What Kind of a Bossy Woman Are You?

How to be Bossy in Love without being Bitchy

You may think you’re holding the strings of your relationship firm and united with that attitude, but if you find yourself connecting with any of these bossy women in this list, there’s a good chance your man could be hating you for that!

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Men want a woman who’s confident and in control, but there may be times when you go overboard and push your man to the limit.

Do you indulge in any of these dominatrix moves with your man?

Play safe though, because there’s only a thin line between being in control and being a nagging, bossy woman.

So where do you stand in your turf?

Are you overtly alpha vixen or do you hold the reign without actually strangling your man’s neck through the chords? Here are a few reigning types that you might just find yourself in.

And if you don’t, well, just goes to show how much authority you give to your man, doesn’t it?

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Bossy and tyrannical

You are the queen of your home. And you are the king too.

You lampoon the whiny men who are struggling with changed gender roles and expectations. You are unimaginably in control of the house and can breathe fire when in rage. When you go to a restaurant, the waiter always asks you to taste the wine. For you, your husband’s like a stiletto. Annoying, but necessary.

Cleanliness freak

Are you the one who doesn’t tolerate a speck of dust at your home? Well, it’s good that you want to keep your home spick and span. But in your cleansing process, does your poor hubby have to take a back seat? Or is he the one with the mop?

Time manager

You are the time manager of your home and regulate your husband’s every activity. You have the reign and the sway too. You decide for him to meet whom, how often and when. You give him weekly allowances and leave-passes.

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Spy agent

You are possessive and you call him at least fifteen times a day, well, certainly not to chit-chat. You see other women purely in terms of competition and after you came into his life, he’s had to cut off relations with his sister too. You’re happy only while on a vacation with him in a secluded island.

Law maker

You make the rules in the house. The house runs under your bona fide bossy boots. You decide when to call friends and which ones for the barbeque, and when to visit a relative. You decide how many children you want and which school they will go to. You come to the settlement, well, not with him, but within yourself. It is just you and your mind that decides on whether he takes the promotion in the office or not.

The apostle

“Women are never wrong”. This phrase has been used so often, that it’s now a cliché. And you believe in it as you believe in the gospel. For you, your husband is an immature child. You have become motherly, not in the TLC manner, but the matron type.

Whipper and churner

You whip him like you would to the dirty sack while washing. And you enjoy whipping your husband more than anything else. You wait for him to make a wrong move like the cat waits for the mouse to come out and play, and then you jump on him and thrash!

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Remote controller

Not only is he a remote control to do your bidding, but you control what to watch on the boobtube too. He has been transformed into a submissive pet. And courtesy to you, he has started enjoying all your girly talk shows and soaps. Hide your make-up kit from him, just in case he’s lost so much of the man within that he might try his hands on cosmetics.

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3 thoughts on “What Kind of a Bossy Woman Are You?”

  1. Steve says:

    This article is so idiotic its pretty damn funny…I’m assuming its all in jest…but in case its not…is it any wonder why domestic abuse (men against women) is still a significant issue?…I don’t believe in violence myself…but you’re giving men multiple reasons (at least be real tempted) to smack the crap out of women that pull this childish bullshit.

  2. Joe says:

    If this is satire, then it’s well written and will make the die-hard female Lifetime movie watchers feel 100 times better about themselves 🙂

    If this is meant to be real, the women who follow this advice will live a very lonely existence. With the exception of submissive guys into BDSM, most normal guys would rather watch internet porn, pick up a hooker, or get a happy ending massage downtown than have sex with these types of women.

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