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How to Turn On a Guy: 15 Moves to Arouse Him While Making Out

how to turn on a guy

It’s easy enough to get a guy to make out with you, but how to turn on a guy even more while you’re making out is worth exploring. These tips will help.

When you’re really into a guy and finally able to make out with him, but clueless as to how to turn on a guy after that can be a little terrifying. In fact, it’s probably scary enough to ruin the moment altogether.

Getting a guy to make out with you probably isn’t all that hard. It’s what you do NEXT that’s the challenging part. Where do you kiss? How fast should you move? Where do you put your hands? These questions flood your mind and make you stiffen with nervousness.

Benefits of being able to turn on any guy at any time

There are a lot of benefits from knowing how to turn a guy on in just the right way. Once you master it, you’ll reap rewards. You can walk around knowing you’ll be able to turn on just about any guy with the snap of your fingers.

You’ll feel confident. You’ll be able to get him to do what you want and have your way with him even if he’s “not in the mood.” You can SURELY get him in the mood real fast once you learn how. [Read: How to make any guy horny just by sitting next to him]

How to turn a guy on while you’re making out

If you’re new to the make out game or you’re just looking for new ways to surprise your man and turn him on during a hot make out sesh, you’ll benefit from reading these tips.

It may take some time to master them and understand how to turn on a guy, every single time. But once you do, you’ll realize these tips can be used on any type of guy. Remember, practice makes perfect so don’t be afraid to get out there and try them out!

#1 Have confidence. The very first step to turning on a guy while you’re making out is confidence. And I mean you have to OWN it. Without confidence, he’ll sense your nerves. It makes him just as nervous. Something that can ruin the mood. [Read: How to stop being insecure: 15 steps to transform your life]

#2 Be somewhat demanding. Don’t be a fragile little girl. While some guys might like this, I’m pretty sure he’ll like it even more if you tell him what you want him to do. Being demanding is a really sexy trait.

#3 Take charge. Don’t let him lead the make out session. Take charge and do what you want. Take his hands and put them where you want him to touch. Being in charge and taking control of the making out turns him on and makes him see you mean business. [Read: 12 bad girl traits every guy wants in his girlfriend]

#4 Move to his ears. Take your kissing away from his mouth and focus on his ears. Many people—guys especially—are very sensitive to stimuli on their ears. Blowing on his ears and even nibbling on them turn him on while making out.

#5 Kiss down his neck. Don’t just stop at his ears, move onto his neck, too. The neck is a sensitive spot for guys to be kissed. The sensations turn him on right away. Just be careful not to give him a hickey—guys aren’t fond of those. [Read: 15 tips for a sizzling, satisfying make out session]

#6 Move your hands down his sides. Chances are you’ll start with your hands either on his face or around his shoulders. From there, move them down his sides and make your way to his waist and rest them there. This gives his body a shock, and it’ll turn him on that you’re feeling him down.

#7 Grip him firmly. Just like taking charge is a huge turn on, grabbing firmly makes him realize just where your hands are and be aroused by your touch. Make sure you’re not grabbing too hard and pinching in any areas—hurting him won’t turn him on at all. [Read: The art of make out mastery: 20 tips for powerful success]

#8 Press your body against his. Guys get turned on when they feel your body against theirs. Not only does he like your body pressed up against his, but the body heat alone raises his own temperature down below.

It also allows pheromones to be better received by both of you—which turns you on.

#9 Sit on his lap facing him. If you’re on a couch or somewhere you sit, make your way to sitting on his lap facing him. For obvious reasons, this definitely turns him on and gets him all sorts of heated up. With your pelvis right on top of him, this is a go-to move for turning on a guy while making out.

#10 Kiss down to his collarbone. The collarbone and the neck are totally different places when it comes to turning a guy on while you’re making out. The collarbone specifically has nerve endings that drive him wild. Slowly kiss your way to it and then kiss him softly on it before making your way back up. [Read: How to touch a guy: 17 subtle moves to make him lose his mind]

#11 Put your fingers down the front of his pants. Now, this is a bigger step, and you should only do so if you feel comfortable enough. I’m not saying to put your hands down his pants, but just looping the tips of your fingers in the very top of his pants is enough to make him go crazy just THINKING about what they’re near.

#12 Use your tongue. While you’re making out, use some tongue action! This intimate of a kiss is sure to turn him on and make him think about where else he’d like your tongue to be. Just be sure you’re not using too much of it and being slobbery. [Read: How to turn on your boyfriend – 15 ways to get him hard and horny]

#13 Let him feel you. Let his hands wander up your own body, feeling his way. If you think he’s nervous or too shy to make a move, take his hands and place them on your sides and move them up to your boobs. This is guaranteed to turn him on.

#14 Tug his hair lightly. While you’re making out with him, move your hands up to his face and even the back of his head. Give his hair—if he has enough—a little tug. The small amount of pain actually gives him an increase in pleasure that you’ll be proud to have caused. [Read: How to make out and 10 steps to make it oh-so-sexy]

#15 Whisper in his ear how much he turns you on. If you’re nervous and aren’t sure you can take the big physical leaps mentioned, this one does just as much work with much less effort.

Kiss your way to his ear, take a breath, and whisper how turned on you are. Knowing he’s turned you on actually turns him on and the soft air on his ear also works wonders.

[Read: 20 sexy things that turn guys on every single time]

Trying to analyze how to turn on a guy while making out can be nerve wrecking. Take our advice and read these tips to turn him on like a pro.

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