Daydreaming of pristine white sand beaches and attempting to beat her 40 books read in a year record, she is a preschool teacher by day and a writer by night. Nothing gets her happier than resting her feet up with cabernet sauvignon on her lips and her pet bichon, Coco, beside her. Her mailing address changes every year (for the past 5 years), and right now her postal code is in Bucharest, Romania where her husband is from.

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couple time

Couple Time: 11 Signs You Spend Way Too Much Time Together

You wake up and the first face you see is your partner’s. You breakfast, run, and shower together. If you’re never apart, it might harm your relationship.

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10 Out of the Box Ideas for Valentine's Day

10 Out of the Box Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Having the best Valentine’s Day isn’t all about flowers and romantic dinners. Sometimes, the simplest things can make your date awesome!

Geninna Ariton by Geninna Ariton
dating after divorce

Dating after Divorce: 10 Must-Do’s for Stress Free Dating

Just because your marriage ended, doesn’t mean you should give up on love. As hard as it seems, dating after divorce is simpler than you imagine it to be.

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serendipity movie

Accidental Love – 12 Love Lessons from “Serendipity”

Serendipity is one of those movies that tells you how accidental meetings can turn into true love. Find out what other lessons this movie can teach.

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passionate sex

Passionate Sex – 11 Realistic Ways to Have It!

Passion can fizzle out after a couple of months of dating. Why let it die down when you can rekindle the flame and set your sex life ablaze?

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dating a busy girl

10 Dating Tips for a Guy Who’s Into a Busy Girl

Busy women have a lot on their plate, so they can’t be expected to be too flexible with their time. In this case, how can you still date her?

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how to find love when you're busy

10 Ways the Perpetually Busy Can Still Find Love

Squeezing dating into a busy schedule isn’t easy. But when you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be looking at success in love in no time.

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sexy conversation starters

10 Sexy Conversation Starters to Get You Both Horny

Never underestimate the power of words when it comes to turning your partner on. Here are some conversation starters to set the mood.

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your guy bff is seducing you

10 Signs Your Guy BFF Is Secretly Trying to Seduce You

You may have planted him firmly into the friend zone, but he might be desperately trying to flirt his way out. How can you tell for sure?

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dating a nature lover

10 Foolproof Tips for Dating a Nature Lover

With a lot of love for planet earth, nature lovers also make for great life partners. Here are some tips to help you date one with ease!

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