49 Signs He Wants a Serious, Exclusive & Committed Relationship with You

If you want to know the signs that he wants an exclusive and serious relationship with you, look no further. Here is how to know if he’s ready or not.

signs he wants a serious committed relationship

Guys give all kinds of mixed signals. One minute he can’t keep his hands off you. Next, he needs space. Honestly, how can you know the signs he wants an exclusive and serious relationship with you?! 

Sometimes, a guy may confuse you, leading you to believe that he wants a relationship with you when really, he simply wants something that’s no-strings-attached.

This feeling sucks, we know, which is why you need to see the red flags before you fall head-over-heels for him. You should try to be honest with yourself if you see red flags early on that indicate that he is not truly interested in going further with you.

[Read: 34 very big relationship red flags most women ignore early in a relationship]

You’re not interested in wasting your time dating someone who doesn’t see a future with you. There’s no point dating someone if you don’t really see it going anywhere.

If you really like him, ask him where he sees the relationship going *that is, if he hasn’t already told you*.

Sometimes guy tells us he doesn’t want a relationship or that he just wants to be casual. And instead of speaking up about what we want, we agree and act cool as a cucumber, hoping he will change his mind. 

This is the first thing you should understand. If a guy says he wants it to be casual, that he doesn’t want a relationship, or any version of that, take him at his word. [Read: Things you should be talking about if things are getting serious]

Just because the last guy you dated said the same thing, then got engaged six months after you broke up, it doesn’t mean he was lying.

No matter how much he cuddles, tells you he likes you, or spends time with you, if he says he doesn’t want a committed relationship, believe him. No signs will outweigh that statement.

Too many women have hung onto signs of hope that a guy would change his mind only to spend months or even years waiting for more. And it never happened.

Why wouldn’t he want a serious relationship?

Let’s start with talking about why a guy may NOT want a serious relationship for a bit here before we look at the right signs.

When you observe the signs and realize that he doesn’t want a serious relationship with you, it’s always best not to take it personally. 

It’s not that he doesn’t want one with you, but this goes for any girl he comes across with. When a guy says he isn’t ready, he’s still fixing himself, or whatever lame excuse he comes up with, it’s best to believe him.

There’s no changing his mind, and frankly, it’s not up to you to do so. A guy can refrain from a relationship possibly because of his past, an awful childhood, having the wrong set of priorities, immaturity, or fear of commitment. [Unpopular opinion: Why playing hard to get with a guy is pointless]

There are a lot of factors at play, and most often, it’s because of an internal issue they haven’t faced and healed from yet. 

Signs he doesn’t want an exclusive or serious relationship with you

Before we discuss the signs that he does want an exclusive relationship with you, let’s talk about some of the things to look for if he doesn’t.

1. He’s seeing other people

Maybe you’re out at a restaurant or bar with some of your friends, and you see him there with another girl. Uh oh. That’s not a good sign at all, unless it’s his sister. 

Or if you have mutual friends and they tell you that he has been going out with other people, then he’s not that interested in you. He doesn’t want to be serious – at least not with you. [Read: What makes someone a player? The 21 sly signs of a player’s mind]

2. He’s still using dating apps

Maybe when you’re with him, you can see that the dating app notifications are going off on his phone. Well, that means that he hasn’t deleted them. 

If he was that serious about you, he would be eager to get off the dating apps and jump into a serious relationship. But if he’s not doing that, then he is definitely still keeping his options open to see if someone else comes along.

3. He’s not making you a priority

This is one of the biggest signs that he doesn’t want a serious relationship with you.

If he’s not initiating dates very often, then he’s not making you a priority in his life. Maybe you find that you are the one who is doing all of the initiating. [Read: How you get attached to a guy and 19 ways to not stay hooked on him]

He might agree to see you, but then he backs out because “something suddenly came up.” That is not a good sign.

First, you should let him chase you. A man who really wants to be with you will make time in his life for you – no doubt.

4. He’s not interested in your life outside of the relationship

When you are dating someone, you need to get to know them as well as you can. That’s the whole point of dating – to get to know someone well enough to know if you want to continue dating them and if there is any kind of future.

