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12 Sexy Ways to Make Him Go Down on You Without a Push

how to make a man go down on you without a push

Want him to spend more time down there without taking a detour? Remember these tips and you’ll know just how to make him go down on you the right way.

We want life to be like it is in the movies.

But when it comes to life within the closed bedroom doors, movies are the last place we need to draw inspiration from.

In almost all porn movies, a girl may spend a good half an hour salivating and blowing a guy.

And the guy would reciprocate with a few animalistic minutes of going down on her like a savage, yet with no passion.

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The good side of going down

Going down on each other is pleasurable and intimate in real life.

It can bring both of you closer and help achieve better orgasms.

After all, by lingering the penetrating finale and indulging in other things that can be just as much of a turn on, you can make sex wetter and last a lot longer.

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But here’s where things get tricky. Not all guys go down there easily.

Some guys need a bit of prodding and head holding to graze down there. And that’s never a good experience, for both of you.

How to make him go down on you

Are you dating a guy who never goes down on you? Or are you in love with a man who thinks a small tickle for a second or two defines an orgasm inducing cunnilingus?

Fret not. You can change his attitude towards your vajajay and make him treat it with a little more love and respect in no time.

First of all, you need to know this. Guys like going down there. Trust me, it’s what they’ve dreamt of for a long time. [Read: Tips to increase your sex appeal]

They’ve thought of it as soon as they hit puberty and they’ve wanted to do it ever since they saw their first porno. But somewhere along the way, your man may have had a few bad experiences, either with you or with a past lover.

And one bad experience followed by many more bad experiences eventually may have blindsided your secret garden from his sexual view.

Tips to make him pleasure you down there

If you want to make him go down on you, firstly all you need to do is tell him. He really can’t forget a special permission like that.

If he goes down and resurfaces in seconds or avoids going down there, he may have a bad memory that needs healing.

Take it easy and just follow these steps to ease his face down your base.

#1 Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene. There really is no bigger reason for a guy to avoid your lady parts. The first impression is a lasting impression for your man when he brings his face down there. If it doesn’t smell right the first few times, you’ll have a hard time getting him to go down on you without using a leash.

Always remember to keep your privates clean and hygienic. It’s a first step that almost always solves your dilemma.

#2 Don’t make him drown down there. You may be having fun when he goes down, but that’s no excuse to firmly stuff his face down with your hands and suffocate him in the heat of the moment. And don’t keep nudging him downwards every time you make love.

When you force him, he’ll think of it as a chore and not something pleasurable and may even start dreading it. [Read: Tips on turning a guy on]

#3 Trim the bushes. Or raze the forest. Remember, the cleaner you keep it, the easier it is to manage your hygiene. It also makes it easy for him to find it when the lights get turned down. Unless your man likes a lot of hair down there, keep the hair to a bare minimum like a line of landing strip or get a Brazilian wax. He’ll love spending time with his face against your smooth, moist skin.

#4 Keep it fragrant. In the Kamasutra, it’s been mentioned that a beautiful maiden’s vajajay always smells like a freshly blossoming lily. Well, you don’t need to stick a lily down there to entice his nostrils. Instead, use fragrant body oils or use a flavored lube when you get into bed. Don’t use it all over your body, just use it where you want his attention. He’ll definitely work his tongue when you smell like cherry blossom or even a budding lily down there!

#5 Wear enticing lingerie. Avoid granny panties. However good looking your vajajay may be, everything needs presentation. You like your gifts wrapped and ribboned, so does he. Look good in bed and give him a chance to play with your silk lingerie before he takes it all off for you. Entice him to kiss you all over and make him take his time to get your naked. [Read: How to dress for sex]

#6 Watch porn together. Now all porn isn’t good. Pick a movie where the two actors are focused more on passion and arousal than just mindless banging. Watch the movie together in bed and play along with the same moves. And yes, that does mean you have to spend a considerable time blowing his whistle before he eats you out. [Read: Why men watch porn instead of their woman]

#7 Let him see your satisfaction. When he goes near your vajajay, gasp and moan softly like you’re experiencing a lot of pleasure even if he’s doing nothing to it and just playing with your navel. Raise your pelvis to let him know that there’s a sweeter, fragrant spot just below that would bring you more pleasure.

