Do you Boss over your Man?

How to be Bossy in Love without being Bitchy

It’s a new age for womankind at last. After centuries and millennia of living in a male dominated world, women across the world have finally started waking to a new world where the women are finally in control. So are you a bossy woman in love? By Miriam Christopher

Traditionally, men have always been the hunters and the breadwinners.

But with today’s new found identity, women have altered the whole system into reverse mode and things have become topsy-turvy in the patriarchal society.

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The incarnation of the dominant entity would have been some male-oriented union but the personification resembles a female in this go-free-live-free generation.

The overriding males for ages have been frozen, better put, thrown aside. And the new genre of the dominant ladies have arrived to hold reign.

Unlike the traditional men, a.k.a. the Masters of the Household, the new blokes have been transformed into genies for the hip chick’s every whim.

The nouveau genres of the dreamboat man have been attributed with names like uber and metrosexual, etc. for toying with their manhood.

So, are you the one with the reign in the hands?

You may not necessarily hail from Kentucky or for that matter be Beezie Madden, the lady who rides Judgement, a magnificent stallion. You are quite happy riding your spouse. And if you’re single, then you’re dumping guys like you throw your tampons. Your motto in life is “so many guys and so little time”. The “bossy” women don’t have horns on their head. Neither do they have handlebars for moustaches. They may not necessarily resemble the Jade Babe from “A Heightened Life” nor do they ooze negative vibes.

They may not have bouncing boobs and may not wear never-ending-cleavage-skin-tight-threads. As the saying goes, you cannot judge the book by the cover and women by their appearance. Dominating women, this is enough to describe the horrors that many men have to live through, and they are real.

There is a tiny demon in all of us, even if we’re designed to be like delicate princesses. We all have streaks of grey with the pure white within us. [Read: How to manipulate men]

We live in a colorful society and thus, our morality does not find favor with just black and white. Just plain domination is no good. Just the other day, I watched an old movie about the women of Amazon. It was a completely fictitious movie about a tribe of strong women, who ruled the jungles, and the men just washed them up and served food to them in stringy clothes. Could we ask for more? But then, the tribe eventually screwed up and got washed out. [Read: What men want in a woman]

Washed out? Well, they got extinct. Wondering why I’m saying this now? Well, that’s because I don’t believe in complete world domination by women, just a hint of authority isn’t too much to ask for, is it? Especially when we’ve been slaving for men through the centuries. The best way to categorize the dominant ladies would be to split them into the overtly alpha vixen and the regnant female.

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    I truly enjoyed reading your article series about bossy women. At last, a fresh perspective on intimate relationships without a wagging finger.

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