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Dammit, Why Doesn’t He Like Me Back?! – 20 Reasons Why

why doesn't he like me?

Do you like a guy who doesn’t seem to like you back no matter what you do? Perhaps, you need to read these pointers on why he doesn’t like you back.

Almost all girls have been here before.

You like a guy. And you drop a few hints too.

But somehow, he either doesn’t see the little hints or doesn’t do anything to reciprocate your love for him.

So does he like you? Is he confused? Or is he just not bothered?

Why doesn’t he like me back?!

If a guy isn’t acknowledging your attention or doing anything about it, there’s a pretty good chance that he’s not interested in you.

In all cases, perhaps the best option would be to get over him and move on. [Read: Tips to get a boyfriend]

But sometimes, you’d feel a lot better knowing why he’s ignoring you. So if you’re looking for signs on why he doesn’t like you back, here are a few good starter thoughts to think about.

You have to remember that all guys are different, and each of them may have their own reasons for the lack of interest.

But in almost all cases, there’s a good chance his excuse for not falling in love with you may fit snugly in one of these 20 pointers.

#1 You’re trying too hard to please him. In your pursuit to make him see the dating potential in you, you may end up pushing him away by appearing too easy to get. Remember, men like a chase and they want their woman to be worth a chase. [Read: Why do guys like a chase?]

#2 You’re easily available for him. You may want to create a lasting impression by being available for him at his beck and call. Or you may try to spend all the time you can with him. Doing this doesn’t bring both of you close, instead it can make him hate your obsessive clinginess. Make him desire you and crave for you by maintaining some distance.

#3 You’re not his type. There’s nothing you can do here. All guys have their own preferences in a partner, be it the height, the color of a girl’s hair or even something as trivial as the way she laughs. Don’t change yourself for him. Move on and find someone who likes you for who you are.

#4 You’re in his friend zone. He thinks of you as a friend. Does he talk about other girls he likes? Does he talk about gross details you’d only share with your close friends? While it may seem like a sign of him opening up to you, it could also mean that he looks at you as just another friend he doesn’t have to impress.

#5 He likes someone else. Sometimes, you may just be a wee bit late in realizing that he’s a great catch. He may like someone else or he may even be in a committed relationship with another great girl. [Read: How to steal a guy from his girl]

#6 He’s not sexually attracted to you. Have you been friends for a long time? While guys look at all girls as sexual objects when they desire them, they usually avoid sexually sizing up girls who are good friends. [Read: 20 things that sexually turn a guy on]

#7 He doesn’t think you’re both compatible. Do you have a checklist of the things you like and want in a guy? There’s a good chance that he has his own checklist too. And there may be a few personality traits about you that he may not want in his girlfriend. The only way you can ever get to know his preferences is by subtly asking him.

#8 Differing emotional temperament. Do both of you think along the same lines and enjoy similar activities? Sometimes, a guy may think you’re sexy but he may also see a huge difference in maturity and emotional connection.

#9 He’s gay. You may think this is a joke, but many girls have been there and experienced this. Most guys who aren’t straight are closet gays who don’t reveal their sexual preferences to anyone. Sometimes, they may even date a girl just to fit in!

#10 He has unreasonable standards. Ever met a cocky guy who thinks he’s Edward Cullen? Well, some guys have very high opinions about themselves and have unreasonable demands and expectations from their prospective girlfriend. Forget about this guy, he’ll come crawling back to you after every girl throws him in the dirt.

#11 Different backgrounds. He may be interested in you, but he may fear that his close ones and friends may not approve of you.

#12 Religious and spiritual views. Yes, we do have a few guys who still give this aspect a lot of attention. While this may not be a primary reason, clubbed with other signs, it can help him make up his mind against dating you.

#13 He’s not ready for a relationship. Has he just broken up with his girlfriend? Or does he like living life like a player? He may like you, but if he has no interest in committing to someone, he may pretend like he doesn’t care about you just to avoid getting into a relationship. [Read: I want to be single again!]

#14 He doesn’t want to ruin the friendship. He may like you, but he may like you more as a friend. If he thinks both of you are better off as friends, he may avoid even thinking of you as anything more because of the fear of losing the special bond both of you share.