#8 Be coy and shy. When he goes down there after a hiatus, be coy and demure about it. Don’t get overexcited and stuff his head in or spread your legs wide and start acting like a horny tramp. Play it easy and let him know that you’re enjoying it. Run your hand through his hair and if he seems comfortable about it, guide him around with your hands gently and moan to let him know if you like something he’s doing.

#9 Restrict him. Restrict him from that zone now and then and he’ll like it more. If something’s restricted from a guy, he’ll want it a lot more. But unless you know he’s starting to enjoy going down on you, don’t restrict him just yet.

For starters, when he goes down on you for a while, bring his head up when you know he’s still enjoying it. But within a minute of him surfacing, sink in orgasmic bliss and tell him you miss his tongue down there already. He’ll realize how much you like it and go right into it again. Just as long as you stop him just before he’s getting tired or bored, he’ll always be ready for more. [Read: How to be a perfect seductress]

#10 Don’t be selfish. This is basic etiquette. If you want him to go down on you, you need to go down on him and give him a good time. If he isn’t taking a lead, you can go down first and wait for him to thank you back by lying on your back and allowing his tongue to wander all over you. [Read: 10 annoying girlfriend habits guys hate]

#11 Have great sex after he gives you an oral. By doing this, as thick as your guy may be, he’ll realize that going down on you will lead to better sex and better orgasms. And guys always have a huge ego when it comes to pleasing a woman in bed. If he finds a way to pleasure you more and give you a better orgasm, he’ll definitely do it just to feel good about his own sexual prowess. [Read: Top 50 kinky ideas for sexy loving]

#12 Thank him for it. Let your man know that you enjoy it when he goes down there. Sometimes, your man may not realize how good it makes you feel just because he doesn’t care if you go down on him. Thank your man for going down on you without making it seem like you’re manipulating him to make it a routine because you enjoyed it.

And that’s it!

If your man starts to like what he’s doing down there, he’ll go down on you even without you talking about it or maneuvering his head in the right direction.

But always remember this, he has to get over the things that were bothering him in the first place. Don’t use these pointers once and forget all about it. You’re not trying to trick him, are you? [Read: How to make your man happy in 20 little ways]

Make these tips a part of your routine. Your man will love you for it, and you most definitely will too!

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Just use these 12 tips on how to make him go down there and help your man ease himself and get over any hesitations he may have had in the past. And soon enough, he’ll want to spend more time down there than anywhere else!

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Ethan Kent
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46 thoughts on “12 Sexy Ways to Make Him Go Down on You Without a Push”

  1. Kristian says:

    is this true??? that they want to go there…already??

  2. Bambi says:

    Having my man go down on me is usually the only way I can have an orgasm so I’m thankful that my lover does it and loves doing it…I never have to ask .

  3. Geordan says:

    yes haha I don’t know about other guys but oral is really something I wanted even in my younger years it adds to my ego when I know I’m doing great things with my tongue my girlfriend loves it.

  4. Jess says:

    Most men like the smell and taste of a woman, especially when she is at her peak point in fertility. If I want a guy to go down on me I will take my fingers and touch my own vagina. I’ll then have him suck on my wet fingers, put my scent on my neck, breasts, and stomach. It never fails they’ll follow that smell anywhere and I don’t have to say a word. Agree completely on the Brazilian, adds a whole new element to things.

  5. josh says:

    This list is spot on, and goes for men as well. I keep my biz clean for my lady and she does the same for me. As long as she’s fresh and my mouth isn’t tired I could go on and on. Additionally, the part about mutual action is very important. Nothing worse than someone who won’t reciprocate.

  6. Shelly says:

    Love the article! I agree 100%! As a woman I can’t imagine having my man digging through the forest to find my oasis. Keeping my self shaved helps me to stay clean plus it also lets me feel EVERYTHING he’s doing to me as well. It also lets me have a good view as well.

