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Apps Like Tinder: 10 Handpicked Alternatives to Try Something New

apps like tinder

Not impressed by your choices on Tinder? Or you’ve out-swiped all your options? Either way, you should know there are other apps like Tinder out there.

Trust me, I know all about Tinder. I’ve spent some days staring at my screen, reading, “There is no one new around you.” Well, what should I do then? Just wait for another profile to pop up? And honestly, if I must see another guy holding a tiger or posing beside a sports car, I’m going to puke. So, in those moments, I just want to delete my Tinder app and look for other apps like Tinder.

The alternative apps like Tinder

Tinder isn’t the only dating app available, even though it may be the most well-known. But that works to your advantage. Trying an app that isn’t as popular as Tinder means you weed out the tiger hugging, car posing douchebags that just opt for conventional dating apps. So, it’s time you learned about the other apps like Tinder that you need to look at.

It’s time to try something new.

#1 Bumble. Maybe you’re a guy who’s tired of chasing after women and never getting a reply when you message them. Or maybe you’re a female who wants to go after what she wants. Either way, Bumble is a great alternative.

It’s a dating site made for women by women. Basically, men are not allowed to message first, women start the conversation. If she doesn’t write you in 24 hours, the chat disappears forever. So, there’s no waiting game. If she doesn’t write you, she lost out. [Read: How does Bumble work? What to expect from the hottest dating app]

#2 OKCupid. Everyone has been on OKCupid. It’s like the original dating site. You have an endless amount of people to choose from and you narrow down your choices with a filter.

Plus, people write hilarious profiles which are always great to read. You do have a “Quickmatch” which chooses people around your location. And I mean, OKCupid is just a good time.

#3 Happn. It’s actually kinda creepy when you break it down, but it seems to work in real life.

Basically, you have your location turned on and the app shows you people you’ve crossed paths with, within a block radius. Then you like them which gives you the option to talk to them. I mean, it’s pretty cool when you think about all those people you could have talked to on the bus but didn’t. Now, you have the option to go back in time, through this app. [Read: 13 annoying and inconvenient online dating problems]

#4 Hinge. They coin themselves the “anti-Tinder” because they don’t allow you to be connected with people you have no connection to. Hinge only allows you to connect with your friends, friends of friends, or third-degree friends. They use your Facebook account to connect you to people that are real. You won’t need to do any small talk because you already have that mutual connection.

#5 Loveflutter. Instead of showing you what the person looks like, they first show you a 140 character profile of them. Then, if you like what you read, you have the option of liking them to see what they look like. If you’re not into the matching a person based on looks but rather their personality, this is it.

#6 Coffee Meets Bagel. Kind of a weird name, I know, but this is actually pretty interesting. Everyday you’re given one match, which you then accept or reject. If you both accept, then you have the chance to chat with each other.

But, you’re only given one match a day. One. In some ways, it sucks because you can’t spend twenty minutes on the toilet swiping, but on the other hand, you’re not overwhelmed with faces. [Read: How to spot the liars in an online dating site]

#7 Bristlr. There are some women that just love a good beard and then there are the men that have them. Whichever person you are, Bristlr is a dating service that connects the beard to the beardless. It’s similar to Tinder in the way that you swipe based on their looks, then you’re allowed to chat if you both match. The only requirement for men is that they must have a beard. [Read: Facial hair – Do women like men with beards]

#8 Plenty Of Fish. If you don’t have a POF account, well, you’re doing something wrong. POF is another OG in the dating service world. It has over 70 million active members. I mean, this is a pretty good number of fish. Try it out once.

#9 MissTravel. If you’re a female who’s into traveling, well, then you’ll love this one. For those that are on the road and looking for some companionship, you’ll be able to find it here. You meet for a coffee, plan a trip–whatever you want. You don’t need a GPS locator for this app, so you meet people from around the world. [Read: The biggest myths of traveling alone]

#10 MeetMeOutside. Are you into the outdoors? Well, join this app and meet other people who like to be outside. Share your interests and see if you match with anyone. You’re given seven new matches a day based on your outdoor interests and your location.

[Read: The pros and cons of using dating apps to snag a date]

You don’t have to give them all a try, but you totally can. I mean, why not? You only live once, go out and have fun and try other apps like Tinder. You never know who you might meet.

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