Your Man’s Flirty Friend – How to Get Her to Back Off

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Does your boyfriend have a girl pal who just can’t keep her hands off him? Find out how to deal with your man’s flirty friend and keep her away. By Samantha Matthew

Is your boyfriend’s best friend a girl?

Click here to read the introduction and understand what really goes on in his girl best friend’s mind in does your boyfriend have a girl best friend?

Getting used to the fact that your boyfriend has a girl best friend is hard enough.

But having to deal with your man’s flirty friend is just annoyingly frustrating, especially if your boyfriend doesn’t really do anything to stop his friend from pawing him.

If you’re having a hard time getting the message through your man’s thick skull, here are a few tried and tested ways to handle your man’s flirty friend and keep her away.

Are you waiting for the flirty friend to leave?

You may have just sat there, waiting for the bad tidings to pass, and the sun to take a nice peek out of the gloomy clouds, and evaporate this monster of a friend away from his life.

But you know it, the way things are shaping up, you don’t ever think it will happen. So what do you do? Well, you should go to war!

Ready your battle stations and prepare your ammos and weapons. Locate the weakest section and drop your entire stock of nukes and breach the barrier! You don’t dig, girlie? No worries.

What I mean is that you need to fight a war to win it, and to win it, you need to strategize and have a plan of action. You want to know your greatest strength? It’s the fact that he’s your man and not her man! So why on earth do you have to bob quietly like a rubber duck and be bothered by this friend of his?

Since you know for sure that there’s no way a straight talk with your man will help you, try going the other way around. The first step is to make your man feel really awkward around her. It’s not that he doesn’t feel it already, but the only issue is that he likes the sexual awkwardness. But just give him an opportunity to realize how uncomfortable things can get when she comes around and you can bring the ball into your court. Now really, go all out and go to war.

Adding your man to her crush list

The next time she kisses him like a woodpecker or does something just as uncomfortable, use it to your advantage. After this slutty friend of his leaves the both of you alone and goes away, take a trip to the ladies room, especially after a few other girls go in. Come back with a sad face, and tell him that you overheard the girls in the ladies room talking about your man being such a perverted two timer, who didn’t care about your feelings. [Read: How to make a man fall in love with you]

Just tell him that you feels awkward when other girls speak like this all the time. Basically, instead of straight out ranting, prick his little heart with guilt.

Let him know that all your friends think that he has a big crush on that girl pal of his, because of the way he tries making out with that girl all the time! He may object and try to retaliate, but just lay off it by saying it’s alright, and that you’re not hurt anyway. And trust me, he will try doing something about it because all men always want all women in the world to think highly of them. So if your friends and other women around think he’s annoying, he’ll do whatever it takes to make them think highly of him.

Sneak a bit of info to him and tell him that you’re sure his friend has a crush on him. And how do you know that? Obviously, you’re a girl and you know it by the way she behaves around him.

Mention it as a compliment, but make him feel uncomfortable by asking things like how he would feel if your best male friend would try fondling you all the time? But hit your man with the fact that this friend of his has more than just ‘friendship’ written over her when it comes to him. [Read: More than friends? – The signs]

Beating the bitch

Don’t you just wish you could clobber her and hurt her really bad? You can, but it’s better done where it hurts. Your man is just that, he’s your man. So the next time she comes around, just snuggle up to him closer and compliment him about a few things he did recently, things only you know about.

That would definitely piss her off. [Read: Does your boyfriend have a flirty best friend to know why]

And if she squirms beside him even before you can wrap your arms around him, let them be. Just smile at them, and excuse yourself to make a call. He’ll get the hint. He still doesn’t get it? Then, stay put, and call up a good looking guy friend of yours whom he particularly doesn’t appreciate and feels insecure about, and have an enjoyable conversation! [Read: How to talk to a guy and make him like you]

Trust me, it’s worth it to see that look on his face after you’re done talking with another hottie. Or you could also get real friendly and touchy-feely with another male friend of yours when you bump in to him. If he does mention anything like you trying to get back at him, just innocently tell him that he seemed to be having such a good time with her, that you really didn’t think he’d be bothered.

