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how to invite someone for a threesome

The Threesome Invite: How to Ask Someone to Join You in Bed

The more the merrier! Threesomes are awesome, but the invite can be awkward. Here’s how to bring a guest into the bedroom for triple the fun.

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losing interest in your relationship signs

10 Signs You’re Losing Interest in Your Relationship

It’s hard to know whether you should stick it out and persevere or cut your losses and move on. Here’s how you can tell if you should stay or go.

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how to make a girl squirt

5 Goofproof Moves to Make a Girl Squirt Like She’s Peeing

Squirting is very real, and there are easy ways to make a girl squirt almost every single time you have sex. All you need is to focus on the right things.

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vanilla to omfg sex

12 Ways to Take Your Sex Life from Vanilla to OMFG!!!

Make out. Foreplay. Sex. Orgasm. Why should you settle for the usual routine when you can turn your vanilla sex into a mind blowing sexual adventure?

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11 Most Common Fetishes, Plus 5 Super Weird Ones!

From the harmless to the weird, the disgusting to the terrifying, there are hundreds of fetishes out there. Here are a few for your reading pleasure.

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dating more than one guy at once

Why You Should Be Dating More Than One Guy at Once

Nobody bats an eye when men date multiple women, and ladies, you can do the same. Casting a wider net makes it easier to find Mr. Right!

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flirting tips for guys

12 Essential Flirting Tips Every Guy Needs to Know!

The way you carry yourself matters more to a woman than anything else. Master these 12 flirting secrets, and learn the world’s best pickup line.

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sexual anxiety

13 Ways to Overcome Sexual Anxiety and Perform!

Just one bad experience can leave a guy dreading his next sexual encounter. But using these 13 ways to overcome sexual anxiety can change all of that!

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Top 10 Most Common One Night Stand Mistakes

Top 10 Most Common One Night Stand Mistakes

One time casual sex is great, but only if you do it right. Don’t commit these downright embarrassing mistakes when the time comes!

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The Non-Asian Guy's Guide to Dating an Asian Girl

The Non-Asian Guy’s Guide to Dating an Asian Girl

When you want to be with an Asian girl, but you don’t want to feel like you’re worlds apart, here’s a guide for how you can successfully go about it.

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