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Quiz: Is my Partner still in Love with Me?

Does my Partner Love Me Quiz

Actions speak a lot louder than words. Your partner may tell you that they love you a lot, and can’t imagine what they would do without you. But how true is that really? In love, it’s not the big soppy moments that really count. It’s on those crappy and ecstatic moments when love really shows its true shade. Aren’t convinced about your lover’s true shade of love?

Take this quiz to find out if you really are being loved. Does the love of your life feel the same way about you?


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17 thoughts on “Quiz: Is my Partner still in Love with Me?”

  1. Raechel says:

    Hi. These quizzes are really really great. I just love them… It says I am very faithful to my partner and he is lucky… and that we’ll live happily ever after… I just love him so much. I’ll even give my life, if he gives his love…

  2. Jo reyna says:

    Love this quiz

  3. Christinest says:

    He is head over heels in love with me! Which is I truly believe! 🙂

  4. amberly4 says:

    This quiz is amazing im loving the quizzez. Everything is so true in them.

  5. vincent says:

    This quiz is good.

  6. isabella says:

    This quizz s realy vry helpful and i liked it vry much…..thankssss

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Flickering relationship, huh? I honestly believe it’s true. I mean, I feel like meh, sometimes when I talk to him. But I really love him, either way 🙂

  8. rebecca says:

    head over heels in love? yea kind of sounds like us. i love him a lot.

  9. Sunshine says:

    we divorced after 25 yrs of marriage due to lack of respect to me by him & our children.
    for 20 yrs he never gave me an orgasm (oral sex) but when we got back together after he had a girlfriend he now knew how, I asked how he learned that he ‘refuses’ to talk about it. even though we are back together there is NO PASSION, HUGGING, KISSING! He forced me to marry him at 18 so he wouldn’t get drafted, we had love, passion, etc for ONLY 5 YRS OUT OF 20. now we are friends again but that’s it!!!! 68 I have NOTHING AGAIN. the ex girlfriend is remarried & his testostoron levels are very high but does have some prostate problems. So why no showing me REAL LOVE with laying together, passion? instead I’m alone inside and out and it hurts! the kids are in their 40’s & still show me no respect, he refuses to tell them it’s time to get over the past, instead he says “the past is the past, & I”m not going there”. so much for being a good mother to them when they were young. Due to our ages & medical problems it’s good having him around but the rest of the time, is spent cold and in anger to me. should i try to get the passion back? I’ve tried laying close to him but nothing, i give him hugs, nothing. does he want her to be his last love????

  10. antionne says:

    Me and my lady been together for almost three years we mortgage a house together split bills and still sleep together, sometimes she sleeps on the couch. Just been going through some real rocky times. She says its over but still want me to pay the bills

  11. pepe says:

    Cool!!he’s head over heels in love with me,which I’m quite sure of….hoping to be with him till my final breath 😉

  12. cocoa says:

    It so hard to take this test and answer the question correctly because when I left for the army I encouraged my boyfriend to go but to only come home and three months later eat my words by finding out he had left for the army because of me, now I’m home waiting for his return,

  13. Marischen says:

    My boyfried didnt have a father when growing up and i picked the tickd according to things that happend or things that he did and we are living together but ouer fones are private. Mine is mine cuz he does not need to know my perents of family problems because we are just dating and he has his fone for his things so i hope the results are true because we have been together for 7 years now and i was cery joung when we met.., never mind the story but long story short we are together again and i hope we are ment to be… Because i love him and i just want to know if he loves me even though he told me that only twice but still:.. It is very diddicult with him. We have a very tricky situasion with family and communications.

  14. Dani says:

    Gosh this test hurt me when I read the outcome I really did know in a way my heart can’t lie of what is felt day by day nor my eyes cant ever lie because I’m looking straight at the truth I guess he just doesn’t feel the same way about me anymore it’s just hurt man this sucks!!!:/

  15. Matthew says:

    Flickering Romance. I don’t believe for a moment That my boyfriend wouldn’t be there for me if I needed him and he says he loves me, but except for the honeymoon period in the beginning, he is not terribly affectionate. I lost my job in November and have been having some trouble finding a new one, and I feel like it has caused him to respect me less which has cooled our relationship. I really hope the new job and our planned vacation in May will help spark things up.

  16. Lamar says:

    Only a few questions related to my problems or situations but still found this quiz useful

  17. Namfon says:

    I love it. Like all of quiz

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