The Perfect Gift for your Guy

The Perfect Gift for your Guy

Is your boyfriend celebrating his birthday soon, or has your husband just landed himself a big promotion? It doesn’t matter what the reason is, because we’ve got the perfect gift ideas for your man.

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1. Satin Boxer Shorts

A great way to appreciate his manhood… oops, we mean him.

2. An Erotic Love Letter!

Do we have to say anything here?

3. A Leather Wallet

Wallets are a classy gift to give your man. Pick the well priced ones for that touch of class.

4. PlayStation or Xbox

Let your man be a boy once in a while. He’ll definitely love this gift.

5. An Expensive Pen

He may not use these all the time, but it’s something he’ll always admire.

6. A Bumper Pack of Flavored Condoms

Want to pleasure him up on his special day? Let your gift do the talking.

7. A Love Note with your Lipstick Mark

A guy appreciates this gift a lot more than most others.

8. Men’s Grooming Set

Your man might not be too comfortable picking cosmetics at a supermarket, so help him out with the best cosmetics in a gift wrapped bag.

9. An iPod or a Kindle

For the men who can’t live without music or books in their lives.

10. Expensive Headphones

Pick up one of dem’ Bose ones! Perfect and the best in line…

If you’re ever uncertain about picking the perfect gift, this list should definitely be a life saver!

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4 thoughts on “The Perfect Gift for your Guy”

  1. Drew says:

    1. No, this is like us giving you a bowling ball. It’s a gift for you not us. We like our comfy undies just fine.
    2. Hope it’s not just the letter. You won’t get away with just that any more then we will.
    3. Are you sure you’re not shopping for your father?
    4. Yes, big yes.
    5. Why would we want a bloody pen?
    6. Seriously? Guys don’t like condoms. They’re at best a necessary evil.
    7. See 2.
    8. See 1.
    9. Yes.
    10. If he digs music/gaming yes, if not you just wasted your money.

  2. Angy says:

    I was thinking of giving my boyfriend a perfume, I tried it out on my wrist and it smelled really good, and I thought if he smelled like that he would be just irresistable. So would it be a good idea to buy him the perfume and say something like “You would be even more sexy and irresistable if you wore this everyday.”? Jesus help me, I haven’t bought him anything in so long D:

  3. Martin says:

    1. He might not be into those kinds of gifts
    2. I agree with Drew
    3. I agree with Drew
    4. In case he likes computers, a console is the wrong gift. Just pay attention and TALK to him.
    5. In case he is more in the classy things, yes. But otherwise it’s wasted money.
    6. Yeah, that’s a strange gift. Just approach him with that box and seduce him by saying you want to try them out.
    7. I agree with Drew
    8. I agree with Drew
    9. Yeah, maybe. But if he likes books more, you could waste money.
    10. I agree with Drew.

    Some guys like gifts that have a use. As with anything, there are different kinds of people. Pay attention to what he likes and maybe ask him if he would like if gifted a thing. When he’s reading a book, try asking him what he thinks about Kindles and if he’d appreciate one. Make conversation. To distract him that you are interrogating him about gifts. Then wait several weeks and gift him a Kindle (of he likes one).

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