But if he’s only talking about himself, world events, or something else other than asking questions about you, then he doesn’t care.

A guy should want to get to know you. And if he can’t even ask you simple questions about yourself, then you should dump the guy. [Read: Guys and casual relationships – why they like it and what they want from it]

5. He doesn’t include you in his plans

You might be chatting and texting with him a lot. When you ask him what his weekend plans are, he might tell you he’s busy with friends, family, and anything else but you. He probably won’t even tell you what his plans are without you asking first.

If he’s not including you in his plans, it’s because he doesn’t want to.

He could have you meet his friends if he wanted you to join them, but he doesn’t. And that is not a good sign. He doesn’t want to be serious with you if he does that.

What to do if he doesn’t want an exclusive or serious relationship with you

It never feels good when someone doesn’t want to date you or be exclusive. And it probably upsets you. So, here are some things you can do if he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you. [Read: How you can overcome your fear of being rejected]

1. Accept the situation

Your instinct might tell you to fight for him and win him over. But that never works. You can’t change someone’s mind if they don’t want to date you exclusively. So, don’t torture yourself by having false hope.

You just need to accept it and move on with your life. This guy isn’t the only person out there, you know. Regardless of how much you like him, you just need to put it behind you and move forward.

2. Remember that it’s not your fault

Above all, don’t take this personally. It’s easy to put yourself down and think that there’s something wrong with you. But most assuredly, there is not! [Read: How to build self-esteem and love life with 10 simple life changes]

You are perfect just the way you are. Just because he doesn’t think you’re the perfect fit for him doesn’t mean that you won’t be for someone else.

3. Focus on yourself

Take some time off from dating. Do things you enjoy. If you have a hobby that you have been neglecting, then pick it back up. 

Or if you wanted to go back to school, do that. Even if you just pamper yourself with massages and mani-pedis, focus on yourself to make you feel better. [Read: How to focus on yourself – 27 ways to create your own sunshine]

4. Spend time with your friends and family

Other people can be a great distraction when you have disappointment or heartbreak. So go out with your friends and visit your family more often. 

If there is anyone in the world who can make you feel better, it’s the people who love you. Let them cheer you up so you can eventually get over this.

5. Know that someone better is out there

As the saying goes, there are plenty of fish in the sea! You might be hung up on this one guy, but why? He’s not a god – he’s just a human being. [Read: How to stop caring about someone – 23 ways to move on from the pain]

So, take this as a gift that he doesn’t want to be serious with you. That just frees you up for the right guy to come along and appreciate and love you the way you deserve to be loved! 

How to know when it’s been long enough to become exclusive and serious? 

If you want to know the signs that he wants a serious relationship with you, then the next thing you need to think about is when is the right time to become exclusive. [Read: 20 signs he doesn’t want a relationship with you and just wants a bit of fun]

This is really the greatest question asked by people.

How long do we have to wait before becoming a committed couple? And honestly? It’s really just up to you and your partner. There isn’t a solid timeframe. You don’t just wait a month and suddenly become official.

You move at the pace that works best for you. If you both know you want to be committed after only two dates, that’s great! 

If it takes you a few more months before you want to commit yourself to someone else, that’s okay too. Do what works for you but just keep the line of communication open so you both know. [Read: Determining your relationship made easy]

35 signs he wants a serious relationship with you and wants to commit to you

There are many signs that can be a good giveaway that a guy is indeed serious about you.

Remember to pay attention to his words and to his actions. If he includes you in his future, loves to spend time with you, stops seeing other people, and tells you he wants to be with you, then you two are on a clear path to commitment.

If you’re unsure about a guy, do not settle for games or for always doubting if he wants something more with you, because it will drive you crazy.

Just leave him behind, move on, and stay hopeful, because someone else is meant to be with you. [Read: The signs he is getting attached and is ready for a real commitment]

But if you’re still not sure as to whether or not the guy you’re seeing is ready to be your boyfriend, asking him forthright is clearly not a good bet.