  7. Mak says:

    As a guy, here’s some thoughts:

    – Yes, most guys like it, if he doesn’t like it then he’s not worth your time
    – You don’t need to be bald, we also love shapes
    – Be careful with your washing detergent. Some washing detergents in your panties can react to your juices and create a foul odour. It’s off putting
    – Best feedback to show your enjoyment is letting your hips go wild.
    – Best reward afterwards is a direct passionate kiss (pavloc + to a guy, a girl tasting herself is very kinky).

  8. Asia says:

    Why won’t my boyfriend give me head for the first time I’ve tried everything! It’s been five years!!

  9. A says:

    My guy first went down on me quite unexpectedly a little over two years into the relationship (which was quick considering we were 15/16). It seemed like he loved it and I could’ve gotten it as long as I wanted. Since then, it has been two and a half more years with the same guy and he has only done it a handful of times, with only one other time actually being good. I stay shaven pretty well for the most part, and even more kept up when I really want it, but he’ll just put it off and never do it because he wants to go straight to sex. I don’t find it fair because I never deny him a blowjob even though I keep asking him to please trim and he never does. It’s like he doesn’t care about giving me time to get wet because our foreplay is like two minutes and it’s all about stuff just to make him hard. Giving him a blowjob that leads to sex is like the only way I can get wet enough for sex to go really easy and smoothly. We do have great sex but I wish we could have longer foreplay so I can maybe orgasm for the first time ever.

  10. tashia says:

    my lover wont go down he finds it gross as in thats were you go to the bathroom? But i go down on him.

  11. abby says:

    Normal, hetero guy manly men do love the taste and smell of a woman. If you have to “make” your man go down on you, and you want it, you got the wrong man. Remember the Christina song, “you gotta like what you do”?, that’s the one. When I was sixteen, my gynecologist, (who knows maybe he was a dirty old man, what did I know I was so young)asked me about what my boyfriend did to me; I told him and he “schooled” me, is the best way I can relay it. He told me not to be shy, that men love the smell, taste, touch, and sounds of a female. I sat there and nodded, dumbly, but it has served me well, bless the man. I married my boyfriend, eventually, and we’ve been together 40 years!

  12. Fabian says:

    LOL all you have to do is ask

  13. Toby says:

    #4 use scented oils or lube — are you kidding?!

    There is NO WAY we want to be eating cherry blossom or lily – the smell of a woman’s juices are a huge turn on. The taste is part of what makes is enjoyable for us guys.

  14. Sexy girl says:

    My bf loves going down on me. All I have to do is touch my v*gina and he’ll suck it happily. Then I just put my fingers on my breast and lips and then off he goes kissing me and licking my breasts and swirling his tounge around it. It really turns me on.

  15. neutralkaon says:

    If my woman asked I would drop everything to get some of that. I don’t even expect oral in return. Just let me have some fun pleasing her would be great. My problem is she doesn’t seem to want any … oral or otherwise.

  16. Camille says:

    the worst thing to do is to actualy go down on him when you know he doesn’t want to go down on you. He will just belive he can get it for nothing that you dont mind doying it and not receive it.
    But the best thing to do is just to not go with guys who don’t want to …

  17. Zed says:

    Man this is terrible. People have it so easy all the time. It is like you go out and there is a horde of women just standing for you. Now all these poor young people are reading these articles and getting that desperate to try out all these “new moves” that they’ve learned from them. It doesn’t happen this way and this is not how it is. “Real life is different than porn movies”. Seriously? Great Saints remained abstinent all their lives because it is much too easy to go out and get yourself a girl, or a bunch of girls even. Do what is hard. And if you really want to like someone, don’t look at them for their body, look at them for their person, relate it to yours, be sincere and kind, a little smart and caring and don’t dump them after you’ve done the first thing you had wanted to do to them. Or don’t care about it at all; you’ll get a few chicks coming towards you anyways. And if you’re only attracted to the pretty ones, then become pretty inside.

  18. Layla says:

    I literally give my boyfriend a blowjob almost every time we’re together, even during “shark week,” since he doesn’t want to do anything else, I even avoid dairy and eat a lot of fruits to help, I stay 100% hair free all the time, and I always have to beg for oral, and I rarely get to finish when he does it. It’s getting to the point where he’s making me so self conscious I can’t even enjoy the ole in and out even. I try wearing lingere, I’ve given him full body massages with “happy endings,” and I can only talk to him about it so much without seeming pathetic or forceful. Help, I’m only 20, I’m too young to be so unsatisfied sexually. We’re not even married yet, I don’t want our sex life to be ruined. Is there anything else I can do? I’ve made sure that it’s as pleasant as possible for him which is more than he ever does for me.

