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How to Make Love to a Man: 20 Unforgettable Moves to Master

how to make love to a man

Sex is about giving and receiving pleasure. So if you really want to make your man seriously satisfied, follow these 20 tips on how to make love to a man.

Sex is a wonderful, joyful, and pleasurable thing. You may just be discovering the joys of sex, or you might have been having sex for years. You may have had many partners, or you may have only had a handful, or even just one. No matter what your sexual history, knowing how to make love to a man can be the difference between having vanilla, okay sex and having a mind-blowing romp in the sheets.

Sex is different for everyone. However, one thing does stay constant, and that is the need and desire to pleasure your partner. It doesn’t matter if it’s your husband or a one-night stand, knowing how to make love to a man can bring a huge number of benefits. Not only will it make him seriously grateful and amazed by your sexual prowess, but it will also make sex more enjoyable for you!

How to make love to a man: 20 ways you HAVE to know!

So just how can you achieve the greatest sex you and your partner have ever had? Follow these 20 tips for mind-blowing, earth-shattering sex!

#1 Talk to him. Being a good lover is all about having great communication. Without talking to your man about what he wants, what he likes, and what his ultimate fantasies are, how will you know what works for him? No two guys are the same. Your ex might have loved it when you nibbled his ears, but your new partner might just think it’s weird or gross.

Keep in mind, too, that a conversation about sex doesn’t have to be a forced or critical one. Open a bottle of wine, get cozy, and share things with one another. Or, the next time you’re in the bedroom, just ask him, “Do you like it when I do this?” “Should I go faster/slow down?” You’ll get the answers you need, and it will make the sex between you all the better. [Read: 9 ways to get your man to start communicating with you]

#2 Take control. Often, men are seen as the dominant party when it comes to sex. However, it’s nice to mix things up from time to time. So why not be brave and take control of the situation? Coming onto him, telling him exactly what to do, pushing him up against the wall, tying him up, etc. can help to spice things up in the bedroom. Let your imagination run wild, and he’ll surely realize what an awesome sex vixen you are. [Read: 15 dirty ways to have the sexiest rough sex ever]

#3 Be submissive. On the other hand, being submissive and letting your man take control can also be seriously hot. Let him guide you into different positions, hold your hands above your head, and maybe even give you a gentle spanking every now and again. Letting him have all the control will make him feel powerful and manly, and there’s not much more of a turn-on for a guy than that.

#4 Be romantic. Believe it or not, knowing how to make love to a man can involve a little romance, too. Women aren’t the only ones who enjoy good old-fashioned romance once in a while. He will really appreciate your making a romantic effort with him. Wining and dining him for a change will help him feel loved and cherished, too, so make sure you let him know just how special he is. [Read: 25 really romantic ideas to make your lover melt]

#5 Compliment him. Guys can be just as insecure as girls, especially when it comes to sex, so make sure you compliment him. Tell him how good he feels and looks, how sexy you think he is, how much he turns you on, etc. This will boost his confidence in the sack and make him feel amazing.

#6 Oral, oral, oral. Let’s face it, you really can’t go wrong with oral sex. It can be easy to get into a routine where you don’t bother with this, but oral can be one of the best ways to turn him on. Oral sex can be so much fun, and the pleasure it will give your man is well worth it. Plus, if you do it often, he’ll surly return the favor, so it’s a win-win! [Read: 9 hot blowjob secrets to drive him wild with desire]

#7 Learn new techniques. The techniques on how to make love to a man don’t have to be cut and dried. In fact, switching things up can help to ensure that your sex life doesn’t become stale. There are so many tips and techniques to try. It’s all about experimenting, learning, and being adventurous.

#8 Try new positions. Invest in a copy of the Karma Sutra sex playbook. Okay, so you might have to be astonishingly bendy for some of them, but there are hundreds of weird and wonderful sex positions to try. Some are guaranteed to give him deep and powerful orgasms like he’s never had before! [Read: 13 spicy sex positions to heat up your bedroom romps]

#9 Do it somewhere weird. Don’t just confine your sex life to your house. There’s a whole big, bad world out there. Outdoor sex is spontaneous, a little bit naughty, and a whole lot of fun. So the next time you’re out and about and the mood strikes you, find a secluded spot and just go for it!

#10 Buy sexy lingerie. Your man will always appreciate your making an effort to look hot. So why not ditch those greying old granny panties and invest in some super sexy lingerie that’s bound to make his eyes pop out of his head?

#11 Do a strip tease. A sexy strip tease will turn him on like never before and build up sexual tension and anticipation. [Read: Sexy strip tease 101: How to strip for your man like a pro]

#12 Give him a lap dance. Give him a special treat with a seductive lap dance when he’s not expecting it. Sit him in a chair, choose some appropriate music, and begin. Part of knowing how to make love to a man is knowing just how sexy and seductive your own body can be.

#13 Tease him. You don’t have to dive into sex right away. Take time with foreplay to build up the tension and make the desire unbearable. Try kissing him slowly, and if his hands start wandering, gently push them away. Touch him lightly and then stop. Repeat these steps until things get too hot to keep going any longer. [Read: 20 naughty ways to tease your man and leave him really horny]

#14 Make him wait. If you want to drive him wild with desire, you should make him wait. This works particularly well if you have just stated dating, but it’s still a technique that you can employ when you’re in a relationship. Take a break form sex, and tell him that you won’t be putting out for a while. Let him wait in anticipation as the days go by until the two of you can hop into bed together again.

#15 Act out his fantasy. Find out what his sexual fantasies are and act them out. This could be anything from dressing up as a nurse to pretending you’re strangers in a bar. We promise, you’ll make all his dreams come true! [Read: 12 arousing sex fantasies to try in real life]

#16 Talk dirty. Talking dirty can be a great way to get down and dirty under the covers. If you aren’t sure how to begin, start off slowly. “That feels so good,” “You’re making me so wet.” If he gets into it, too, then you can let your imagination run wild!

#17 Watch porn. Most guys watch porn, with or without us, so why not get involved in the action? Watching porn together can be a seriously big turn-on for you both. [Read: Why do men watch porn? The answer may not be what you think]

#18 Get kinky. Sex is all about experimenting, so why not head down to your nearest sex shop and see what’s for sale? There are so many sex toys available now that you’re sure to find something you both enjoy to add a little spice to your sex life.

#19 Do it more often. The more you have, it the more you’ll learn about one another. So do it as often as you can!

#20 Enjoy it yourself. Men want to know that they’re doing a good job, too, so make sure you tell him what you like, what makes you tick, and let him see you enjoying yourself! [Read: 13 untold sex secrets you need to know]

[Read: How to make out with a guy like a sex goddess]

These 20 tips will hopefully give you great ideas on how to make love to a man, whether you already know he’s “The One,” or even if he’s just a hottie you’ve snagged for the night!

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