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Are you More Than a Friend

Are you more than a friend?

Are you and a friend more than just friends or could there be something more brewing in the air? Even if you’re not sure of how you feel towards a special friend, here’s a quiz that can reveal the real truth on whether you’re falling for your friend or not.

Answer this quiz and find out for yourself if you’re just a friend or more than a friend.


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7 thoughts on “[quiz=2]”

  1. kayla says:

    oh my goshh ik me and my friend are really friends and he always says he loves me and i feel rude not saying it back so i say ‘i like you” but i always have a bf and he gets a little jealous but I like him and all but I never actually go out with him..

  2. Marisa says:

    I met this guy we’ve been chilling i like him a ton but itslike i. The beginning he wanted to be with me but i wasn’t ready and now he’s telling me lets be friends . Then he’ll say what are we?? I think he’s waiting for me to put a lable on it… Its crazy cause I’m falling in love with him he’s so unique and smart but he’s 7 years older than i am .. Im young and have my whole life ahead of me but i want him badly its alost desperate like… But hes 28 im 21 omh i need some advice…

  3. Lisa says:

    I am best friends with my ex boyfriend , We both say that we love each other, but the problem is Im 52 he is 51. Im a widow with 5 grown children and he has never been married or does he have children. We lived together for almost 3 yrs, all was great. We quit living together so I could move in with my parents to take care of them. He always says we would be married if I didnt have 5 children. Dont get me wrong my kids and him got along great but he is Italian and believes the man should be able to support all the family if he needed too. He makes some what good money but not tons. We say we are like soul mate best friends. We tell each other everything, some he cant tell his own girlfriend. Does any one think we are more the best friends and any hope for us ? Or do you think we will always be like we are.

  4. Allyie says:

    Ive liked this guy for almost a year now. We have both been in relationships sice then and he knows i like him. About amonth ago i was almost done liking him and he kisses me out of nowhere. Since then, he keeps bringing it up and our conversations are getting longer. Sometimes they are about something really important andother times its about random stuff. He is dating one of my friends that i haveknown my whole life and i cant exactly tell him im not over him. Advice???

  5. Anonymous says:

    There was kind of an lack for some answers. Two times I couldn’t answer what I wanted:
    1. I couldn’t say that I keep on being befriend with my exes (even if they havn’t been friends before)
    2. I couldn’t say that I pay, if I go out with my pal
    (I’m a lesbian and therefore the answer that the none-existant-guy pays didn’t work anyway – but I do of cause respekt that this original for straight pairings, so I do not badmouth that part)

    Exept for these 2 lackings options it was a nice quiz 🙂

  6. Maya says:

    I met this guy last year, and I would have NEVER in my life consider him anything more than a friend. But recently, it’s been different. I might be falling in love with him.

  7. CHRISTIAN says:

    I met a guy over a year ago we slept together and it was great. We have an intense attraction to one another. We immediately said let’s be friends before we take it any further. we both have relationships but we can’t get enough of one another. We see each other and speak to one another daily. Our friends want us to be together. I’m like 15 years older and I don’t want to ruin the friendship. I don’t know what to do…

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