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29 Fun Apps Like Tinder & Alternatives to Get You More Matches and Dates

Are you all swiped-out on Tinder? Check out these alternative apps like Tinder that’ll change your online dating game.

apps like tinder

We’ve all spent days staring at that screen reading, “there is no one new around you.” But what do you do when you’ve got no more matches on Tinder? Just wait for another profile to pop up? Actually start meeting people IRL? In those moments, you might want to delete your Tinder app and look for other apps like Tinder.

Nobody wants to go back into the painful world of offline dating. But when Tinder lets us down, it can be hard to know where to turn. Luckily, hundreds of rival online dating apps have popped up in recent years.

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These alternative apps like Tinder offer new ways to meet people online. Many of them even use the same swiping mechanic, so you won’t have to work out any fiddly new features. However, these apps will show you new matches and new experiences that Tinder can’t.

This feature will show you other apps like Tinder that’ll change your online dating game. We’ll explain what’s different about each app, the pros and cons, and who it’ll work for best. So, let’s get started!

Why you should stop using Tinder

If you’re reading this feature, you’ll know that Tinder isn’t perfect. Although it’s the most popular dating app worldwide – with a total of 67 million annual downloads – there are many reasons why you should stop using Tinder.

Firstly, it’s harder to find long-lasting relationships on Tinder than other dating apps. Tinder was invented in 2012 as a platform for college students to make casual connections. This means it is designed with hookups in mind – not long-term, lasting relationships.

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Of course, it is possible to meet a long-term partner on Tinder. Famously, Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte met his model wife Kayla Rae Reid on Tinder, and they’ve been married since 2018. However, surveys show that only 4% of users are using Tinder to find a lasting relationship, compared to 40% on other apps like Tinder.

Secondly, the number of users on Tinder is a good reason to turn to other apps instead. With so many people competing for each other’s attention, it’s almost impossible to get noticed by potential matches.

This is especially a problem for men, there are twice as many men as women on Tinder. If you’re a guy, your chances of finding love will be even lower. Your dream girl has to swipe through thousands of other guys before she finds you, and statistically, a certain number of guys will always end up alone.

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Lastly, you should stop using Tinder because it doesn’t protect its users. There’s nothing stopping creeps from messaging you. In the past, both partners had to swipe right first, but Tinder premium means creepers can pay to bypass this rule. Apps similar to Tinder have better moderation and limit messaging.

The alternative apps like Tinder

Tinder isn’t the only dating app available, even though it may be the most popular. But that works to your advantage. Trying an app that isn’t as popular as Tinder means you weed out the masses that just opt for conventional dating apps.

We’ve divided the market into two groups: bigger apps and smaller ones. Bigger apps offer larger numbers of members and a larger dating pool. However, smaller apps cater to niche interests and give you more chance of standing out.

So, it’s time you learned about other apps like Tinder, and signed yourself up!

The biggest apps like tinder

1. Bumble

Maybe you’re a guy who’s tired of chasing after women and never getting a reply when you message them. Or maybe you’re a woman who wants to make the first move. Either way, Bumble is a great alternative to Tinder.

Bumble is a dating app made for women by women. Founded in 2014 by ex-Tinder employee Whitney Wolf Herd, Bumble aims to change the sexist online dating culture on apps like Tinder.

On Bumble, men are not allowed to message first. Women must start the conversation, and if she doesn’t write back in 24 hours, the chat disappears forever. If you’re a guy who’s confident in his masculinity or a woman who’s sick of creeps on other apps like Tinder, Bumble is the perfect platform for you.

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However, Bumble is only a good fit for people seeking a serious relationship. According to Bumble’s surveys, only 1% of female of users are looking for a no-strings hookup. If you’re looking for fast fun, look elsewhere!

2. OKCupid

Everyone has been on OKCupid, it’s the original dating site. You create a profile, add information about yourself, and get in contact with matches to arrange a date.

Due to the huge user base, you have an endless amount of people to choose from. You can even narrow down your choices with a filter – which is a paid-for premium feature on apps like Tinder or Bumble. Plus, people write hilarious profiles which are always great to read!

The main downside is there’s less focus on fast swiping and matching. You do have a “Quickmatch” option which chooses people around your location. But overall, OKCupid is a more traditional dating site.

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3. Happn

Happn is a location-based dating app like Tinder, it shows you matches nearby. However, Happn is different as it shows you people you’ve crossed paths with, within a block radius. Love might literally be around the corner!

