How to be Bossy in Love without being Bitchy

How to be Bossy in Love without being Bitchy

Being bossy and bitchy in a relationship is easy. But you have to remember that being in control doesn’t really have to come at the price of being a bitch. Here are a few ways by which you can stay in control and yet, be loved by your man.

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While we owe most of the hold-the-leash qualities to dominant ladies with whips and chains in their hands and a pitiful man groveling at their feet licking a pair of vinyl boots, there are many women who are dominant without actually being tyrannical. Here are a few to-do’s if you want to hold the reign without actually shattering your man’s ego or causing an ego meltdown.

The Skills

The constructive lady is endowed with many skills that make her popular with the crowd. Do you know how to change a flat tire? Are you good at what you do? If you are, well, you’ve got what it takes to be a subtle dominatrix.

The Appropriate Emergency Behavior

She wouldn’t lose her cool in any emergency. She would not leave what she’s doing, crying and screaming “help, help”ย, neither would she blame anybody for her shortcomings. She would try to solve the problem on her own and if not, then she’d call for help. No yelling and screaming with fits of craziness at any point during the entire ordeal.

The Aura of Authority

She has an aura of authority, and people would turn to her for help in any emergency. This is natural and cannot be snatched by force. She’s someone who’s looked up with awe, and she just can’t be pushed down.

In any case, being a dominatrix is never bad, in bed or otherwise, just as long as you’re powerful, creative, capable and confident. You don’t really need whips or crying fits to get things your way. Be the woman that overflows positive energy and possesses the essential feminine qualities, but yet, isn’t a fragile and weak vessel. You can decide for yourself which slot of dominance you want to fit in. But you know what, better be one if you want to be somebody.

Just as long as you know where to draw the line between being in control and being a pushy dominatrix, you’re going to head straight to a happily ever after.

After all, men say they hate a dominatrix, but they can’t help but admire and fall in love with a confident woman who knows her way around the world!

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