  19. bronson says:

    I love going doing on a girl. It is one of the first things do in bed. Cleanliness, to much hair are my two biggest issues. The finger test always comes first and if it does not come back “fresh” it is a no go.
    I was speaking to a black mate and he says black guys dont do it to their partners.

    I guess its a matter of personal taste preference (excuse the pun) and and fear of the unknown or something.

  20. Beauty says:

    Ow my Gosh……….this is what i was looking for all my life…im goin to try it…but my man do go down there but only on special occasion……..I wonder WHY ?

  21. Awesome says:

    I just need to rub my hand around my vagina and rub it on my breasts and neck and he’ll come for me and start to lick and kiss then oh so passionately and then the real fun begins

  22. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry, are you kidding me? Don’t “act like a horny tramp” when receiving oral? You’re basically telling women to act like a submissive robot. Be coy and shy and don’t act like you enjoy it too much, slut. Oh and don’t be selfish. Act like you like it even if you don’t. You still just made it all about HIS pleasure, not the woman’s. It’s still all about him, according to this article.

  23. Jeff says:

    I know that I really would like to give my wife oral several times a week. It is a lot of pleasure for me and I’m sure she gets pleasure from it also. The problem is I believe she doesn’t believe I like it. I can’t tell her enough how much I do but she will argue that I don’t. So I give her oral whenever she will let me.

  24. Chelsea says:

    I have to beg on my hands and knees to get my man to go down on me. Even then he barley does it. I give him oral on numerous occasions. I’ve gotten it maybe 3 times the 8 months we have been dating. It makes me feel so self conscious. I already shave and make sure I am clean for him, just incase. I hope these tips work.

  25. Moe says:

    Mak said it above. But it bears elaborating. As soon as he comes up for air (and every time thereafter), give him a deep, and lingering passionate kiss. Licking around his lips then, will let him realize you like tasting yourself, too.
    What guy doesn’t get turned on by a woman who just had her own finger deep inside her and then licks it like a lollipop with unabashed lust?
    I get turned on just thnking about it.

  26. Collin Francis says:

    In my book (unedited),

  27. Yeah right! says:

    I’m gonna criticize most of these tips one by one!
    2) They force us, we should force them. Humans are made to adapt so they can afapt to our needs.
    4) Keep it fragrant?!!! Just keep it clean for cryng out loud! They don’t put fragrance for us to go down on them! Why should we have to? My pussy smells good enough!
    5) Although I enjoy wearing enticing lingere, I shouldn’t have to wear it every time I want a man to go down on me. I don’t even own granny panties. A simple thong or cute panties should be good enough.
    6) If you want to watch porn together that’s fine, but to use it to try to get him to go down on you is pathetic.
    7 and 8 back to back. How contradictary. So basically we can’t just relax, but we have to think about how to act appropriately. I’m the one receiving so I shoudn’t have to think about shit. Anything I do at that moment is sexy because I am receiving pleasure. I shouldn’t have to act like anything less than the raw sensual “whore” who spreads her legs for pleasure!
    This is my time and I will spread, grab, push, moan, you name it! To think a wman is called a horney tramp just for enjoying herself too much. How pathetic. The man should be ever so greatful tht his woman can let loose like a whore!
    9) I don’t need to play baby games to get what I want. I’m straght and direct. I basically say that I need my pussy licked and ask, “Who’s gonna do it for me?” If he dares to be a selfish boyfriend. Get it! If it aint him, someone else is gonnas have to do it for me.
    12) I shouldn’t have to thank him for something that I do for him, but I will tell him how good his tongue made me feel.

