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how to turn a guy on over text
Flirty Fingers: How to Turn a Guy On Over Text in 10 Steps

Who doesn’t like getting a flirty text from their girl? So, here’s how to turn a guy on over text in 10 steps. You’ll have him running home after work.

how to turn on a guy
How to Turn On a Guy: 15 Moves to Arouse Him While Making Out

It’s easy enough to get a guy to make out with you, but how to turn on a guy even more while you’re making out is worth exploring. These tips will help.

how to tell a guy you don't like him

Nicest Ways Possible: How to Tell a Guy You Don’t Like Him

Telling a guy straight out that you aren’t interested in him can feel terrible. Use these tips on how to tell a guy you don’t like him to do it right.


Dating a Philanderer? 17 Things You Need to Know to Tame Him

You did it. You fell for the good-looking, charming, witty, person with the notorious smile that could melt any heart. But uh oh. He’s a philanderer.

how to stop liking a guy

How to Stop Liking a Guy You Know You Can’t Have

Sometimes in life we like people we know we can never have. If this is you, here’s how to deal with the heartache and understand how to stop liking a guy.

how to let a guy down easy

How to Let a Guy Down Easy: Non-Awkward Ways to Say No Kindly

It took a lot of courage for him to put it all out there, but… The good news is that knowing how to let a guy down easy won’t hurt so much with these ways.

sex moves he will love

15 Sex Moves He Will Love and Then Beg You For More

If you’re looking for a way to surprise your man and leave him wanting more of you, try some of these sex moves he will love.

pretty feet

Hello, Pretty Feet! 17 Ways to Get Them to Look Their Best

Without your feet, you wouldn’t be going anywhere. So, pay some respect to those cute little toes with some TLC. Turn them into pretty feet!

how to keep a conversation going with a guy

All the Perfect Ways to Keep a Conversation Going with a Guy

The art of idle chit-chat with a guy is not always an easy thing to perfect. So we have 10 ways to keep a conversation going with a guy.

how to play a player

How to Play a Player: 12 Ways to Return the Favor like a Boss

A player has one objective – use everyone in their life as a means to their end. If you want to stop getting used, here’s how to play a player.

how to look hot

How to Look Hot: 18 Tips to Go from Wallflower to Flawless

Maybe you’ve seen Beyonce’s video Flawless. Sure, she woke up like that. But she’s right, you don’t need Hollywood to learn how to look hot.

how to touch a guy

How to Touch a Guy: 17 Subtle Moves to Make Him Lose his Mind

When you’re dating a new guy, you’re a little nervous. But if you know how to touch a guy, you’ll be able to turn him on and make him lose his mind.