If you like a nearby stranger, you have the option to talk to them. Have you ever thought about all those people on the bus who might have been interested in you, but didn’t make a move? Now, you have the option to know who was actually checking you out.

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Happn is great for shy people, as it takes away the pain of making the first move on a cute stranger. However, it also requires you to keep your location services on. Some people don’t like doing this due to safety concerns.

4. Hinge

Hinge only allows you to connect with your friends, friends of friends, or third-degree friends. They use your Facebook account to connect you to people that are real. You won’t need to do any small talk because you already have that mutual connection.

Hinge is a great option if you’re nervous about interacting with total strangers. With this app, you won’t have to worry about the stranger danger that can make online dating so risky. [Read: The biggest lies about online dating, and why they aren’t true]

It also has an excellent track record for creating long-term relationships. American politician Pete Buttigieg claims to have met his husband on Hinge, and the app has had more mentions than any other in the New York Times marriage notices.

5. Match

Match.com was the first ever dating site, founded in 1995. You create a profile, list your likes, dislikes, and interests, and then get matched with other singles to chat or date. Matches are assigned a percentage according to how compatible you are.

Match is good for singles who don’t have a lot of time, its reverse-match process brings you matches rather than expecting you to go out and search for them. Match also puts on a lot of offline events to encourage in-person meetups.

However, it is a traditional dating site. This means it won’t offer the instant gratification of swiping apps like Tinder. [Read: Why in-person meetups are the secret to online dating success]

6. eHarmony

Although it wasn’t the first to launch, eHarmony is still one of the OG dating sites. Founded over 20 years ago in 2000, it was the first ever algorithm-based dating app. This means it gives you more intuitive matches than other apps like Tinder.

eHarmony asks you over 80 questions as part of your signup process. This can take over 45 minutes to complete, which makes the app a bad fit for busy people. However, this process means you have a deeper level of compatibility with your matches.

eHarmony claims that its users find love every 14 minutes. That amounts to more than 2,000,000 successful long-term relationships since the app was founded!

7. Plenty Of Fish

If you don’t have a POF account, well, you’re doing something wrong. POF is another OG in the dating service world. It has over 70 million active members. We mean, this is a pretty good number of fish. Even more than newer apps like Tinder!

On the plus side, Plenty Of Fish is completely free to use. It only has a couple of paid features, and there isn’t as much of a difference between paid and unpaid memberships as on apps like Tinder.

However, it is again a traditional dating app, so won’t offer the fast, fun experience of swiping left or right. [Read: Is online dating your perfect match? How to know if e-dating is right for you]

8. Badoo

Badoo is the second most popular dating app worldwide, with over 318 million total users. It’s most popular with young adults, over 40% of members are aged between 25 and 30. It is also the world’s most widely used app, with users speaking over 47 different languages!

Badoo combines features from other apps like Tinder on this list. Like Bumble, Badoo has more security features than Tinder. Badoo users can also verify their profiles with pictures, phone numbers, or links to their social media accounts – just like Hinge.

The biggest downside of Badoo is its freemium structure. Although the app is free to use in general, several key features are locked behind a paywall. [Read: How to date online – the secrets of successful online daters]

The smaller apps like Tinder

9. Loveflutter

On Loveflutter, you see a 140 character profile of your match instead of a picture. Then, if you like what you read, you have the option of liking them – this allows you to see their face. If you’re not into dating based on looks and want to focus on personality, this is the app for you.

10. Coffee Meets Bagel

Kind of a weird name, we know! Every day you’re given one match, which you then accept or reject. If you both accept, then you have the chance to chat with each other.

However, you’re only given one match a day. In some ways, this sucks, you can’t spend twenty minutes on the toilet swiping. But on the other hand, you’re not overwhelmed with faces. [Read: How to spot the liars and fakes on an online dating site]

11. Bristlr

There are some women that just love beards – and then there are the men that have them. Whichever one you are, Bristlr is a dating service that connects the bearded with beard-lovers.

It’s similar to Tinder in the way that you swipe based on their looks, then you’re allowed to chat if you both match. But the only requirement for men is that they must have a beard. [Read: Facial hair – do women like men with beards?]

12. MissTravel

If you’re a female who’s into traveling, then you’ll love this one. For those girls that are on the road and looking for some companionship, there’s MissTravel.

