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How to Choose the Perfect Wingman While Meeting Women

When out on the hunt for your next potential partner, a wingman can be a valuable aid in helping you achieve that end. But who should your wingman be?

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Shakespeare Love Quotes – 40 Wise Words from the Bard

Looking for the perfect quote on the subject of love? Let England’s foremost writer help you arrive at the perfect choice to express your love.

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Redirect – 18 Struggles of Meeting the Right Person at the Wrong Time

Meeting the person of your dreams doesn’t always mean things are going to go the way you want—especially when the timing is all wrong.

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20 Online Lit Erotica Reads to Get Your Fingers Busy

Looking for something saucy online that will get your fingers working? Have a look at these popular erotic story sites to find the perfect fit.

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Cross Cultural Relationships: Common Issues You’ll Face

Daily, the world becomes a smaller place; consequently, cross-cultural relationships are more common than ever. But here are a few things to remember.

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honeymoon stage in relationship

10 Signs The Honeymoon Stage of Your Relationship is Over

Worrying that your relationship is suffering from the demise of the honeymoon stage? Don’t worry, your relationship may just get better with age!

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dating a compulsive flirt

Dating a Compulsive Flirt – How to Fix It for Good

When it becomes apparent that your loved one isn’t about to give up flirting, even though you’re now a firm item, how do you deal with it?

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best romantic movies

20 Unromantic Movies with Surprisingly Romantic Twists

You don’t have to go looking for an advertised rom-com to find a movie with a romantic twist. Sometimes you can find them in very unexpected places.

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dating behavior

10 Dating Behaviors that are Extremely Unattractive

In the early stages of a relationship, dating provides a chance to get to know each other better. So why can’t some people resist behaving badly?

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signs you should break up

20 Signs You Should Break Up and Throw in the Towel

When a couple start to drift apart, the early warning signs of a break up may not be apparent, even when they know there’s nothing worth fighting for.

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