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losing interest in your boyfriend

Losing Interest in Your Boyfriend? Signs You Should Never Ignore

Does your relationship seem to be more wane than wax lately? Have sparks fizzled? Here are all the signs you’re losing interest in your boyfriend, and fast.

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Dating Anxiety

Dating Anxiety: 7 Stages of First Date Panic & How to Calm Them

The momentum leading up to a first date is exciting and nerve-wracking. If you’ve experienced dating anxiety, these emotions are probably already familiar!

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how to let a man know you're not out if his league

How to Let a Man Know You’re Not Out of His League

A lot of men shy away from asking out beautiful women assuming they don’t have a shot. Here’s how you can let a man know you’re not out of his league.

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Deadly Sins of Relationships

The 7 Deadly Sins of Relationships that Ruin Romance for Good

The 7 deadly sins of a healthy relationship may seem obvious at first, but are you sure you aren’t committing any of them? Let’s take a closer look.

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traveling to test compatibility

9 Reasons Traveling is a Great Test of Compatibility

If you’re in a new relationship and thinking your partner might be “the one,” here’s why you two should take a trip to see if your hunch is right!

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movie lessons

8 Flirting Moves You Can Learn from Famous Movies

There are many lessons you can learn from watching movies: safety, survival skills, fashion sense, and most importantly excellent flirting skills!

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ways guys come on too strong

7 Unnervingly Annoying Ways Guys Come On Too Strong

From your standpoint, you may think you’re being romantic. But from her point of view, you’re being creepy. Are you coming on way too strong?

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decode texts from a guy

How to Decode Cryptic Texts from the Guy You Like

Thanks to technology, we now have to learn to decode a guy’s intentions by reading between the lines of his texts. Here’s how you can do that.

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witty comebacks to use on guys

9 Witty Comebacks to Use on an Overly Flirtatious Guy

Ever wished you had the perfect comeback for that annoying guy who keeps flirting with you? Here are a few good ones you can use!

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start over in a new city

8 Fun Ways You Can Start Over In a Brand New City

Moving to a new city can be a frightening experience. It’s never easy having to start over, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be exciting!

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