These moves are guaranteed to have a positive effect for you, especially if you instantly lose your icy self each time his slutty friend goes away.

He may have a hard time figuring it out with his pea sized brain, but eventually he’d realize that your icy split personality shows up only when he behaves like he’s in a petting zoo around that little bitch friend of his.

Another really important thing you should know here, never ever let him know that you’re doing all this to get back at him even if things get better for you later. He may just tell his ‘best’ friend all about it. And I don’t think you’d be able take his friendly confessions very well.

Winning the game

She may be grinning widely and floating on a high each time she gets to know through your boyfriend that you’ve thrown a tantrum over her. But once she sees that her friendly guy is actually making a strong effort to stay away from her (which is mostly because he gets jealous when you speak to another hottie or pet your male pals), she would go mad!

There she was, having your man wrapped around her finger all this time, and now she would know she’s losing her grip on him.

What can I say, I guess it’s time for you to gloat in happiness. Be extra-friendly to her, and grin a giddily happy smile each time he’s wrapped in your arms instead of hers. Never ever show your frustrations out in front of her. That would just make her happy. Instead, use her ploy on another guy, in person or on phone, when your man and his flirty friend are together. There’s no chance of losing a game when you get the jealousy in your man aroused!

Each time she holds your guy’s hand, just pat it away and tell her jokingly, “hey, do you have a crush on him?” or smile and say something like “I hope you don’t hate me, you seem to have such a big crush on my man”, and laugh out loud!

She wouldn’t know what to say, especially when you make it sound like a joke. Your man may find it funny, but she’d know what you’re up to. Let her know that you know her game, and let her hate you because you’re winning. Getting her to hate you may be hard, but once you do, boy, the world can seem oh-so-nice!

You could be on a winning streak, but make sure you’ve still got a firm hold on your man, or he may just stray again. She is his friend, you know. [Quiz: Does your boyfriend really love you?]

It’s not so easy to just split them up, but as long as you can get him to behave, who cares. And as long as her little heart is burning with frustration, the world is such a pretty place, isn’t it?

But then again, if you’re having a hard time dealing with his girl best friend, perhaps, you should consider seeing someone else or try having a happy relationship with a guy who isn’t attached at the hip to his girl best friend.

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[Read: Is he really the one for you?]

But even if your man does have a girl best friend, you do know what to do right? Get back at her and do it well. After all, dealing with your man’s flirty friend can be so much fun when you’re winning!

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14 thoughts on “Your Man’s Flirty Friend – How to Get Her to Back Off”

  1. Eva says:

    lol I wonder if guys sometimes read these just because their curious and if so what their reactions are?

  2. Lily says:

    I genuinely can not tell you how thankful I am for this article. I felt so alone and I’m so glad others out there have this problem too. This was articulated so well.
    Lets just hope things work out.

  3. Sonia says:

    ugh im the flirty bestfriend. why am i the bad guy?

  4. Sally says:

    Because you’re a sad, desperate slut, Sonia.

  5. Lexi says:

    I agree with Sally, Sonia you are the bad Guy because you can’t place yourself in the same situation you have placed your friends, obviously you can’t get anything that’s not already taken so your happy to just try to pick up some sloppy seconds. You my friend is what we like to call a booty call who men do not respect!

  6. Jasmine says:

    Sonia, you never touch another girl’s man its just off. Last girl her tried to flirt with my man was warned once, then second time she just happened to run into my best friend in the ladies who dealt with her, her way

  7. Alec says:

    Yeah, guys read these articles, and I’m one of them.. I would personally feel awkward if a girl flirted with me while my babe is right next to me, so I assume any guy who wouldn’t, also deserves the jealous treatment thats mentioned in this article.. But honestly, both the flirtatious male and the jealous female are perfect for eachother, neither grasping the idea od a relationship.. Any guy that doesn’t pick up on the signals that the girlfriend throws at the flirty ‘bitch’ (as mentioned in this article) is just socially inept, and lacks the ability to pick up even the most obvious social cues.. As for sally, lexie and jasmine, jealousy will ruin your relationship^_^. Sonia, if the guy doesn’t mind, then you’re not the bad girl… Anyone who thinks differently just doesn’t know how men work, as much as the average girl claims they do..