Sure, you could but if he’s really not ready at all, it’ll be awkward and he might get skittish.

Therefore, making sure he’s showing the signs he wants to be exclusive and serious, and will help you know if a discussion should be had. Here’s how to know if he’s ready to commit to you.

1. He tells you about his goals

A guy who is serious about you will tell you about his life goals and his dreams. This is his way of letting you know what he wants to achieve in life, and of seeing if you are both going down a similar life path. If he’s not, he won’t even bother sharing his life goals with you. [Read: The undeniable signs he wants to spend his life with you]

The reason he does this is to give you a sense of what he envisions in his future and what he’s deeply driven about. 

But if you ask about his goals and he repeatedly shuts himself off, diverts the topic, or just skims the idea without going into details, he’s not that serious about you, at least not yet.

2. He introduces you to his family and friends *and vice versa*

Mentioning you or introducing you to his family and friends is one of the best indicators that he wants to be exclusive or serious with you. [Read: Does he really love you? 20 sure signs to read his mind]

When a guy is not serious about someone, he will not take the time to integrate them into his world. If anything, this is one of the obvious signs he wants a serious relationship with you.

Guys don’t just let anyone into their life and their circle, so if he introduces you to his loved ones, you should feel special!

Nothing makes it clearer whether or not he wants something serious than him telling his family and friends about you, and what you mean to him.

This is a huge step for anyone to take when they’re serious about someone. You just don’t introduce anyone to your family and friends. No, no, no.

You make sure the person is worthy of meeting your closest social group. If he wasn’t serious, you’d never meet his close circle. [Read: How to accept your boyfriend’s friends and get them to accept you]

Also, it is always easier to have someone meet your family than it is to meet someone else’s. If you asked him to meet your family and he agreed and handled it well, he only put in that effort because he sees something with you.

In addition to meeting each other’s families, if he wants you to meet his friends too, that’s a great sign. A guy’s friends are very special to him. He won’t want to introduce you to his friends unless he was serious about you.

So, if he was holding off on introducing his friends to you for a few weeks and then decided to do it, it’s probably because he’s realized he wants to be with you long-term. [Read: How to not screw up when you meet the parents for the first time]

If he is eager to – or already has – met your friends, then that’s great as well. A committed relationship isn’t just about not dating other people, it is about honesty and sharing things. This means introducing you to his favorite people and vice versa.

If he goes through the nerves of meeting your closest friends and family and wants you to meet his, he wants to see how your lives fit together.

3. He expresses his feelings freely

One of the signs he wants a serious relationship with you is when he shows you his vulnerable and honest side. Most men don’t like showing this side of them to just anyone, as it shows weakness and vulnerability. [Read: 20 sure signs to know if he loves you or not]

When he gets to know you and his mushy side starts to show, then you are definitely heading down the path of commitment.

It takes a lot for a guy to be emotional, and it is a true sign of trust when he shows you his emotional side.

Though men are as emotional as women, they’re not as expressive when it comes to their feelings. If he’s serious about you, he knows he must open up if he wants the relationship to grow into something more.

So, if he does express his feelings to you, he wants to be committed to you.

A guy who wants to be in a relationship with you is a guy who will tell you how he feels. You won’t really have to sit and wonder about whether he wants to be with you. He’ll make it clear. [Read: 40 Things guys say when they like you and actions that mean a lot more]

Otherwise, if you’re just a fling, you won’t get any vulnerability out of him. He’s not going to tell you shit. The conversations will be extremely shallow. 

4. He includes you in his future

Another great sign that he wants a relationship with you is if he includes you in his future plans. If he begins to say ‘we’ this or ‘we’ that, then he wants to get serious with you.

A guy who does not see himself with someone will not visualize himself with the person he is dating just to pass the time. [Read: The sneaky signs he’s faking love just to sleep with you]

He obviously cares about you enough to include you in his plans, whether those plans are short-term or long-term. He’ll include you in his business plans, his life goals, in family gatherings, and so much more.

Guys can be quite scared of commitment when it isn’t with the right girl, so this is an important indicator of whether he’s serious.

