Should I Ignore Him? When Shutting Him Out Helps and Hurts Him

should i ignore him

There are times when ignoring someone helps the situation or hurts. If you are wondering should I ignore him, here’s some help to know how to respond.

Guys are pretty predictable creatures. It seems like the more attention you give them, the more they crave, and the less they want you. If you can’t seem to catch their wandering eye, get the hot guy’s attention, or make your boyfriend treat you right, you might be asking, should I ignore him or confront him.

Should I ignore him? 8 situations where you should and shouldn’t

There are times when ignoring a guy helps. Other times it turns him off, but how are you to know which one your guy looks for? Figure out if the ends justify the means and how your ignorance will be interpreted before you give him the cold shoulder. There are situations when it will work and others when it might be the final nail in the relationship coffin.

Times to ignore him

#1 You can’t seem to get his attention. There is a little something guys love to talk about called nagging. If you constantly bitch about not getting the attention you need and crave, guess what?

They use that as a reason not to give you any attention. Instead of moaning about his constant phone staring, or watching football instead of taking you out, call some friends, head out, and do your own thing by ignoring him. Stop the “nagging,” and just let him do what he wants and ignore him by doing your own thing. [Read: 12 ways to finally start living for yourself]

#2 He has a wandering eye. If he can’t seem to keep his eyes on the prize and distracted by every mildly pretty woman walking by, ignore him. If you are supposed to be a couple, but he gives his attention to someone else, it is time for you to stop giving it away for free.

If he disrespects you by looking elsewhere, cut him out by ignoring him altogether. [Read: How to get rid of his wandering eye]

#3 Every girl wants to have him. What do guys want most? They want the very thing they can’t have. If you want a guy to notice you, but he has a harem of other women chasing him around and hanging on his every word, ignore him. Make him think he can’t have you.

If you are the only one who isn’t falling all over yourself to get him to pick you, guess what? Ignoring him likely makes him choose you. Guys are all about the hunt and chase. So, make him hunt and chase you. [Read: How to get a guy to ask you out in 9 sneaky ways]

#4 When he mistreats you. If a guy isn’t treating you the way that you deserve to be treated, start ignoring him. There is nothing to gain a guy’s attention more than your willingness to walk away and say “goodbye.”

Instead of threatening to walk away, ignore him. That shows him two things. One, he can’t disrespect or ignore you, and, two, he is lost without you. Dual win situation.

Don’t ignore him

#1 He tries to apologize. In relationships, we all screw up. If you give him the silent treatment even though he desperately tries to apologize, it is time to stop giving him shit and let him off the hook. A guy only tries to make it up to you for so long then he just gives up.

If he has done something irreparable like cheat on you, walk away. But, if he just hurt your feelings, and you want to get back at him, take his apology and stop with the revenge. If you continue, you’ll be the one hurt because he will move on to someone more forgiving. [Read: How to perfect the silent treatment in a relationship]

#2 When he really needs you. There are times when we are upset with someone, and we ignore them. But, if you ignore a guy and something comes up where he really needs you, stop. In a relationship, be willing to put your feelings aside when necessary.

If you continue to ignore him when he goes through something where he needs your support, you can’t go back and undo the damage you cause by not providing unconditional love when needed most.

#3 Enough is enough. There comes a point when playing hard to get comes across as zero interest. If you ignore him to get him, yet you refuse to acknowledge him even when he is sincere, then you aren’t the object he can’t have and wants. You are just the object he can’t have.

There comes a point when ignoring a guy is no longer a part of playing hard to get. It dooms you to never have him. [Read: How to get a guy to notice you]

#4 When you are done. If you are done with a guy and your relationship with him, it isn’t a good idea to just ignore him and think he will go away. Guys are no different when relationships end. They hurt too.

You might not be able to give him closure, but you do have an obligation to at least tell him that you are moving on, and he should do the same. Don’t ignore a guy by ghosting him. If you don’t want to be in a relationship, express your wishes clearly. So, he isn’t hanging on, continuing to try, or getting more hurt than he already feels. That is not cool and totally cowardly on your part.

Ignoring someone is never a good feeling for either of you. But, there are times when ignoring a guy is a good tactic and others when it isn’t. Knowing the difference is important to catch a guy, keep a guy, or lose him altogether.

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Before you answer should I ignore him, decide what it is that you want from him, or you work against yourself and what you want.

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