    Also, whoever wrote this article seems a little bit angry, perhaps having written this right after a bad breakup.. Every guy is different, and guys are just as ‘complex’ as girls are! You really can’t trust a ‘how guys work:for dummies’ book! it will never work lol

  8. xxpunkrockprincessxx says:

    As much as I dislike the idea of another woman being so close to my boyfriend and I don’t enjoy the relationship he has with his female best friend, advocating mind games such as these, saying men are pea brained and making the other woman involved seem to be this unreasonable “bitch” is so degrading and unnecessary. She is also a human with feelings and if her intentions are pure, speaking to her and putting another perspective in can help. Or if your “man” is truly pea sized to the point of not respecting your feelings, that’s where you need to find someone that values you and your feelings. Not someone valuing what other women think..

  9. Livv says:

    I’m having kind of the same problem but with my long distance boyfriend. His “Best friend” Is always around him and she really touchy feely and always flirts with him. He has told her stop multiple times and i have witnessed him telling her to stop but she won’t. Shes always more flirty when we are talking on the phone.. I get really agitated about her flirting and its starting to affect my everyday life.. I need some help.. Please? And Sonia, i know you commented ages ago but i agree with Sally.. Please stop drooling over taken guys and get a single guy!

  10. TMomo says:

    How about just moving on? Sounds like a disrespectful loser, in my opinion.

  11. me says:

    I’m 14 and I’m in awe of how catty this article is. You people are selfish, shallow, and manipulative. Guilt tripping a guy is shitty.

  12. Andrea says:

    This is one of my major problems right now. I’m in a long distance relationship and my boyfriend has this slutty friend who every time they both go out she just post it all over social media to let the world know she’s with him. It’s so frustrating. Thank god this article had helped me understand a bit more about what to do. I just wish some girl could have a big of respect about other’s relationship, I mean just because you’re not happy and can’t get what you want doesn’t mean that you have to make the world as unhappy as you.

  13. River says:

    Wow, this article is really, really sexist and essentially one giant double-standard.

  14. lulu says:

    I am happy to say that i was a similar situation but it ended well.My man’s ‘bff’ was in the same school with us did everything to frustrate me including inviting him over for ‘lunch’, sending him romantic texts and going to party/clubs together, excluding me. At first I thought I shouldn’t be bothered but she continued and ensured i learnt about their excursions later. Of course my man would disclose this to me innocently as he didn’t know what she was up to. Soon afterwards, i decided that enough was enough and that it was war time. I will not mention the fact that i normally feel thrilled whenever i get challenged, and ooh….the adrenaline!!!!! Having readied my weapons of warfare which included getting a makeover for my image & wardrobe, going for roadtrips and leaving her out, posting our pics all over social media, which were followed by comments like “….you two look awesome together”, “cant wait for your wedding” and giving her that look that said ‘b**** i know what you are up to, back off before i chew you alive’. We fought a silent war that my man never even knew about. Did i also mentioned that after the makeover, i was looking so hot that guys could not help but ogle when i passed. This reversed roles and it was my man who was now jealous and insecure.Above all, i prayed and asked God to strengthen my relationship if it was meant to be. It is now six years since, we are still strong and madly in love. Of course every war suffers casualties. In this one, the friendship ended horribly because now she cannot stand to see that we are inseparable. We never talk and even when she sees us passing, no words/greetings are ever exchanged, instead she sneers or turns away and ignores us. That only confirms that she had ill intentions.I guess this means I WON!!!!!! Hope this helps someone, women, the greatest weapon you have is CONFIDENCE!!!!!

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