#15 He has no idea that you like him. At times, guys can be pretty thick in the head. He may have no idea that you even like him. Now most guys are quick to read the signs, but there are a few odd one who need to hear it before doing something about it. [Read: How to ask a guy out like a classy girl]

#16 You’re creeping him out. Are you clinging on to him every time you meet him? Do you push all his friends aside just to stand next to him? Do you pinch his cheek or hold his hands all the time? Watch out for a restraining order!

#17 There’s a big age difference. Are you a 17 year old girl in love with a 28 year old guy? He may think you’re cute and sexy and he may even want you badly. But legal thoughts aside, he’d want to stay away from you in fear of being called a cradle snatcher.

#18 He needs time. A guy may like you, but he may not be interested in a relationship with you right now. It’s as simple as that. And there’s nothing you can do about it. He may have different priorities like starting his own company or focusing on his job. The reasons could be several, but it all comes down to the simple fact that he needs time and can’t be yours anytime soon.

#19 He thinks pretty girls are not for keeps. Some guys stay away from pretty girls. He may have had his share of two timing girlfriends or may have been stuck in an insecure relationship with a girl who was too good for him. If he’s scarred by a pretty girl, he may stay away from anyone who seems too good to be true.

#20 He’s scared to ask you out. This may sound silly, but there are a lot of great guys out there who know that a great girl likes them. But they don’t do anything about it because they’re too lily livered and yellow to man up and ask a girl out. What do you do here? [Read: How to get a guy to ask you out]

The reasons behind why a guy doesn’t like you could be any of these or several others. But what matters is what you’re going to do about it when a guy doesn’t show any romantic interest in you.

[Read: How to get a guy to like you]

Instead of asking “why doesn’t he like me?” give him a few subtle signs and wait for his response. If he doesn’t do anything, walk away. There are too many fishes in the sea to care about one that leaves you with a bad taste in the mouth!

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51 thoughts on “Dammit, Why Doesn’t He Like Me Back?! – 20 Reasons Why”

  1. Erica says:

    i like this guy and he knows it and my cousin asked him out for me but he said that we’re in the friend zone but he said that i’m warm and when ever he talks to me his eyes glisten in the light and he always flirts with me he told me i was pretty but won’t say yes to when my cousin asks him out for me. He always looks in my eyes and smiles he’s a couple inches shorter than me but my friends say that we’re cute together. On the weekends he asks me if I wanna hang out with him and I have to say that I can’t cause I’m nervous and I live like 50 blocks away from him and I don’t want my parents to find out that we’re gonna hang out together cause they say that boys are nothing but trouble but he’s really not. When he doesn’t text me back I think that somethings wrong so I just leave him alone. I’m asking does he like me or is he just being a nice friend?

  2. confused babe says:

    I love my good friend and he already has a girlfriend and now both of them are not very good and also in a break up stage… He more than for me… He also takes care of me like a queen of his heart and makes me love him more. Im confused in this matter… Please help me.

  3. A Girl says:

    I have a crush on this one guy who used to be in my school, but he left last year. I think he liked me. He used to stare at me so often and he winked at me sometimes. He always went the long way in the class to pass by me. He always did things to grab my attention.

  4. Just me!! says:

    Well i like this guy but he does not like me back. Im tired of this i am trying to get over him but i can’t he’s always there. He likes the prettiest girl from my class. Why do guys only care about that, howcome she gets whatever she wants but she’s treats him like a piece of shit.