  28. Eevee says:

    To all you girls who need to beg your boyfriends to go down on you, dump them. Or at least let them know you can find a better guy who will do the job. If you dont want to break up, stop going down on him! Its as simple as that. He’ll start begging you to and only do it if he gives u pleasure first

  29. BLC says:

    In my opinion there is no need for all this fragrance nonsense…. I agree with whoever said that men don’t use that, why should we have to?? I think it’s nice to keep the hair short but it doesn’t have to be GONE. Also I find that it can be easy to stay fresh: I carry Summer’s Eve or other wipes with me. They’re basically baby wipes but they are made just for women! It’s that simple.
    Lastly, number 8 “be coy and shy” is BULLSHIT. ENJOY THE RIDE! Don’t hold back!! How are you going to orgasm if you don’t let yourself be free and enjoy the pleasure??

  30. tom says:

    in short, it feeds into the idea that guys should always be attracted to women in just about every way.

  31. Big Peter says:

    Thinking about the “horny tramp” thing, when I first had sex with a girl (too many) years ago, I happily went down on her. She had, she previously told me, gone years without sex. As a result she pounded my mouth so hard it was sore in the morning. Did I stop? Complain? NO! I went right on with it for a long time (struggling to keep my teeth from contacting her clit!), until we eventually “connected around the middle” and I got my satisfaction BIG TIME!

  32. Truth says:

    Lmao not all men dream about eating pussy. That’s a damn lie hahaha. I don’t want to eat pussy, and it’s not because of past experiences(since I never gave head once to a girl ). It’s just because I don’t.

    Women been trying to manipulate males to give them oral for years.

    Lmao with the ol “you’re not a men you a boy” sorry as line that weak minded guys fall for all the time.

    What about the women that believe they can only get off to head. Yet they pleasure themselves with their fingers(penetration) and get off that way lol. Yet another trick to get a guy to go down.

    You have your guys that do it because they like it.

    BUT we all don’t so please stop with the nonsense.

    Plus a lot of yall women do it without us asking but then turn around and want us to return the favor(hell no!). God say give without asking for something and return (something like that).

    Lmao screw going down

  33. Dienekes says:

    I LOVE going down on the woman I’m with. Personally, I prefer my women hairy. I usually try to make sure the girl has at least one good O, if not a couple, before proceeding to the bump and grind. I’ve been with a couple of women who actually don’t like to be licked, and the relationship didn’t work out. To those girls who are frustrated that their man won’t “do the deed”, if he won’t man-up and satisfy you in bed, you should dump the loser and find someone who will. Sexual satisfaction is very important for a relationship, and if you aren’t compatible there, if you both aren’t willing to give and take with this type of intimacy to create as much pleasure for your partner as you can, then why would you think they would do so in any other part of the relationship?

  34. gene bowen says:

    my most pleasure is when she rubs my ears as i[m going down, for some reason
    it is a great turnon for me and i get more eager..

  35. whatev says:

    What the f this is stupid lmao

  36. jay says:

    I love the vajayjay, and if a woman presents herself well I just want to talk to her and feel her out!!! If I become attracted to her mentally and physically then that’s when I begin to show her that I am interested in her, in turn that usually gets her attention, and she starts to show that she has interest in me… Most of the women I have that get interested in me quickly they want to sleep with me right away??? But I treat her respectful as if she is the most amazing thing that has come along, and I will not sleep with her till I feel more confident that if I sleep with her that I wont see her again… So I make her wait… I will definitely after starting to feel more comfortable with her pleasure her!!! I will start kissing her softly making her comfortable enough to allow me to start removing her clothing gently, and start to caress her beautiful body by kissing her mouth then neck and the gently down to her nipples and then her belly button… If she moans with desire I then move down to her vajayjay and wait to see her reaction!!! If she is moaning in extacy it is more of a turn on to me to the point that I don’t even need to penetrate her beautiful butterfly I have actually ejaculated due to her actions!!!! Her mental compassion came out through her moans and body movements which drove me nuts!!! But I did forget to mention that I told her right before I started to pleasure her that we weren’t having sex that this was just for her!!!! We only dated for a few months before I left her due to reasons of things like lying which I cannot stand for, but when I did eventually have sex with her I always went down on her because it did things for me mentally as I pleased her!!!! By the way its been like 6 months since our breakup and the sex was so AMAZING that I was addicted to her and I am pretty sure she was addicted to me, but I cannot get her out of my mind I think about her everyday she just drove me so CRAZY in the bedroom that I hope one day that I will find another woman just like her (except for the lying)… But ladies I keep up with maintenance on my body, and I know its just my opinion but if you wear nice undergarments and the he is able to unveil your beautifully clean vajayjay he is going to be most interested in giving you pleasure also???? Good luck and God Bless!!!

