20 Sexy Things that Turn Guys On Every Single Time

sexy things that turn guys on

Want to know how to get the guys drooling over you without even trying? Read on for the male perspective on turning guys on every time.

It’s one thing to turn a guy on once he’s in the bedroom—after all, guys are pretty easy to please. A quick fumble, a slip, and a shot, and we think we’re the greatest lovers that the world has ever seen! It is, however, an entirely different thing to catch our attention to the same degree at an earlier stage in the evening.

Not that a pretty face will go entirely unappreciated, but turning him into a raging ball of lust through the use of feminine wiles alone takes a whole different skill set. If you’re in the market for a fairly comprehensive list of male turn-ons that you can use to get the man you’re interested in out of your sights and into your bed, then read this list of 20 tips, divided into the five categories of Dress, Body Language, Talk, Touch, and Other. [Read: How men fall in love – The 7 stages each guys goes through]


#1 A good choice of particulars. The correct choice of underwear can be a massive turn-on for guys. Sheer panties, for instance, with no visible lines to hint at the promise of already having been removed.

#2 None of the above. With regard to the previous entry, less is definitely more. The only thing that is better than sexy underwear is NO underwear. The outstanding delights of a forsaken bra are bound to put some lead in his pencil.

#3 War paint. A good smattering of makeup is also another point of attraction for guys. It sends out little signals to his subconscious—little hints that you are up for more than just a polite conversation and a game of chess. That lipstick on the glass might seem innocent to you, but in his mind, that glass is being replaced with all kinds of other images. Just make sure it isn’t the kind of makeup you wear to go and see grandma.

#4 Heels. A great part of sexual attraction is making the most of traits unique to your gender. Drawing a man’s eyes to your legs, through the use of a pair of high heels is a time-tested example of exactly this. [Read: 25 things guys find irresistibly attractive about a girl when they see her]


#5 Lip-licking good. The tongue is an extremely sensual part of the body, and any display of it will have temperatures soaring. Licking the lips takes it a whole stage further, and don’t be surprised if he’s unable to get up from his seat for a while.

#6 The Sharon Stone. The classic knee-crossing move of movie legend, you don’t have to remove your panties to have the object of your desires panting like a labradoodle.

#7 The leaning-to. If your greatest assets are found on the upper half of your body, make the most of them. An indiscreet lean forward at the right time can give him an eyeful of trouser-popping glory and get him firmly on your sexual hook. Taxi!

#8 The lean-off. A similar principle to #7, but this time taking advantage of a well-shaped posterior. The trick is to lean away and ensure that he gets an eyeful of wiggling wonderment. [Read: 30 subtle, obvious and really sexy flirting tips for girls]


#9 The Scarlett Johansson. The second actress to make an appearance on the list, the Scarlett describes that husky way she has of talking that, for some unknown reason, has males wilting like summer spinach. Give it a try, ladies. It works.

#10 Sharing fantasies. Slyly introduce the subject of fantasies into the conversation, and then use that as an excuse to introduce some of your own in an innocent and hesitant manner. They don’t even have to be real, but they will have him hanging on your every word. [Read: 36 racy, random funny questions for flirty guys and girls]

#11 Sharing past experiences. Ditto #10, but relating past experiences this time. I hope you’ll be wearing earplugs, though, because his jaw will hit the ground with a resounding thump when you share all. Again, it doesn’t necessarily have to be true for the purposes of this exercise. He wouldn’t care, anyway. And if you really want to turn him to mush, tell him about some lesbian dorm room drama… light the touch paper, and stand back!

#12 Future promises. Turn 10 or 11 around, and turn it into a conversation about what you’d like to try—or try again—in the future. M’lady, he will be all yours. [Read: How to make a guy really horny just by sitting next to him]


#13 The kiss. When presented with the opportunity for a hello, goodbye, or thank-you kiss, don’t waste it. Make it lingering, full-blooded, and very, very hot.

#14 The brush past. At some point in the evening *on the date, etc.* make an excuse to squeeze past him—to go to the restroom or bar, for instance. When you do, make sure your brush-past is pretty full contact. Back half for an instant turn on, front half for instant taxi-home-not-alone.

#15 The hand on. Women are really good at using their hands in a way that leaves men unsure as to whether the contact was just friendly or a whole lot more. So, don’t touch his knee mid conversation; go for the thigh, instead, and experience instant results. The penis might be a tad too much. You don’t want to go down as the town bicycle. [Read: How to flirt by touch without making it obvious at all]

#16 Footsie. A bit of classic under-table footsie doesn’t really get the juices flowing. In fact, most guys see it as a bit lame. However, rise from shin to thigh, or even higher, and that’s a game changer.


#17 A lot of front. Confidence is definitely one of the more abstract qualities a woman can display, but is an incredibly important one. A woman who enters the room, knowing she has no competition, has the alpha males stirring in their seats. [Read: How to be a glamorous seductress without trying too hard]

#18 Grey matter. Depends upon the male in question, but a lot of guys just can’t get turned on by a woman whose idea of a sophisticated night out is sneaking a bottle of convenience-store bubbly into McDonald’s.