  5. Girl says:

    Well I can’t to this school about two years ago and I met this boy .. Well I only see him passing through the hallways and then I stopped liking him because people were saying he’s racist and mean and stuff and then he started to ask me out and then last year we still didn’t have any classes together and hes like close friends wih some of my close friends so every once in a while he would ask my really close friend, my BFF if I still like him and if yes do I want to go out with him and he basically asked like one every two months but my answer was always no because I don’t want to date and this would really count as my first REAL love/ dating. Then close to the end of the year like two months before school ended he ask my othe BFF for my number and then at the same time I was oovooing with her and she knows that I still like him and she him my number and we started texting like 24/7 so one day like one week after we started texting he told me that he liked me but he loves his other girl and he won’t give up on her.. I know really weird for him to telling me that but he told me how he felt and he asked me for advice which I had none to give so I just said idk .. Then he just tarted flirting wih me which was really noticeable since we only texted we never talk to each other in scho and for some awkward reason every time I do something to get out of class hes also in the hallways but it’s just awkward silence between us. We would play 20 questions and stuff and ask questions like why do you like me and stuff and his words just make me like him more and more A.K.A he is a flirter if u ever flirted with him u will rate him 100 for flirting, legit. So the. He started talking to me sexually … It kinda bothers me that he talks to me like that because he likes this other girl. But anyways I plan stuff during the summer and I invite him since most of my plans involve his close friends but then one Ikr he couldn’t come so his really close girl friend told me that he like me the girl that I was talking bout and her so I kinda gotten really jealous and upset. I kinda had his feeling of being betrayed like he’s using me as a backup so then I told him I needed to talk to him and I asked him do you still like me ? And he said he only likes one person right now .. And that’s just mainly point out that he only likes the first girl he said he was obsessed with ( lets call her a) nd then I was like on.. So u ony like a right now .. And then he told me like 10 hrs l8r that no she’s in another different category so right now I am completely stuck and idk what to do. We used to text everyday then every night now it’s like none I haven’t texted him in 6 days which is like a record .. But plzzz help me I’m really stuck and idk wht to do :(( I told my friends bout this but they don’t know what to do .. Should I just move on or wait ??

  6. Millie says:

    One of my problems is I think the guy I like is GAY and is trying to fit in and be straight. He’s so cute and sweet, he acts blokey but sometimes seems so effeminate. He looks at me all the time which may indicate his not being gay, but I’m confused. I’m in my twenties as well I’m not a kid. He’s the same age as me. I’m an attractive girl and I have been asked out recently but not by HIM!!

  7. justice says:

    hi i have a question this guy i like this was from last year and he knew i like him and one of my friends give him a note saying would you like to go out with me and she gave to to him outside and he look at me then i look at him back then i walk away because i was embarss then i saw him he put the note in his pocket and the next time i saw him he just looks at me and one of my guy’s friends told him i like him and he just looks at me i look at him for a mintue then i pulled i eyes away from him for being embrass and he came up to me and give me a pencil but i around had a pencil and i said to myself why would he give me his pencil if i aready had one and the next day in class i can’t help my self i just look at him evey chance i get and and he looks right me me and i get so embassed i look and one day at school i herd one of my guy friend talking to him and i look at the door and i saw another girl and she huggs him and huggs her back but not the way he hugs me it looks like a friendly one arm hug and he pulls back from her and i get very jealous of her because their frienda so i herd this from her hey do you want to go out with me and he looks at his friend that is my friend too. he said him them are you going to with her?. then i stopped because i was jealous of that i tried to as him ou and the next moring i herd that they felt very very jealous and sad at the same time and going out and i was very jealous of her and he knew i like him and he and her went out. i was looking at them in the class room. one of my friends said your jealous and i said yeah that makes me mad. so the next two days i herd that they was going out i herd that they broke up for some realize and i think she brok up them him for a different guy then the next peand he riod that he was over her. then i was happy and inside. then a couple of moths passed i was happy because maybe he did’nt have a girlfriend now so i was happy then my other girl friend told me that he did’nt like me. and i felt sad and my heart broke in to little tinie pieces and my best friend told him look i looked up and my other friend that told me that he did’nt like me she scoped up next to him and he moved over and that give me a little of happieness then the next couple of days went by and i was working on the computer we was parters for a assigment and i moved close to him and he did’nt move away from me so my chest was on his arm and he did’nt move. i was happy. then a other couple days this new guy came and he was talking to me and the guy i like he sat next to me and he was looking i was happy that he cars about me. then a month came in and he was looking at me and i felt it he was staring at me for a while and i look at him and i was embassed again then i said what he said nothing and turned back around to listen to the guys friends. i was happy. then afew weeks came and i was helping my other guy friend and he sat across the room and the guy next to me that i was helping he said are you looking at me and i looked at him bu i could’nt tell if he was looking at me back. so i just annoy it but deep down inside i was happy. then they told him i liked him again and he just looked at me. then when the school year was all most over he left the school because he moved? he did’nt tell me. please help me and tell me what to do.

