Enjoying life in sunny California, Sarah Summer hates waiting for the perfect moment and instead chooses to take the moment and make it perfect. She has an unabashed love for oversharing details with her friends, and an inexplicable weakness for eclectic clothing.

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how to have phone sex

How to Have Phone Sex Like a Sexy Sassy Minx

Want to arouse anyone with your voice? Find out how to have phone sex like a sassy minx with these tips and transform yourself into a sexy seductress.

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why nice guys finish last

15 Reasons Why Nice Guys Finish Last All the Time

Do you ever wonder why girls say they like nice guys but end up avoiding them? Read these 15 reasons why nice guys finish last almost all the time.

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make a guy like you and want you

How to Make a Guy Like You By Making Him Want You

Are you falling for a guy? Find out how to make a guy like you by making him want you, without ever revealing that you like him in the first place.

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second date tips

Second Date Tips to Build the Perfect Romance

A first date can make a big difference, but so does a second date. Use these second date tips to have a great time and get to know each other better.

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open relationship rules

15 Open Relationship Rules for a Better Love Life

Open relationships may be taboo to many, but if it works for you, here are 15 open relationship rules you can use to have a better love life.

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