You can meet for a coffee, plan a trip – whatever you want. The gimmick is you don’t use a GPS locator for this app, so you meet people from around the world. [Read: The biggest myths about traveling alone]

13. MeetMeOutside

Are you into the outdoors? Well, sign up for this app and meet other people who like to be outside too. Just share your outdoorsy interests and see if you match with other enthusiasts. You get seven new matches a day based on your outdoor interests and your location.

14. Her

Created in 2013, Her is one of the world’s most popular world’s most loved LGBTQIA+ dating apps. Her was originally designed for lesbian dating, but now anybody’s welcome – except cisgender men. If you’re a queer non-man and looking for love, this is an app like Tinder just for you.

15. Facebook dating

Facebook dating is an area of Facebook dedicated to dating. All you need is a Facebook account, and you can start chatting with potential dates. Best of all, your activity on Facebook dating is kept separately from your main account – so your colleagues can’t see your spicy convos!

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16. Hily

Hily is a French dating app that creates connections between users based on AI and machine-learning. It might sound freaky being matched by a computer, but users say it really works! Best of all, the AI can block offensive messages to protect you before you see them.

17. Parship

Parship claims to have already found lasting relationships for almost a million users. This is a dating app with a serious atmosphere, aimed at “singles with high standards”. If you’re tired of casual flings and want something real, this is the app for you.

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18. Kippo

Are you a gamer? If so, Kippo offers you the chance to date in a real-time virtual world – almost like a Habbo Hotel for singles! Just create an avatar, and you’ll be able to connect with potential partners from your favorite fandoms.

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19. The Sauce

The Sauce is a dating app entirely based on videos. Instead of photos, users post short clips of themselves. Whether you go for a curated insta-style feed or a candid camera b-reel, The Sauce can offer you a new take on dating apps like Tinder.

20. Victoria

The online equivalent of a private artists’ club, Victoria allows you to connect with an exclusive pool of fellow creatives. Although it boasts some famous members, you have to apply to join and be selected – and you can be removed at any point if you fail to match up to the club’s standards.

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21. The Intro

Pretty much the opposite of Victoria! The Intro prioritizes speed over curation, matching up busy singles for video dates with no chat or faff. This app prides itself on being superficial – if you believe in love at first sight, this is the one for you!

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22. Jungle Dating

Jungle Dating is all about making apps like Tinder less awkward. To ease your first-date nerves, Jungle pairs you up with other users for a double-date.

If you’re a shy person who’s afraid to date alone, Jungle Dating can offer you a sense of security. You might even make a friend out of it too, if your double date partner’s someone cool!

23. Thursday

Are you free Thursday? Thursday is the dating app based solely around the fourth day of the week. The app invites you to local meetups every Thursday, where you can get to know people IRL.

If you can’t make the meetup, you can chat with other members online – but only on a Thursday! [Read: How not to online date – what every online dater shouldn’t do]

24. Feeld

Feeld is a dating app for kinky singles and those in open relationships. Whether you want to sext with new partners, explore ethical non-monogamy, or find others who share your kink, you can do all this on Feeld.

25. Luxy

If you’re rich or looking to marry into more money, Luxy is the app for you. This is the most popular app for “high value individuals” – read rich, successful and attractive millionaires. However, you need to be verified as a high net-worth person if you want to join.

26. Muddy Matches

Are you into country sports like hunting or fishing? Do you live on a farm, or drive a tractor? Maybe you just fancy those who do? Targeted specifically at the countryside community, Muddy Matches is the perfect dating app to find yourself a country lover.

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27. Tastebuds

Tastebuds is the dating app for music lovers. On this platform, you can meet new people based on your taste in music, introduce each other to new bands, and share your favorite playlists. Even if you don’t find a date, you’ll definitely find a new gig buddy!

28. Skout

One of many hookup apps like Tinder, Skout is a location-based service that allows you to meet singles near you. Skout is known for arranging hookups – if you’re just looking for a one-night-stand, this is the place to find it!

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29. High There!

High There! is one of the most unusual dating apps in this feature. This is the platform for cannabis users to find a 420-friendly date, swipe right to say hi on the profiles that interest you, and swipe left if you want to puff, puff, pass.

You don’t have to give them all a try, but you totally can. I mean, why not? You only live once, so go out and have fun with other apps like Tinder. You never know who you might meet.

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