  8. Leeana says:

    So, me & this guy became like instant best friends. Over the 4 months of constant flirting & hanging out every morning, afternoon, & weekend, I developed a huge crush on him. I felt like I shouldn’t keep a secret from him, so I texted him & told him my true feelings. He always seemed so surprised and happy about me telling him but it always ended with him explaining to me that I was the bestest friend he had ever had, & that I was too important to lose so it would be best of we stayed friends. Although it crushed my hopes & dreams, we remained inseparable. We always joked around about how I was just going to kiss him when he least expected it but because of knowing his true feelings, I never did. He was even going to ask me to prom but decided not to when I was asked by someone else. Then one afternoon, we kissed. We both agreed that this experience would not change our relationship but that night we even texted about how we both felt a spark & how it literally felt like time stopped. Since I’m a late bloomer, he actually took my lip virginity. He was my first kiss & wanted to help me “practice more” so it turned out that we made out every time we were together for a month straight. Then another girl came along, & I was ditched for her. They broke up after summer was over & even though we occasionally talked & flirted during the summer, he instantly wanted to hang out & talk even more now that he was about to start college. We are still really good friends, but he ha this look in his eye everytime I see him that is like the exact look he used to give me when he seemed like he really cared. Am I stuck in the friend zone? Or is he just using me cause he thinks he’s going to get in my pants? Am I a back up plan cause he knows I’ll always be here for him? Is he using my crush towards him to his own advantage, but I’m just too blind to see? Please help. I’m desperate for an answer because even when I ask my friends they give me negative answers against him but only because he isn’t their or my parents favorite choice.

  9. Jenii says:

    A guy that I like has been complimenting my artwork and looking at me. Today his friend told me that he liked me too. Should I believe his friend or not? I think he is trying to play a trick on me. His friend is kind of a jokster but I want so much for it to be true. Help!

  10. katrina says:

    so I have a question, A guy gave me his number, I told him i liked him when we texted.. He kept texting me after i told him but now he avoids me.(at school)and he used to sit with my group. And when he could’ve sat by his friends, he sat by me. but he left the school so now all i have is facebook (i deleted his number.) But i dont wanna seem stalkerish and message him first. like i wanna tell him i dont like him like that anymore and just wanted to be friends. I miss him cause hes the only one who made me happy.. Soo please help!

  11. Liz says:

    I was dating this guy from work for about a year. It was like a relationship but without the title. He didnt want to rush anything. It wasn’t till he stood me up and we got into a big fight was when he realized he didn’t want a relationship. So he ended whatever we had after a year. But he still wants to be friends and be friends with benefits. I honestly don’t know what to do. Or how to feel about this.

  12. Maria says:

    i have such a big crush on this guy but we met on exchange and he lives far away. we would skype every night, talk about everything and flirt constantly. he started getting more distant though, and a few months later (this was only last week) i see on facebook that he’s got a girlfriend now. i want to get over him and it hurts so much that we only talk sometimes now and when we do, its so obvious he’s trying to friend zone me when before it was all flirting and yet we still get along so well. i dont know why im writing this here, i guess to have it written down somewhere.

  13. Lala says:

    This is so interesting! It helped me to identify if a guy is really into me or not.. Thanks!

  14. you guys sound psycho says:

    You guys sound obsessed! Leave these guys alone.. Maybe that’s why they don’t like you, you creep them out. Let them contact you!!!

  15. Lavvis says:

    I need help… How to get him tell me the truth whether he likes me and everything? Anyway to make us be in better relationship… I really wish to save this friendship and hope there is a way to be more than friends… I really love him so much till i nvr ask more than anything from him:(

  16. Melanie says:

    i have no idea what to do anymore? me and this guy met almost 2 years ago at first he irritated me with msg. He got my number from his friend. So finally I agreed to meet him. He was not what I expected, he was so cute and literally everything I asked for. The first 2-3 months was great we texted each other everyday and he was so sweet. We had gone out a couple of times and it all ended. And even then when I saw him and he hugged my my knees literally felt like jellie. So now we talk for a week skip a week or the msg are really sort and pointless. And then there are days when we talked like we used to. I’m really confeused because he is all I can think about….

