I'm a quirky and passionate individual who believes in True Love. I live for deep conversations and a good novel to read. I am in love with Life, and I want to experience everything to the fullest. My passions are what drive me, and it is Love that keeps me whole.

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being lied to

6 Big Lessons I Learned from Being Lied to for 5 Years

What do you do when the one person you thought you could trust turns out to be a liar who has been betraying you for 5 years? Well, here are my lessons.

Colleen_Anne by Colleen Anne Javellana
the one becomes just another ex

Things You Learn When “The One” Becomes Just Another Ex

You thought you had found the person you’d be spending the rest of your life with, and then it all came crashing down. Here’s what you’ll realize.

Colleen_Anne by Colleen Anne Javellana
corny lines to make your man smile

12 Corny Lines that Will Definitely Make Your Man Smile

You know you’re really comfy with each other when you can be truly corny together, so use these cheesy lines to bring a smile to your man’s face!

Colleen_Anne by Colleen Anne Javellana
myths about marriage

10 Ridiculous Myths People Believe about Marriage

Aside from the myth that marriage is where great sex goes to die, we’ve also come up with other baffling myths about matrimony.

Colleen_Anne by Colleen Anne Javellana

The Tenets of Unforgettable Lovemaking

Lovemaking isn’t all about the physical aspect of being one with your partner. To make sex great, you also need to put your heart and soul into it.

Colleen_Anne by Colleen Anne Javellana
get him in the mood

10 Ways to Get Your Man in the Mood for Naughty Romance

While most men would go for sex at the drop of a hat, there are times when he needs a little more help in the romance department.

Colleen_Anne by Colleen Anne Javellana
how to find closure

How to Find Closure with Yourself after a Relationship

Everyone craves closure from a past relationship. Sadly, not everyone gets it. Here’s how to ensure you find closure after heartbreak.

Colleen_Anne by Colleen Anne Javellana
why I should never have married the father of my son

Why I Never Should Have Married the Father of My Son

Having a kid in the picture doesn’t guarantee a great relationship with your co-parent. Here’s one woman’s story of how that scenario didn’t work out.

Colleen_Anne by Colleen Anne Javellana
dating advice for women in 30s

10 Pieces of Dating Advice for Women in Their 30s

Wiser and more experienced than you were in your 20s, you’re now fully equipped to take the dating world by storm with these bits of advice.

Colleen_Anne by Colleen Anne Javellana
why love dies

10 Depressing Reasons Love Dies in a Relationship

The minute you realize that love has died in your relationship, that’s when you know that the end will soon be following in its wake.

Colleen_Anne by Colleen Anne Javellana
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