5. He spends a lot of time with you

If he initiates spending time together, that is a great sign. This will be something any guy who likes you will do. 

They’ll be the ones to make the plans and initiate spending time with you. Basically, if he’s continuously making an effort to be in your life and to have you in his life, he wants to be committed to you.

The way he makes time for you is one of the important signs he wants a serious relationship with you. If he enjoys your company and digs your vibe, then he will always make time for you.

Even if it is just to see your face for a second during a video chat in the middle of the day, that is still making time for you. [Read: Looking for official? The real signs he wants you to be his girlfriend]

Guys are practical, and if spending time with you makes them feel good, then they will jump through hoops to be with you.

Time is an investment in a future with you, and he will get to know more about you the more time he spends with you.

But if he’s not serious, then he won’t even bother showing up or giving you a portion of his time. Another great indicator is if he always initiates plans for you and him to spend time together.

6. He doesn’t play games

If a guy is serious about a future with you, then he will not play games. You know, those silly little games like ignoring your calls/texts, leading you on, saying one thing then doing another, and so on. [Read: 25 signs he really loves you even if he doesn’t say it out loud]

He won’t even bother confusing you with all these mind games and mixed signals if he’s serious about you, as he knows it’ll mess up his chances entirely of winning your heart.

If you continuously find yourself questioning his intentions and where the two of you stand, then walk away.

Again, guys are straightforward and logical, so he will not waste time playing games with someone he sees himself with. [Read: 22 early warning signs or a bad boyfriend you should never ignore]

7. He stops seeing other people

Really, you shouldn’t have to second guess if he is serious about you if he stops seeing other people. He is so enthralled with you that you are enough, and he does not need to look for anyone else. 

If you’re the only person he cares about seeing because you make him happy and nobody else can take your place, that’s a pretty obvious sign right there. [Read: 19 sure signs you’re in an exclusive relationship already]

Even if he hasn’t said it officially, he’s already deleted all his dating apps from his phone and hinted at being exclusive with you.

These are small steps, but they are leading in a good direction. If you notice these small acts, it’s time to talk with him about the future.

If he does not want to be exclusive or serious with you, then he will make it clear that he wants to continue to test the waters with other people. He’ll have a backup in case things don’t work out with you if he’s not serious about you. [Read: Does he love me? 37 signs he’s past like and totally in love with you]

8. He tells you that he wants to settle down with you

There is no surer sign of whether or not he wants to commit to you than him telling you that he wants to be with you, and you alone. All doubts, questions, and worries will cease as soon as those words leave his mouth.

Again, guys are pretty scared of commitment, so the fact that he says he wants to settle down is one of the most concrete signs he wants a serious relationship with you. This means he doesn’t see himself with anybody else other than you!

If you really like him and your goal was always to be with him, then you can smile, knowing that you finally won his heart. If his actions match his words, that’s how you can know for sure. [Read: 18 signs a man is emotionally attached to you and ready to get even closer]

9. He doesn’t run away when you mention labels

If it isn’t apparent by now, guys who aren’t looking for a serious relationship don’t like the mention of labels and commitment. But if he doesn’t run away whenever you mention it or when it comes up, he’s not afraid of committing himself to you.

This is because he really wants to be with you, and he’d be more than happy to put a label on your relationship, given a chance.

But if a guy isn’t serious about you, he’ll avoid that topic entirely and change the subject abruptly. [Read: What are we? How to get your crush to label your relationship]

10. His actions match his words

When he says something sweet and romantic to you, he doesn’t just leave it at that. When a guy is serious about you, he’ll match his actions with his words. 

So, he’ll do his best not to disappoint you or let you down when he makes a promise. He won’t flake and will live up to the promise because you matter to him. 

But if he isn’t serious about you, he doesn’t care about delivering through with his words or disappointing you. If you’re a fling, that’s all you’ll ever be.

11. He prioritizes you

Look, guys have a lot of priorities, more than what meets the eye. If he prioritizes you, this is one of the signs he wants a serious relationship with you.