  17. Liz says:

    Well.. im 13 right now and i like this boy that is in my class.. he has a gf and he hates me… i really love him that i looked on fb for his number and i found it.. one time i txted him and he asked me if i liked him and i said yes. He told me that he already knew but that he loved someone else.he knoew cuz i told my cuisin about him and how i really liked him. And she told the whole school that i liked him. Even him!! Agh. I hate her. Some time ago i used to call him and then my couisin would talk to him cuz im too shy and then they started fighting and stuff… i always called him after school like 9 times a day. My couisin calls me stalker(shes 9 btw) idk…and well.. he hates me because of that.. then one time my cousin was txting him and they started saying stuff to each other so my other couisn (her brother) started talking with him and they were saying stuff to each other. I couldnt help but cry. He is not like that. He is nice. Hes smart. Hes kind. But as i saw all those mesaages, idk …i think hes different. We had never talk in school.. except if we have to work together like in groups of 5 or something.anyway, one day he asked me to draw Flutterhy(a pony) for jim… i guess..idk.. and i drew it for him.. he txted me saying thanks and he asked me for more.. im still didnt draw them!! I have to !! Well… im always staring at him on science. And i think he had seem me doing that. I dont talk to him cuz no one knows me very well at my school .im from mexico, i came here last year and i didnt speak english.. maybe thats why anyone talks to me..yesterday that was valentines day i drew a puc of fluttershy for him and a long message saying hvd and that i hoped he had an amaZAYN day with his gf.. anyways.. yesterday we had a fight cuz i txted him at 11 pm. Sorry!! But i just wanted to talk.. and he said to stop txtxing me.

  18. ferra says:

    I like him since i was 15 until im 17 now. He is really popular with girl but he never date anyone since he being cheat by his ex . one day his best friend confess to me and he encourage him to keep make me fall to him. So i tell him that i dislike his best friend after that incident he distance him self from me. I can sense that he knows that i likes him but he stay away because of his friendship

  19. harrypotter;) says:

    Well I’ve liked this dude from my church for over a year now&he knows, about 6 months ago I got my friend to tell him…I don’t know why?! And he asked if it were true and I said yeah…then he apologised because he likes one of my best friend-which I knew…we were like best friends&he told me everything especially before he found out so I knew…we used to get into all these fights because I uses to pretend I hated him! Now we’re friends but still have tons of fights…for a while when we first met, he didn’t like me&was texting another girl from my church about how annoying I am and how he doesn’t like me…one day I was on her phone&i read ALL the messages, I was in tears:( we had another fight and then he sent me all these sorry messages&stuff, we’re friends now but I really like him still, can’t get over him&i accidently sent him a couple texts that were for my closest friend and they were about some issues I have and some about him…it’s awkward…VERY…HELP ME…oh yeah and me&the girl he likes are REALLY CLOSE…ugh help!xxx

  20. ana says:

    ohh boy,Im in an weird situation,I have a bf for many years we are together at the same university but I am in love or obsessed ,I dont know I just cant get him out of my head, a boy who is in same class with us.he stares at me even if he knows i have bf,but before he knew he was like pssst psst at me,he wanted my atention ,I guess.now i know he cant make first step coz of bf and I am to afraid to go to him coz of being rejected.hes always on my mind cant help myself,my bf is ok but the other guy is all i dreamed about ,or maybe im just fascinated of him coz i didnt get to know him better.its weird:(

  21. A person says:

    so I like my friend Christian. He’s a good friend of mine and I just met him this school year and I’ve liked him since October. So I had my friend ask him (which I think he likes her) if he liked me and he said no he just likes me as a friend. But I don’t get why he doesn’t like me. And around that time the school dance was coming and when I asked him out at the dance he rejected me again. We where also sending candy grams and I put ‘From Someone’ and everyone found out it was me. So now pretty much almost everyone knows I like him. People say that he might like me and he just don’t want to say it but I don’t think so. But sometimes he acts like it. He usually taps me on the shoulder and then runs away and when I look at him he smiles cause he knows that I know that he did it. He’s just confusing me more and more each day. I need help! 🙁

  22. sassy says:

    i am dating this guy since 3 months now.. but its kind of boring at times… wen v r together its funn.. but its very very bvery boring over texts… he dsnt hv nethng to say… n i at times… get over topics to talk abt …. i dnt noe wat to do… i dnt wanna break up wid him.. but its bcmng dffclt to stay togthr cz v dnt meet dat often

  23. Ignored says:

    I liked this guy about two weeks after I met him. I told my “friend” I liked him, and she went and told him! Since then he has barely said a word to me, only once when he had no other choice. He has never had a girlfriend, and I never did anything to hurt him or anything. I was shy before he found out, but I made myself talk to him. I don’t know why he’s ignoring me. It’s been 9 months since he found out, and I have half my classes with him. Please help, I need some advice.

