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signs he wants you bad
16 Signs He Wants You Bad: Is He Irresistibly Attracted to You?

We all have doubts about whether someone finds us attractive. And sometimes it’s hard to tell, but here are the signs he wants you bad.

how guys text when they like you
How Guys Text When They Like You: 15 Things They Do Differently

It can be hard to know how guys text when they like you. Are they just being friendly or is there something more to their messages? Find out here.

he doesn't like you anymore

He Doesn’t Like You Anymore: 16 Signs He’s Losing Interest in You

Love is great… until it ends and he doesn’t like you anymore. Then, it’s all about eating ice cream and packing on the broken-hearted weight.

does he like I like him

Does He Know I Like Him? 12 Clues He’s Catching On To Your Hints

You’re probably wondering, does he know I like him? I mean, you think you’re giving signs… but is he catching on? Let’s take a look and see.

traits of insecure men

13 Traits of Insecure Men that Make Girls Run the Other Way

Maybe your man is highly secure, or maybe he’s secretly insecure. Here are 13 traits of insecure men in order find out the truth once and for all.

Toxic Masculinity

Toxic Masculinity: 20 “Toxic” Traits that are Actually Healthy

Can you imagine if someone told you your gender is toxic? Instead of toxic masculinity, here are 20 things that make men awesome.

things guys say when they like you

25 Things Guys Say When They Like You: Lines that Mean a Lot More

Ready to amp up the flirting? Knowing whether that guy you like is into you can be tricky. Here are 25 things guys say when they like you.

signs of high testosterone

14 Signs of High Testosterone in Men: The Overflow of Man-Juice

What are the signs of high testosterone in men? Do they act or look differently from the average Joe? Read on to see what these signs mean for a guy.

is he going to propose

Is He Going to Propose? 15 Signs He’s About to Get on One Knee

If you and your beau have been dating for a while now, you may be wondering if he’s ready for marriage. Is he going to propose? Here’s how to tell.


Mansplaining: 20 Ways to Spot a Dick When You’re Talking to One

Mansplaining is the way that a man intentionally talks down to a woman who threatens him. Speaking condescendingly, don’t be sucked into his nonsense.

how to tell when a guy is jealous

How to Tell When a Guy Is Jealous: 25 Hints He Just Can’t Hide

That green-eyed monster might be bringing out the monster in your guy! These 25 tips help you decipher how to tell when a guy is jealous.

texts that will turn him on

30 Hot Texts That Will Turn Him On and Leave Him Obscenely Horny

Need some ideas for sexy texts that will turn him on? Look no further—here are 30 ideas that are guaranteed to get him hot under the collar!