Terribly afraid of FOMO, you’ll find Nicola Scholes teleporting herself from one haunt to another, on a collision course with a major burnout. She believes that challenges are what make life meaningful, and she likes to live every moment, laugh every day and love beyond words.

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27 Naughty, Sexy & Fun Games to Play with Your Boyfriend in Bed & Out

Sometimes we all need to inject a little excitement into our love lives. The good news is there are plenty of sexy fun games to play with your boyfriend!

Nicola-Scholes by Nicola Scholes
sex toy party

Sex Toy Party: How to Plan One with Friends & Make It Really Fun

Has your sex life hit a slump? Do you need more excitement? All you need to do is have a sex toy party with your friends. Your lover will thank you!

Nicola-Scholes by Nicola Scholes
wild sex parties at home

10 Crazy, Wild Sex Parties for Couples or Friends You Can Host at Home

Ever wonder what happens at a sex party? Well, here are 9 types of wild sex parties you can have in your own house, without feeling awkward about it!

Nicola-Scholes by Nicola Scholes