  24. Somebody says:

    I’ve liked this guy for two years (close to three) and he knows it. He never talks to me but he stares at me all the time and sometimes he brushes against my shoulder or something, and one time he came to my locker and smiled at me. I asked him out about twice and he said no both times. What do I do?

  25. balencigaga says:

    Did you really have to say “he may even be in a committed relationship with another great girl” WELL DAMN THAT MADE ME FEEL SOOO MUCH BETTER THANK GOD SHES GREAT. You lacked a bit of tact there, but great article otherwise 🙂

  26. anna says:

    im 15 I like this guy sinc middle school n now were n the same school so I wrote him a letter n pour all my feeling on it like a dummy n felt bad after because he had a girlfriend I could never talk him n I always runaway when he does try to talk to me he even tried to said happy birthday because my friend who friends with him told him to n everytime someone saids I say hey to him he smile n tell them to tell me to say hey back he doesn’t have girlfriend now I hope but the thing is I been trying so hard to say hey myself n become friends but I have no way of doing it so could you give me tips or help me try to talk to my crush plz

  27. Princess says:

    i think the article offers good tips but the thing is, i dont know how to apply them… help!

  28. NoEnd says:

    well I like him since I was 12, now i’m 18. all my puberty, all my damn life, and whaat i’ve gone through, i still like him. i cant fall in love with anyone else.. and our story is much more complicated to be told, therefore it’s not a story, ’cause every story has a head and tail. But mine doesn’t. :/

  29. Chloeeee says:

    I like this boy but he’s 2 years older than me.. I’m 13 and he’s 15, is that a big age difference? Not really.. He likes someone else but we do flirt a lot! He thinks it’d be weird for ourages to go out though:/ He ain’t popular or the nicest looking but he’s actually amazing! Imperfectly perfect! I get jealous when he talks to other girls… I’m his 3rd favourite girl at the moment, which is good considering we don’t talk in school and only on Facebook and the bus. He trusts me, I trust him. Sometimes, he acts as if he doesn’t want to talk to me, but sometimes he acts as though I’m the only one he wants to talk to… It’s confusing me…

  30. Payton says:

    I saw this guy at a football game and my cousin goes to church with him so she told him that i liked him and he said cool talk to me later on instagram and so over instag she gave him my number and he said he would text me later but he never did we never actually met and i still like him and my cousin said he is a heartbreaker but i cant shake the feelings and the dreams about him

  31. Felis Fulgoris says:

    Yeahhhh… I’m gonna go with me creeping the poor guy out. I am so stupid. *Facepalm

  32. Faannny says:

    I have been in love with this boy in my class for more than a year now.. He’s just perfect and so kind to me! I know I’m young (only teenager) but this love for him is real and I’m afraid I lost my chance with him.. It was like this: I started in a new school when I was 14. A half a year after that I started liking this boy in my class and he seemed interested in me too. So we flirted quite much with each other and I admit it.. It was the most magical time in my life!! He tickled me and hold my hand and he always smiled and laughed with me! But after a while I was so stupid! I thought that I didn’t like him that much and didn’t want to trick him or something so I just stopped being so flirty with him, I stopped holding his hand and I stopped him when he tried to tickle me. I was such a fool and i tricked myself ”not to like him”. But a while after that I understood that I couldn’t be without him.. I started to like him and be with him again but it wasn’t the same thing now. It seemed like I have missed my chance and I don’t know what to do! I love him and I cry over him, I think about him all the time and it just hurts me inside that I could have been his girl if I hadn’t been so stupid. I need him. It’s so hard for me right now because I have never been loved by anyone and it’s really obvious that just when something good happens to me i attend to throw it away! I cry right now when I’m writing this because I don’t know what I did back then to make him like me. It have made me forget myself because I’m always trying something new to make him like me again.
    I don’t have much time because I’m finishing that school this year and that’s just stressing me out! After that I’ll probably never meet him again. I promised myself to tell him that I love him at the school ending if I don’t get him back but my time is short and I’m afraid I’m not gonna make it!
    I really thank you for reading my comment and I really need your help! I love him so much it hurts, and his eyes, his smile.
    Please leave a comment below!
    I just want him back. :'(

  33. Madyy says:

    Well we had a dance last night… And the guy I like said he didn’t want to go with me but then he danced with random girls… I really like him and my friends know that, so they got him to dance with me…. So then we were dancing and I was so excited and he never looked at me… ???? we’ll then one of my best friends came over and asked him if he liked me and he said I don’t know…. She later asked him when I wasn’t around and he said nope… I don’t know how to make myself presentable to him, or what I should do to get him attracted to me… Could someone help???