Guys don’t just prioritize anyone along with their family and friends, career, and hobbies. [Read: The right priority in your relationship – How to find & focus on it]

The fact that he prioritizes you over most things speaks volumes about how serious he is with his intentions for you. 

On the other hand, if he isn’t into you for the long haul, other things will always come first above you, such as partying with his friends, career, and hobbies.

12. He communicates and listens to you

When it comes to communication, he makes sure you two are on the same page. If there is miscommunication, he spends the time to iron out the issues and prevent them from happening again.

How you argue and resolve conflict is a focus for him because he sees a future with you.

And it might seem like listening is such a mundane action, but when a guy listens to everything you say, he’s pretty serious about you.

This is because listening shows that he cares and that he acknowledges everything you say. Especially when he remembers even the little details from all your stories and rants, that’s when you know for sure. 

After all, why else would a guy listen and remember these details if you’re just a fling? 

13. He helps you whenever he can

Maybe it’s running errands for you, grabbing your favorite coffee, driving far, or helping you with a project.

He will go out of his way for you. A guy who wants a committed relationship with you cares about you. It means even more if he doesn’t expect anything in return. [Read: Does he like me? 41 subtle signs and body language guys can’t hide]

If a guy helps you in the best way he can, it’s one of the signs he wants a serious relationship with you. If you’re just a casual fling for him, he won’t even bother helping you with anything.

That means he will put in the effort to make you happy when your happiness is all he gets out of it. The motto of a guy without serious intentions is to avoid having any strings attached, and helping you would mean the possibility of establishing strings. So, if he helps you, he’s serious about you.

14. He shows you his flaws

This is a really huge indicator when it comes to whether he wants a serious relationship with you. When he shows you his flaws and his not-so-perfect side, his intentions for you are serious. [Read: What does it mean to be vulnerable? 15 ways you can open up more]

Nobody likes showing others their flaws, so the fact that he’s willing to show even the unfavorable parts of himself to you speaks volumes about just how serious he is for you.

15. He opens up about his past

The past isn’t really a great topic to talk about with anyone as it reveals baggage and a lot of drama and pain. But if he opens himself up to the point where you know about his past and his pain, he’s serious about you. [Read: 33signs and qualities that make a guy a really good boyfriend]

This is one of the aspects a guy wouldn’t dare to share with just a fling, hookup, or any casual relationship. So, if you know a lot of things about his past, he trusts you enough to tell you all of these things.

If a guy isn’t willing to talk about his past, something may be up. Maybe he cheated, or is still a bit hurt from a heartbreak.

But a guy willing to tell you the truth and open up about his past is willing to share what he’s learned and is open to more of that.

Some people say to leave the past in the past, but our pasts make us who we are today. Sharing those stories with someone new says a lot. [Read: 45 signs he loves you even if he doesn’t say it out loud]

16. He’s had long-term relationships before

This guy doesn’t usually jump from woman to woman. That’s a good sign he’s serious about his relationships. If he’s had long-term relationships before, it shows a history of commitment. 

This behavior is what you want to see in a guy you’re serious about. His past behavior is a good indicator of his future behavior. [Read: 22 early warning signs of a bad boyfriend]

17. He’s all about the conversation

If you’re casually dating a guy, you probably only see him when you have sex, which is understandable. If he’s serious about you, he focuses on spending quality time with you. 

He wants to talk and really get to know you on a deeper level. Whether he calls you and chats on the phone or asks you out for coffee, these are strong signs he wants more. [Read: The undeniable signs he wants to spend his life with you]

He’ll show a willingness to discuss deeper topics with you. He won’t just keep the conversation at surface level. He’ll dig a little deeper to really get to know you on a much better level. He’ll talk about stuff that speaks to your core values and morals. 

This is his way of making sure the two of you are compatible in this sense. And that means he’s probably ready to be exclusive and serious.

18. He wants to know your dating history

Most guys that are casually dating don’t care about the dating history of the person they’re seeing. Why would they care? It doesn’t affect them. [Read: Dating history – which exes should your partner know about?]

But if he’s serious about you, he wants to know if you’re able to commit and if you’re interested. Are you someone who wants to be in a committed relationship? If so, make it clear to him.

