My name is Alice; I'm a freelance writer, blogger and web designer from Hampshire. I am also a passionate creative writer, creating screenplays and short stories in my free time. If I had it my way, I would have lived in the 1960s. I would have dated Mick Jagger and had hair like Brigitte Bardot. Here in the 21st century, I make do by attempting winged eyeliner and wearing Breton striped tops on a regular basis.

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find your missed connection

10 Exciting Ways to Find Your Missed Connection

A missed connection can, at times, be the missed opportunity for a fairy tale romance. Have your own missed connection? Use these ways to track them!

Alice_Tucker by Alice Tucker
ideal man wish list

9 Reasons Your Ideal Man Wish List Isn’t Working For you

Do you have an ideal man wish list to find the guy who’s perfect for you? Well, here are 9 reasons why doing that may not really work for you!

Alice_Tucker by Alice Tucker
tips for shy people and introverts

10 Motivational Tips-n-Tricks for Shy People and Introverts

Conversation can be a pain when you’re shy or an introvert, but if you use these 10 easy tips and tricks, you can change all of that effortlessly!

Alice_Tucker by Alice Tucker

8 Ways To Avoid The Awkward Tension After An Argument

Arguments are never fun. And the awkward tension after the argument? That’s even worse! Use these 8 ways to clear the awkward silence quickly.

Alice_Tucker by Alice Tucker
things to learn from romantic movies

10 Things about Dating an 80s Teen Movie Can Teach You!

Are you annoyed with your love life, or the lack of it? All you need is an 80s teen movie to understand love from a fresh and realistic perspective!

Alice_Tucker by Alice Tucker
body confidence

8 Steps to Get Back Your Body Confidence in the Bedroom

Sex appeal and body confidence has more to do with your state of mind than your outward appearance. Use these 8 steps and change your life forever!

Alice_Tucker by Alice Tucker