock-restaurant setting, play around with presentation and make it look as professional as possible. Of course, don’t forget the ambient music. Who needs restaurants? [Read: How to make cooking with your partner more fun]

#5 Have a romantic picnic in the park. Date nights don’t always have to be at night, they can be afternoon deals too. Why not head to the local park and enjoy a posh picnic, full of your favorite snacks and a bottle of fizz to make it all the more special. Don’t forget a blanket to sit on and prepare your meal beforehand. As long as you’re socially distanced from anyone around you, you’re good to go! [Read: The best romantic and yet intimate date ideas for two]

#6 Make a takeaway special. There is no reason why the most basic of ideas can’t be made into something special. When coming up with date night ideas during COVID, be creative!

Simply order your partner’s favorite takeaway. Then, create a romantic environment with candles, music, and a bottle of wine. The easiest things are sometimes the best!

covid date ideas

#7 A spot of stargazing. This one depends upon the weather and a clear sky. But if you do manage to get both at the same time, why not grab a blanket, head outside, and enjoy a spot of romantic stargazing together? Throw in some cushions for extra comfort and cuddle up in the garden as you look out for shooting stars. Don’t forget to make a wish!

#8 Have a board game night. Who doesn’t love an old-school board game every now and again? We’re so computer-focused these days that we’ve forgotten about all the fun we used to have with Monopoly and other classic games.

Choose one or two games you both enjoy, open a bottle of wine and spend the time engaged in some friendly competition. You could always finish up with a game of Twister if you’re feeling energetic! [Read: Want a really fun date night? Try these drinking games for two]

#9 Hire a hot tub. Everyone deserves a little luxury from time to time. Why not make the most of your time at home and enjoy a hot tub evening? You can hire hot tubs widely these days. While they’re in demand at the moment due to everyone staying home, do some research and get booking!

All you need is your swimming gear, fresh towels, drinks, and you’re good to go. What better way to spend your date night? It’s super relaxing too!

#10 Try garden camping. If you can go camping in the countryside, go for it. If not, why not set up a tent in your garden and have a pretend camping expedition? The fact you’re a few feet from your home is just something you need to ignore. Cuddling up in a tent under the stars is a fun way to bond and something you’ll never forget!

Date night ideas during COVID don’t have to be boring, they can be as special as you make them. It’s all about perspective. 

covid dating

#11 Try a living room disco. Clubs are out of the question right now but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own. Consider the neighbors with the noise, but other than that, you’re good to go! Get yourselves dressed up for a night in the club, have some drinks ready in the fridge, choose your playlist on Spotify, move the sofa, and get dancing.

You’ll have great fun, burn off some calories, and you won’t have to wait for hours for a cab on the way home! [Read: 20 fun and unconventional date ideas you can try]

#12 A long romantic walk in the countryside. We all need a little fresh air and exercise. Why not combine those two things with your date afternoon? It doesn’t have to take place at night to be romantic! 

Wrap up in some warm clothes, grab a flask of tea or coffee, and head out into the countryside for a long walk. Take some cute selfies as you go and breathe in that fresh air. You’ll be chilled out and ready for tired cuddles when you return home. 

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These date night ideas during COVID should give you some real food for thought. How many are you going to try?

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