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How to Make Him Miss You: 20 Subtle Moves to Leave a Guy Obsessed!

Dating can be a battle of wills. To be the one in control, you need to learn how to make him miss you. Then, you’ll never be waiting for his call!

How to Make Him Miss You

Guys often make dating far harder than it needs to be. They make the effort, come forward a little, get you excited, and suddenly back off. It’s infuriating and enough to make you hate dating! However, the key is to know how to make him miss you. By doing that, you’ll always be the one with the reins of control in your hands. 

Making a guy miss you is a subtle art. It’s about being yourself, allowing a little distance *but not too much*, and letting him know that you’re an independent person who won’t be messed around!

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Why you should know how to make a guy miss you

It stops the game playing! When a guy is into someone and misses them, he’s going to make more effort. He won’t take them for granted, and he’s going to stop with the one-word texts and the endless waits for a reply. It’s a power game in many ways. 

Now, I’m not usually someone who advocates game playing in relationships. But in dating, sometimes you need to play clever in order to push things along in the right direction. If you allow things to drift too far, it all goes completely wrong. This isn’t about controlling things too much; it’s about letting him know that you won’t be taken for granted. 

Of course, the psychology of making a guy miss you is powerful. You’ve conditioned his mind to remember you at the most random of moments. It will make him crazy for you!

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Will making a guy miss you make him want you more?

Probably, yes. However, this isn’t an exact science. Not every guy is the same and we have to allow a little space for individuality here. However, in my experience, when a guy misses you, he’s going to put in more effort, and that can only be a good thing.

Will it make him want you more? That comes down to what you do when you’re together. Focus on fun and experiences, seeing new places, and having fun chats. Then by making him miss you when you’re not together, he’ll be more inclined to take your dating to the next level.

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How to make him miss you and desire you way more

1. Back off a little

It’s tempting to be ‘all in’ when you meet someone you like, especially when things get confusing. However, it’s important to remember that you must keep things controlled. Back off just a little and see if he comes running. 

2. Stop texting first

I know, this is game playing at its best. But if you’re always the one to text first, he’s going to take it for granted that he doesn’t need to put in the effort, because you’ll always do it. If you want to learn how to make him miss you, wait it out. [Read: How to know when to stop texting a guy – Are you texting him too often?]

3. Make sure you wait before texting back

Don’t text straight back. It makes him think that you’re waiting for him and that gives him the control! Wait a while before you reply, and he’ll wonder what you were doing that made you so busy. 

4. Focus on yourself more

This is not a bad thing. Focusing on yourself means that you’re happy and balanced. When you focus totally on him, you’re likely to either scare him off, or lose yourself in the process. It’s also very attractive when someone focuses on themselves and shows their independence. [Read: When you like someone: Are you losing yourself to impress them?]

5. Say ‘no’ to dates occasionally

Okay, you might not want to, but by saying ‘no’ to a date sometimes *not all the time*, you’re showing that you have a busy life! He’ll wonder what that is, and it’s one of the ways to learn how to make him miss you. He’ll also value the time you do spend together far more. 

6. Use social media for updates on what you’re doing

Social media can be a great tool here. Update your status with where you are, what you’re doing and add photos with your friends, or by yourself. It will show him that you have a life outside of him, and he’ll feel like he wants to be more of a part of it. [Read: Instagrandstanding – What is it and how are people using this to flirt online]

7. Have a signature scent that lingers

What is your signature scent? Learn it and make sure that you allow it to linger in his car or his house, etc., that way, whenever he sniffs it, he’ll remember you and miss your presence. 

8. Be a little mysterious

You don’t have to tell him everything about you, or about what you’ve been up to. Sometimes being a little mysterious is a great way to keep him on his toes. How to make him miss you? Be mysterious! [Read: The secrets to make a man addicted and leave him smitten by you]

9. Leave things in his car or at his house by accident

Don’t be too obvious about this and don’t leave anything you actually need badly. But something small left in his space can make him smile and therefore make him miss you.

10. Give him a little space, and he’ll appreciate it

Sometimes, guys need a little space. In fact, everyone does, I suppose. However, when you’re dating, it can all seem so intense that space is hard to come by. Give him a little space to breathe and he’ll not only appreciate it, but he’ll miss you too. [Read: The subtle hints guys give when they want more space]

11. Talk about the things you’re doing

If you’re animated about the fun you’re having, he’ll want to be a part of it. Then, when you’re not around, he’ll wonder what adventures you’re having, and he’ll miss you even more. 

12. Be friendly for a while

Again, game playing, but if you pull back ever so slightly and start treating him as a friend only, he’ll wonder what’s going on and want to clarify it. Most guys will do that by wanting to be around you more! [Read: Playing games in a relationship: When it’s okay and when it harms you]

13. Always leave him wanting a little more

If you leave him wanting just that little bit more than you’ve given, he’ll be thinking about you after you’ve left. It’s one of the best ways to learn how to make him miss you and it keeps the control in your hands.

14. Try new things with him and create memories

When you do things together that neither of you have done before, you make memories. Then, when he remembers those things, he’ll smile and wonder what you’re doing. Job done!

15. Make sure you keep the focus on fun things

When you’re together, make sure that you focus on having fun and quit the heavy talk. That makes your time together exciting and rewarding, and he’s more likely to miss you when you’re not around. [Read: Art of seduction – 25 ways to smolder and ooze sex appeal]

16. Surprise him sometimes

When you act in a spontaneous way, it will probably make him smile and again, you’re creating memories. This all works to make him miss you when you’re not around and wonder what you’re doing. You’ll probably find that your phone rings. However, keep these surprises few and far between for maximum impact.

17. Always look your best, but do it for you

Dress for you, do your hair how you want to do it, and look how you want to look. However, make sure you’re well turned out and he’ll notice it in a big way. Someone who dresses for their own confidence is super-attractive. [Read: How to look really hot and go from boring to flawless in no time]

18. Make sure he knows you don’t need him, you just want him

This doesn’t mean coming out and telling him exactly this. But make it known that you want him, you don’t need him, that you’re capable of doing things on your own. Again, this shows independence and strength and he’ll miss you when you’re not around because he knows you don’t need him.

19. Always just be yourself

Never try and be someone you’re not. By being false, it will show. He will wonder who you really are. When you’re just yourself, he gets the chance to really get to know you and that makes him want to spend more time with you. Confidence is beautiful! [Read: The signs you’re addicted to a relationship and losing yourself]

20. Never drop everything for him

Unless it’s a dire emergency, never just drop everything for him. It shows that he can click his fingers and you’ll come running. Instead, make him wait a little while.

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Learning how to make him miss you simply means focusing on yourself and being a little clever. The results will give you an even playing ground in the game of dating! Just try a few of these moves, and you’ll be surprised by how powerful and effective they can be!

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