I’m Dorothy -25- an enthusiastic writer from Manila, Philippines. I’m entirely in awe of the idea of using my words to make a lasting impact on others. When I’m not writing, I’m fueled with a passion for travel, fitness, and adventure.

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signs he doesn't miss you

How to Recognize the Signs He Doesn’t Miss You or Even Care Anymore

You just broke up with him and want to know if he misses you or not. He might be showing mixed signals, but the signs he doesn’t miss you are easy to spot.

Dorothy Anne Field by Dorothy Field
how to forget someone you love

How To Forget Someone You Love & Cope with the Pain of Losing Them

When love turns into an all-consuming pain caused by heartache, it feels impossible to learn how to forget someone. Here are some tips to get you through. 

Dorothy Anne Field by Dorothy Field
how to reduce stress

How to Reduce Stress: 17 Fastest Hacks To a Calmer & Happier Life

We all experience stress in our daily lives, whether from work or our personal lives. So it’s important to know how to reduce stress, even by just a bit.

Dorothy Anne Field by Dorothy Field