#19 The perfect scent. A well-chosen and applied perfume can be a real turn on for a lot of guys–as long as it’s applied, that is, and not bathed in!

#20 Living la vida loca. The fun-loving princess of the local establishments that everyone knows from afar and secretly yearns for—this is the woman, the exciting and vivacious exemplar of womanhood, that really gets a guy’s mercury shooting to the top of the thermometer.

[Read: 14 tips to feel sexy and desirable all the time]

With great sexual attraction comes great responsibility. The power is in your hands, ladies–use it wisely!

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David Cullen
David Cullen
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5 thoughts on “20 Sexy Things that Turn Guys On Every Single Time”

  1. natasha says:

    I want to give my greatest thanks to the author of this piece. Wow, what a talent and the points were so good I screamed and danced in my room for ten minutes or so. Haha. It was one of the most useful articles I found on this site. This is literally what every girl needs for a little game of flirting and seducing. I can’t say which were my favorite, because all of them were. Some (if not all) will be used tonight 😉

  2. TRINA says:

    Actuall, I am really shy when I’m out in public and I don’t like the idea of being stared at by guys, but at home alone, deep down I like getting guys hot and bothered. I went out yesterday into town wearing a long t-shirt and tights and a short denim skirt with a really long cardigan over the top. My cardigan was fastened by a couple of buttons over my stomach and is way longer than my skirt. In this situation I felt self concious because my skirt was riding up. From behind it probably looked like I had no skirt on and from the front only a tiny bit of my skirt was visible. I still looked decent enough but was worried I was being stared at. That is how shy I am! Maybe I’m just a tease. I like to turn guys on online. If I can. I am turned on now and have been most of the afternoon and I really get hot really fast. But every guy is different some like big boobs, some prefer small. Other guys are more into ass or legs. Some have no preference. There are those who have a foot fetish and even those who like big women. Knowing a guy is hot because he has been looking at my photos or because of things I have said is sweet. I don’t know what to say right now though. I get like that sometimes. I wanted to do this and say some stuff, but I’m lost for words.I really can’t explain it, I just like turning on guys.

  3. Dan says:

    A solid outfit definitely gets me every time. There’s nothing better than a woman dressed to a tee since the effort is so obvious. Plus it’s great in a world where women are happy to go out in stained sweats and tops without a care in the world. Sure, exercise your right to wear whatever you please, but don’t expect me to be turned on by absolutely no effort.

  4. OVerman says:

    Turn ons: Taller than me the taller the better and proportional not thin or frail looking tall large women have every thing a woman has but more of it, it’s larger than life overwhelming the senses amazing! I also like depth the ability to read between the lines, lots of people are able to crunch numbers but can be dumb as a box of door knobs. Kindness also is a turn on, not foolishness like thinking animals are people or feeling sorry for low life kindness but common sense first basically kind but not stupid able to handle things that need handling like calling the cops on a bum or shooting stray dogs that are a nuisance not a sissy. Also love short hair not big and poofy though short strait and close cropped, very sexy and looks sharp not frilly. Independent action she can wire up a house, fix a car, invent things major turn on there.Turn offs : Anything ghetto tattoos, drinking smoking foulmouthed crude, drug use, sociopathic attitudes toward others, selfishness, demanding, hot headed just a piece of SH*T. Another big turn off is girly girls who think they need me to protect and provide for them, weak, whiny, overly emotional frilly, head buried in a cosmopolitan magazine absolutely no interest in or ability with anything requiring independent action like building something or fixing something or reading anything but pathetic gossip magazines full of mindless articles a kin to the concerns of a tribe of chimps that would stimulate the social instincts of same. An almost allergic response to things like picks, shovels, tire irons, sledge hammers. If you let your muscles rot off your bones to the point the wind damn near blows you across the yard your a damn fool. Also the attitude that women should be treated differently that they must be coddled and have doors opened for them and I must sacrifice for her throw my coat over a puddle or something if you think like that guess what? F*CK YOU!

  5. Daniel says:

    The way she says my name in the morning. When i wake up with her next to me sound asleep, messy, stinky and beautiful as ever. I give her a soft kiss with an ear to ear smile while i whisper softly “its time to wake up beautiful.”. She opens her eyes looks at me and says “Dannnniiiellll, fuc* you its too early.” i cant be mad at her. She is the love of my life, i giggle softly and say “Dont be mean love come on ill make you coffee.” She gets up puts her hair in a bun like every morning and slips out of her clothes. I watch her as i leave the room still enchanted with her naked body, though ive seen it a thousand times it still captures my mind. So graceful, so intricate, its everything that makes her, well, her. She comes out of the shower towel wrapped around her hair with a thousand beautiful scents. I stare at her and smile deeply, oh how much i love her. As i hand her the coffee i made i see a sudden change in her face. The loving vibrant girl is gone and she says “Daniel there is something I have to say.” this is when i really wake up and remember she left me 2 years ago. Those gorgeous brown eyes. Those deep brown eyes. Those haunting brown eyes.

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