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What to Do When You’re Bored at Home

what to do when you're bored

Are you bored at home? Want to know what to do when you’re bored at home and all by yourself? Try any of these fun activities in this exhaustive list that doesn’t need any company.

Who says you can’t have fun alone, or when you have nothing left to do?

Find out how to have a great time all by yourself.

Tired of giving yourself makeovers and pedicures when plans are cancelled last-minute?

Bored to death watching clichéd telly shows when you’re too lazy to go out?

Annoyed when your darling is too busy to talk to you?

What to do when you’re bored at home

Here is a huge list of great tips to help you add a bit of creativity to your life, and watch yourself go from bored to buzzed in no time!


If you want to have a good time when you’re alone, try to paint.

Bring out the old overalls, Picasso! You don’t have to be a genius, or even artistically inclined to try to paint.

If materials are what you’re worried about, hop to the nearest store and pick up a tiny watercolor kit and a few white sheets, or you could just knock on your neighbors’ door, anybody with a child is bound to have paints of some sort.

You could either copy a picture you really like, or go wild splashing psychedelic patterns onto sheets. Besides being fun, painting can be therapeutic and could really help calm you down, especially if you’re still mad at the people who dumped you!

Who knows, if all goes well, you might even end up with a picture that you would like to hang around your house!

Painting that can help you have a great time

Tee shirts

If you already know a bit about painting, then you could try painting a slogan or a pattern onto a tee shirt with fabric paints. Although, be warned, it must be a tee you’re willing to sacrifice. After all, these are many things to do when you’re bored. And ruining a perfectly good tee is not the best option.

Glass painting
Glass painting is unique and can almost always turn out well. You may not really get the best patterns and styles, but yeah, it usually will look good. The only problem is that you need special glass paints to work on glass. But if you have the motivation to do it, heck, why not go out there and pick up a few colors and work your magic?

Vegetable prints

Now this is kids’ stuff, but if you’ve got the time, it can be a lot of fun. Cut carrot stubs or any tough vegetables into different patterns and cover the carved part with paint. Now press the same painted carved part of the vegetable onto a cloth or canvas, and voila, you have your own patterns to get creative with. This is actually a lot of fun if you want to have a nice time. If the patterns are cut well, the painting usually turns out fantastic!


Paint on a sheet of paper, or go out there and buy yourself a huge canvas to paint on. Whatever works for you, and whatever you like! You may not feel like painting at first, but when you’re on a roll, you’ll find it very hard to step away.


Figuring out what to do when you’re bored at home can be a pain. You’re not one who’s into paints and pretty pictures? Fret not, there are many more things you can do when you’re bored.

Bored at home – A la carte

Try cooking a full meal for yourself if you’re bored at home. Most of us aren’t the greatest chefs. But if you’re alone for the whole evening, you could look up a few recipes online and plan a full dinner for yourself.

Well, that would just ensure you’re busy anyways, because between shopping for the ingredients and getting the pots and pans ready, you wouldn’t have much free time. Who says that you can’t spend quality time alone when you’re bored at home?

Of course, you would have to look up recipes depending on your level of experience, because you don’t want to end up with a really complicated recipe when you hardly know how to make macaroni and cheese without burning the dish.

Meanwhile, you could go the whole length, and set the table elaborately and wear something snazzy to your date with yourself.

What do you do if the food is not to your liking? Not to worry, you could either order delivery or grab some bread and make yourself some sandwiches or try making something less complicated all over again *a word to the wise, it might be a good idea to stock up on noodles or pasta*, while chalking the whole experience up as one more thing that you’ve tried. [Read: 10 love experiences you’ll see in your own life]


Have a movie marathon. The stuff that comes on the television isn’t always the most fun. Instead, you could rent three movies and have a movie marathon! It’s always better to rent movies from the same genre, though. Try these options for starters.

# Romance

If you’re with your significant other and both of you are way too bored to dress up and go out, but still want to do something.

# Comedy

If you’re feeling down about something, and are home alone, comedies can be great company. Romantic comedies are always the most fun. But if you’re a big fan of slapstick humour, in which case, something like the good old American Pie series should make you feel better.

# Drama

Dramatic movies aren’t the best thing to be stuck with, unless you have company. But if you love quiet movies that pull you into the movie just like a novel, perhaps the drama genre is just for you, especially when you’re alone and bored at home.

# Horror

Do not even attempt to have a horror movie marathon alone unless you have nerves of steel! It would be fun to call a few old friends for a sleepover or, then again, you could just call your dearest over and go crazy at all the scary parts! Most horror movies are trilogies or come in parts anyway, so you have your marathon all made out for you!

# Inspirational

Bored of your job, or worse, fired from your job? Or is it just the plain old story of you hating your life or bored at home and all alone? Inspirational movies are great motivators, and can help you see the bright side of things even when you’re down and out in the dark. After all, someone once did say that it is always darkest before dawn, didn’t they? [Read: Find your way when you’re lost in life]


If you’re wondering how to cure boredom, reconnect with an old friend. With busy schedules these days, it’s hard to keep in touch with all the people you know. Use your free time to reestablish contact with as many old friends or relatives as you can.

All you need is your phone and some good old memories. Of course, you could always send an e-mail or connect on Facebook, but there isn’t as much personal warmth in writing as there is in speaking over the phone. [Read: Why do men hate talking over the phone?]