19. He plans meaningful dates

This is a great sign that he wants to have a serious relationship with you. He’s not asking you over to his house for “Netflix and chill.” When he plans a date, he makes sure you’re going to enjoy yourself to the fullest. 

He wants the date to be interesting and give you an opportunity to relax and open up. This is one of those signs he wants something serious with you. [Read: How many dates should you go on before a relationship becomes official?]

20. He changes plans for you

He may have had plans with his buddies, but once he found out that you’re free, he canceled them to see you. If he’s turning down other opportunities for a chance to spend time with you, it shows he wants to commit.

21. He wants to create traditions

It’s one thing to go on dates and have fun, but if he wants a future with you, he’ll focus on creating traditions.

Maybe you always go camping on the first weekend of summer or get ice cream every Sunday. These are small things, but he creates traditions that hold you together.

22. You’re on his social media

We all know how important social media has become. If he’s putting photos and statuses of you on his social media, he’s letting everyone know that he’s not interested in anyone else but you.

This is a great sign if he wants people to know he might want to be in a serious relationship with you. [Read: 39 signs he’s getting attached and needs you in his life]

23. He doesn’t hesitate to spend money on you

We’re not saying he needs to spend money on you in order to show he’s serious. Some men love showing off or are brought up to pay for their partners. 

If he treats you with small gifts and tokens, he’s showing his appreciation and love you for. It may sound a bit shallow, but it’s true.

24. He brings you into his world

Everyone has their own special spots no one knows about. Usually, we don’t show other people these spots unless the person is special.

If he’s taking you to his most private places, he wants to bring you into his world. [Read: 25 signs and qualities of a really great boyfriend]

25. He asks you questions

Guys who don’t ask you personal questions aren’t interested in anything beyond the surface level. He might ask things like whether you are close to your family, how you got into your career, etc.

But if they only ask you to answer what you asked them, they are just being polite. A guy interested in a committed relationship will be genuinely interested in what you have to say. [Read: The actions that reveal a man’s love for you]

26. PDA is a regular occurrence

Public displays of affection always prove just how much your partner cares about you. Sure, some people might not be all that into it, but if your man is loving on you with anyone around to see, they’re proud.

And being proud also means he’s probably thinking about being exclusive and serious with you.

When he doesn’t care who sees, it’s clear he only has eyes for you. Pay attention the next time he’s being lovey-dovey in public.

27. You basically already feel exclusive and serious

Another great sign that he wants a serious relationship with you is if you’re going about yourselves and it already feels like you’re in a relationship.

If you feel it, then he probably feels it too. And that means he’s happy with being exclusive. 

If he’s doing all the things a committed boyfriend would be doing, he might already be committed to you without you two talking about it.

28. He checks with you before making big plans

This is probably one of the biggest signs he wants to be exclusive and serious with you. When he’s checking in with you before taking weekend-long trips and making sure you’re cool with it, he’s committed already. 

Otherwise, he wouldn’t owe it to you. Guys who are randomly leaving for the weekend without informing you don’t want exclusivity.

29. He talks about wanting to get serious with someone

A guy who opens up about wanting to settle down or have a serious relationship is trying to tell you something. Perhaps he might not be ready that very moment, but he’s getting close. [Read: How to show commitment in a relationship and make each other feel secure]

He’s opening up to you and making sure you know that he wants to be exclusive and serious in the near future, if not already.

30. He asks for your opinion and advice

This is just something any guy who likes you should do. But it’ll become more apparent the more he’s thinking about becoming exclusive and serious with you. He’ll ask what you think about certain things in his life. He might even ask your advice on difficult things he’s dealing with.

This is his way of opening up. He’s letting you in. And usually, when a guy does this, he wants to be exclusive, serious, and committed to you. It’s one of the better signs he wants to be exclusive so pay attention. [Read: 30 deep questions to ask someone before you get in too far]

31. He isn’t flirting with other people

This is another one of the great signs that he wants a serious relationship with you. When you are out in a group or just meeting random people, he doesn’t flirt with other girls.

