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How to Make It through Corona Cuffing Season Unscathed

The coronavirus has made us all hermits, but it’s also changed the natural flow of the cuffing season. Say hello to the new corona cuffing.

corona cuffing

Don’t you just love cuffing season? Now, of course, not everyone is into cuffing season, but it wouldn’t have its own name if no one was doing it. But with the coronavirus hitting the world, it shook the balance we created and relied on. Now, things are different. Now, there is corona cuffing.

With this virus, our skin hunger is showing its face, mixed with the fear of getting sick. You can see the dilemma. Anyways, corona cuffing season seems to be here… and who knows for how long. So, here’s how to survive the new corona cuffing season.

How to make it through corona cuffing season

Ah yes, we all know what happens when October normally rolls around. We enjoyed the freedom of spring and summer, meeting new people, living life without any commitments to anyone. But eventually, summer comes to an end. Slowly, we prepare ourselves for winter.

In October, our internal clocks go from one-night stands to coupling. It’s a quick transition, but we all know winter is coming. And with winter comes layers and a lack of sexual contact. So, we plan ahead to make sure we find ourselves someone to settle down with for those cold and hard winter months.

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Most of us have done this at least once in our lives. And, of course, when spring rolls around, we second guess ourselves, wondering if this is the relationship we need. And then the circle happens all over again. But how do we make it during the corona cuffing season?

First, let’s get the definition

We should be on the same page here when it comes to defining what “cuffing” actually is. Thanks to Urban Dictionary, cuffing means “when it is winter, and you are single and ready to mingle.” In other words, you want to settle down.

Now, corona cuffing is the same. It’s just directed to the time during the pandemic. It doesn’t mean it has to be a commitment you’re looking for; it can be a romantic connection. [Read: What is cuffing season? How to not be left out]

Why do we feel the urge for a romantic connection during the pandemic?

We need human contact with each other; this is a part of our species. During the coronavirus, much of our daily human contact has been completely stripped from us. So many of us are experiencing ‘skin hunger,’ where we’re deeply craving the touch of another person.

Skin hunger is telling you to find someone

During this pandemic, you may be feeling skin hunger more than you usually would during the spring and summer months. If you experience the need to be physically touched by someone, that’s your body’s ways of telling you it’s cuffing time.

Touch gives you a release of oxytocin, making you feel bonded to the other person, and give you feelings of trust and comfort. [Read: Skin hunger and why the need for human touch matters]

So, how can you make it through corona cuffing?

Maybe you’re interested in meeting someone, and maybe you don’t want to. Either way, you still feel this skin hunger and craving for touch. I don’t blame you, and many people, especially single people, are experiencing this feeling right now. But there are ways you can get through this.

Assess what your body is telling you

Skin hunger is the way your body communicates to you that it needs to be touched. But that doesn’t mean it has to necessarily be sexual. Focus on your body when you feel this sensation. Are you craving touch or intimate touch? It’s a big difference between the two.

Think of the other ways your needs can be met

Whether your craving is sexual or non-sexual, think of the other ways you can get your needs met. You may not be able to physically meet people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be touched. If you have a pet, cuddle them. Give yourself body massages. This can help reduce those cravings. [Read: How to fight loneliness while self-isolating during a pandemic]

Get interactive sex toys

Maybe you have a partner *that you secured during actual cuffing season*, but you are separated because of the pandemic. Well, this doesn’t mean you cannot satisfy your sexual cravings. Get interactive sex toys that can be connected through Bluetooth. You control each other’s toys, so it gives it a more realistic experience. [Read: 10 hi-tech sex toys that change the way we do sex]

Connect with friends

If possible, spend time with your friends or even FaceTime them. You should maintain a healthy socialization routine which will make you feel less lonely. Also, if you’re able to hug each other, that’s even better. Use the people you’re able to see physically, like friends and family, to get physical contact.

Get yourself a weighted blanket

You may not be able to meet someone right now, and you’re not alone. Tons of people are completely stranded without any chance to meet someone physically. So, if you can, buy yourself a weighted blanket. It gives you the sensation of calmness and the feeling you’re being hugged by someone. [Read: How to surive and thrive alone in this coronavirus pandemic]

Meet someone online

Why not? Everyone’s at home, probably experiencing the same feelings as you. Although, you may not be able to physically meet them, you’ll get to know someone on a deeper level.

Have FaceTime conversations with them, date nights, and make a genuine connection. You can share this experience with them and use each other for support. [Read: Here’s your guide for how to date while social distancing]

Focus on the relationships you already have

This entire experience may leave you feeling like you need to meet someone. And if you really want to meet someone, no one is stopping you from doing so. But you can also use this experience to strengthen the existing relationships you already have. [Read: How to be a better person and keep growing into a kind human]

Practice self-love

Yes, I know you miss the touch of another person, but you can also pleasure yourself. You have two hands, maybe even some toys, so you have the tools to practice some self-love. Not only will you learn more about your body, but it’ll be de-stressing as well.

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Corona cuffing season is a challenge, and certainly, one that makes you reevaluate yourself, your relationships, and possible love interests. But you’ll be able to make it through regardless of your relationship status.

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