You don’t even have to be a very social person to do this, because it is only worth getting in touch with someone if you have had good times with them. Also, it’s interesting to compare lives and goals, and see how far either of you have progressed. You may learn some new information from them about mutual acquaintances and gain new contacts for job opportunities, which most of us can never have enough of.

But always make sure you aren’t disturbing anybody. If you are, apologize, and you could always call them back later while trying somebody else’s number in the meantime.

If you don’t have any old acquaintances that you could think of, there’s always your family to fall back on. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, the list is endless. It’s always touching to hear from a faraway relative.

As with friends, it’s always fun to compare notes about life, and older people are always happy when they are remembered by their nieces or nephews. You might even learn some useful tips on how to deal with life situations from them. [Read: Signs you should end a friendship]


Go for a walk. Pull out those iPods, strap on those sports shoes and get out of the house. This can be a great cure for boredom, especially for people who love the great outdoors. Wear comfortable clothes and try to locate the best, most scenic and nature-filled path near your house. It is always safer though, to carry your cell phone and drag along some company, especially if you’re stepping out after dusk.

Call a friend, and you could actually have a meaningful conversation while going for a brisk walk. Or you could inspect your neighborhood more closely. After all, it’s never a bad thing to learn more about your locality.

To quote from Legally Blonde “…exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.”

Well, happy people just don’t shoot other people either, period. The point is, exercise is a great de-stresser. If there’s a nice breeze wafting through your street, you can be sure that you’ll be back with a healthy glow and a much happier outlook towards life.

On the other hand, if you’re an amateur photographer, carry along a camera and you might just find some interesting sights to capture. It doesn’t matter if you don’t find an excessively scenic route. Just try to find one that is relatively safe to walk on.


Read old, forgotten books. Everybody has a book stack that they haven’t gone through for years. You could rummage through them, and you might just find a book that you haven’t touched for ages. It’s always fun to reread something that you had enjoyed a while ago, and had forgotten about.

If you don’t have any old books, then head to the nearest book store, and pick a book. You could also stroll down to the nearest used book store, and pick your books at a bargain. [Read: Lovepanky’s heartwarmers – A collection of beautiful true love stories]

In fact, used book stores might just be more fun to browse through because you may find an old book with hilarious notes in it, which could provide for endless entertainment! And for a boredom cure, these books are really cheap when it comes to buying, so you can pick up a copy of that classic you simply must have without emptying your pocket or feeling guilty about it later.

If you aren’t a reader, you could still browse through old magazines that every respectable second-hand bookstore is bound to have. It should be fun looking at what used to be fashionable a few years ago and what the latest scandals were at that point of time. The ultimate company to kick the boredom though would be a gorgeous guy that you could bump into at the bookstore! [Read: How to meet the one while having fun]


Play a board game. This might sound like one of the most juvenile suggestions ever, but if you have company, a board game could just be the answer to your entertainment problems.

Misery always loves company and playing an old game like Monopoly or The Game of Life from a now grown-up perspective could be quite entertaining. Throw on some old music in the background, tear open a bag of chips, involve people and you have an instant good time on your hands.

You don’t need too many people around and could always introduce a few new twists in the game to make it more interesting. And if you’ve got no company at all, there are tons of gaming portals online where you could find exciting games to play for hours on end.

Although it might take a while for your acquaintances to get into the spirit of it, once you finish a few rolls of the dice and start buying property and ‘having children’, nearly everyone will begin to see the lighter side of the game and will start enjoying themselves.


Have a bath. Bathing is one of the greatest natural de-stressers. All you need is a great-smelling soap and lots of hot water.

For all you ‘experienced’ bathers, you could bring on the bathing salts and aromatherapy candles. Slip into the tub and surround yourself with great smelling fragrances like lavender or lime and feel your worries wash away with the soapy water.

But be sure to keep any aromatherapy candles away from you while having a dip. You don’t want them to fizzle out, or burn you in the process. A good book can be a great accompaniment when you’re luxuriating in the tub.

And don’t forget to moisturize yourself well once you’re done. A good soak often depletes your skin of its essential oils and in dry weather, forgetting to moisturize is like a death sentence to your skin. [Read: Ways to love yourself]

You could also mix a bit of shampoo and water, and pour it into a bottle. Then all you have to do is grab a drinking straw, and head towards a window to blow a few soapy bubbles. Although this might seem like another one of those ‘kiddish’ things, sometimes it’s a lot of fun to think of alternate ways to amuse yourself, especially when you’re thinking about how to get rid of boredom.

Being a kid once in a while can be nostalgic and fun, and hey, when was the last time you let go and did something as innocent, fun and absorbing as blowing soap bubbles?

Whatever you might chose to do, always remember that anything you do with a positive attitude turns out to be more fun. You could combine things to do or think of more personal alternatives, but never give in to excessive boredom.

Don’t waste any time brooding about how you could have been somewhere else, doing something better. Enjoy yourself as much as you can, because spending time with yourself is very important too. You’ll understand how much “me-time” matters when you get busy at work tomorrow!

[Read: 12 little steps to experience true happiness in life]

So the next time you’re trying to figure out what to do when you’re bored at home, just remember these simple pointers on boredom cures and use them to have a great time with yourself!

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