Sure, he is probably friendly just like he would be to anyone. But you can tell he isn’t interested in the other girls that he meets. 

What is even better is if he holds your hand or puts his arm around you when he is talking to other girls. This is like him “marking his territory” and telling everyone that you belong to him and to keep their hands off him.

32. He’s not hiding the relationship from anyone

When you are together or out on dates, he might take pictures of the two of you together. That’s great that he even wants to do that.

But if he goes a step further and puts them on social media, then he is telling the world that he is proud to be with you.

Not only does he not want to hide the fact that he’s dating you, but he also wants to tell other girls that he is practically off the market.

If he wanted to keep his options open, he would definitely hide you – not only on social media, but from his friends and family too.

33. He wants to know if you’re seeing someone else

If it’s still pretty early in the dating stage with him, he might just come right out and ask if you are seeing anyone else. It’s safe to assume that you might be, but he wants to know for sure.

This is probably his way of asking you to be exclusive and serious without coming out directly and asking you.

He is testing the waters to see how you react before he suggests that you both stop dating other people. This is another great sign that he wants a serious relationship with you. [Read: How to get a guy to stop dating other girls and be exclusive with you]

34. He gets you

If you feel like the two of you are so much alike that he just “gets” you, then he will probably want to be exclusive and serious.

It doesn’t matter what your similarities are. Maybe it’s that you have the same sense of humor, personality, or family background.

When a guy feels like he gets you, then he assumes that you get him too. Why wouldn’t he want to keep you around if the two of you vibe that well together? Well, then probably does.

35. He tells you

Now, people say a lot of crap just to keep other people hanging around them. However, if he’s sat you down and had a genuine conversation with you about the future, then he’s probably not joking.

The best way to tell if he wants something serious is if he is willing to let you know. It takes a mature person to talk about the future, and it sounds like he has his head on straight. [Read: The 19 subtle signs a man has emotionally matured]

If he says he wants a committed relationship with you, he does. A guy will not just admit this and risk being rejected if he doesn’t mean it.

If you spot these signs, you may breathe a sigh of relief. The guy you’re dating wants the same thing as you.

But that hope can drag you along for months just waiting for these signs to turn into action. Once you see these signs, and if he has actually told you he wants a committed relationship, bring it up.

Just because he is the guy doesn’t mean it is always his job to start these talks. Let him know you’ve been dating a while, you both want the same thing, and think you should make that next step to make it official. [Read: Exclusive relationship – 36 signs you’re ready for it or in one already]

Why he wants an exclusive and serious relationship with you

Now that you know the signs that he wants an exclusive relationship with you, what do you think? Do you think your guy wants you and only you?

If you answered “yes,” then you might wonder why. Well, here are the top reasons he doesn’t want you to date anyone else.

1. He sees a future with you

He might be at that age where he is ready to settle down, get married, and start a family. And that means that he is serious about finding someone that he can spend the rest of his life with.

If he is looking for that, then he’s not going to waste his time with anyone that he doesn’t see a future with.

2. He loves you

If the two of you have been dating for a while, then he might already be in love with you. Even if he hasn’t told you that yet, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t feel it in his heart.

Maybe he is worried you don’t feel the same way, so he’s holding back. But if he loves you, then you can be sure that he wants to be exclusive and serious with you. [Read: Does he love me? 37 signs he’s past like and totally in love with you]

3. He’s ready to commit to you

Maybe he’s been single for a while and has had enough of being alone or playing the field. He likes the idea of commitment, and he doesn’t really want to date around anymore.

So, if he’s still going out with you, he might be waiting for the right moment to ask you to be in a relationship with him.

4. He can’t picture himself with anyone else other than you

Now this is the best reason of all, isn’t it? Everyone wants to be with someone who can’t picture their life without them.

So, as he’s looking forward to his future, he just can’t see it with anyone else but you. And if you feel the same way about him, then you could be a match made in heaven!

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Being aware of the signs that he wants a serious relationship with you will help you understand when you can bring up the topic of becoming committed to each other. This can save you a lot of alarm if you try to DTR too early.

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