I'm 43 years old, have two children, two divorces under my belt and have lived in 6 different countries over the past 20 years. I am a film producer, film maker, scriptwriter, author, journalist and creative writer who has a passion for telling the truth, openness, equal opportunities and a general all round attitude that just because we are told something doesn't mean it's correct.

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how to get a rich boyfriend or sugar daddy

A Girl’s Guide to Snag a Rich Boyfriend (or) Sugar Daddy!

Have you always dreamed of dating a man who can cater to your every whim and fancy? Well, here’s the ultimate guide to bagging your own sugar daddy!

Gemma_Middleton by Gemma Middleton
are you ready for a baby?

11 Ways to Know if Both of You are Ready to Have a Baby!

Are you ready to start a family? Parenthood isn’t easy, but when you know you’re ready to have a baby, you just know! Find out using these 11 signs.

Gemma_Middleton by Gemma Middleton
bi-curious signs

9 Sure Ways to Tell if You’re Really Bi-Curious

Have you ever been attracted to someone of the same sex? It’s completely natural, and acceptable to be bi-curious. Use these 9 signs to find out more!

Gemma_Middleton by Gemma Middleton