  37. jeff says:

    I really like giving oral to my woman. I would almost rather give oral than have IC. My goal during oral is to bring her to orgasm, and if she can take, it keep going until she stops me. I could be down there a long ,long time if she would let me.

  38. dave says:

    Ladies, there are plenty of good guys out there who want to please you as much as you want to please them.

    I really enjoy cunnilingus and women who enjoy it. I always enjoy pleasing a woman.

    I like when a woman enjoys oral so much her pelvis is writhing and wriggling and arching. I enjoy when she holds my head, hair, and ears.

    I like when my face is glazed like a donut falling asleep and waking up.

    I love cunnilingus and pleasing her until she is completely satiated.

  39. Jim says:

    I don’t think perfumes or shaving are needed.

    As to perfumes, it can be distracting. The natural smell is more arousing. Perfumes usually are meant to cover something up. Personally, I am allergic to perfume. A nice, clean environment is what’s called for. if you know her, you’ll know her habits and you won’t even have a question about it.

    Shaving brings problems like razor burn and razor stubble. When I had to shave myself when I had a vasectomy the itching when the hair grew back was almost unbearable. If a guy is getting a mouthful of hair then he doesn’t know what he’s doing or where all the parts are or how to get at them. A stray hair on the mouth or tongue never killed anyone.

    I never insist on a quid pro quo. Sometimes it’s your turn, sometimes not and other times it’s everyone’s turn or no one’s turn. I don’t withhold giving it if she wants it because she hasn’t done me for a while. You do it because you want to, not to pay dues.

    Oral doesn’t have to happen every time. Sometimes the mood isn’t for that. There are other, special occasions when the entire session is devoted to it. The man can get started for a while and then take a break. Then she can take over and so on. Eventually, you’ll take turns bouncing off the walls if you are patient enough to let the whole game play out..

  40. sTEF says:

    I learned more about these comments than I did from the article itself!!! oh, and the user “YEAH RIGHT:” is so awesome…love you boo! I am digging ur comment!

  41. Emily says:

    I was nervous about receiving oral for the first time and my boyfriend was actually the one who pushed me to try it. He is a pretty smart guy, it turns out (it was great). And if you are giving him oral but he is not returning the favor, let him know what’s going on

  42. darocoth says:

    Oral is the only way a lot of women can orgasm (besides a vibrator). If you’re unlucky enough to encounter a guy who refuses to go down do not waste your time. A boy who refuses to give you the same sexual pleasure you give him deserves to be alone.

  43. lalabaw says:


  44. will says:

    u are insane

  45. E says:

    I’m a man, and I completely agree with all of your points. A reasonably clean pussy has an extremely arousing scent. Don’t make it fragrant. Even a less than freshly washed pussy is hot. Don’t make it smell like potpourri. I want it know what I’m licking, because it’s sexy.

    Also, shaving, waxing, or excessive grooming is unnecessary. Just be who you are and groom yourself however it makes you feel best about yourself.

    If a man requires unreasonable standards of hygiene and grooming, then he needs to learn to appreciate how a woman looks and tastes. I know I certainly prefer a real woman to a tasteless, odorless, hairless mannequin.

    Be direct if you want oral sex. You shouldn’t have to beg, manipulate, coddle, or coerce. Some people are just too boring to appreciate giving oral sex. Deal with it or find someone who adores pleasing you and loves the way you taste and feel.

    The unfortunate reality is that some people are either too lazy or find it too unpleasant to give oral sex. I have learned this the hard way. The suggestions in this article are ridiculous. Some people just aren’t ever going to be enthusiastic about giving oral pleasure not matter what you do. Giving the false hope that showering three times a day and doling out oral favors every night will do nothing but delay your disappointment. If not getting oral sex really is a deal breaker for you, then just say it.

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