  34. randomasiangirl says:

    There’s this music room in my university that is almost always deserted. I’m the only one who hangs out there the whole day playing the broken piano or just doing assignments. I like my privacy which is very rarely found in the cramped and noisy place we call a library. A few weeks ago, a guy, who is considerably shorter than me and has hair that defies gravity without the assistance of any hair hardening product, casually strolled into my hideout with his guitar and started playing like he had been doing it for the longest time. I didn’t mind his presence. He’s very quiet and focused when he plays. We exchanged a few “hello”s and “byes” occasionally but mostly kept to ourselves and our work. Sometimes, we would play together. This went on for a month or so. Then one day, I sat in my usual corner and listened to him play his guitar. It was just another day in the empty and quiet music room that smelled vaguely like rotting wood, sunshine and detergent. He was perched on his chair, his miniscule body cradling his guitar, and big shoed foot tapping rhythmically. And i don’t know if it was the dim lazy afternoon sun on his face or his impossibly long lashes that brushed his cheeks, or the song he was playing or the 2 red bulls I drank earlier…but I felt something..profound. Not love. It isn’t that simple. I felt like I could live the rest of my life there just listening and watching this boy who was on the verge of becoming a man and who seemed so happy and yet so sad. I felt happy and strangely content. You might think I was disappointed that he never paid any attention to me, but the fact is, I liked him more for that. To see someone so absorbed in the moment, the music…it’s beautiful. I look forward to going to college because I forget all that’s crappy about life as soon as I go see the boy behind that yellow door.

    Now my question is this: should I get to know him ( you know make a move) or should I just leave it alone (i’d hate to scare him away and he’s probably not interested)? if it’s the former, then how do I go about wooing him? (painfully inexperienced 21 year old with no romantic history to speak of).

  35. Something.. says:

    Well.. I don’t know wherr to start. Im confused myself. Well…to be honest im more of a girl thats not really in to girl stuff ill be lay back an cool. But i will never act like a tom-boy. I met this boy named Bryan, and he was just like.. he felt like the most best person i could talk to an share my thoughts with. My interests are pretty low in these slacker boys. Ive always wanted somone i could take home and let him meet my mother. To me Bryan is the best thing that ever happened to me. I mean. We started talking and he just wanted to know more and more. I told him about my childhood issues and we connected so quickly to become bestfriends. Its not that were bestfriends that i feel zoned but. A couple weeks ago i just felt like i had to say it.. i had to tell him i liked him or i will forever be nothing than just a friend. so i did. He said he wasn’t really intrested in anyone. He told me about his last relationship and i just felt like a huge idiot. So i left him alone i thought i was trying to much. He started messaging me saying if im alright. i don’t know if its friend signals or someone who likes me. I would try to stop messaging him and stuff but he always seems to just wait until i answer. I stopped being bratty an talked to him. And now its like i don’t know. He told me he was not intrested. And him sending me signals that he is… it’s really confusing me. I don’t want to waiste my time. ill be there for him as a friend. But i don’t think he appreciates or accepts my love. He usually tells me everything.. i know he is not gay. so help :/

  36. Isabel says:

    So there’s this one guy who I’ve been pretty good friends with for about 8 months, and I think he might like me. He and I started becoming close during our school’s marching band program in the fall, and did winter drumline together as well. He’s always joking around with me and shoving me around ( I’m the shortest in our grade) and lately we’ve been talking a lot outside of band. He also makes excuses to touch me a lot ( for example, he will touch my hand if he’s handing me something) and I realized a couple of weeks ago that I like him too. But I think he might have a girlfriend…

  37. A girl says:

    Okay i love him alott.. I cant explain how much.. We are realll good frnds .. He is son of my dad,s one of best frnd.. As u liked him alot i waited for him to contact but he didnt .. But after a long w8 of about 6 months i thought he may be was unable to find my number or some other reason. I eventually contacted him., and now its like 7 month that we are frnds.. Infact more then frnds best frnds! But he never show any intrest .. Am always trying to impress him , being his ideal .. But what the heck !!! This friend ship is getting better and too good day by day and not reaching the next level – Love. Huh m tiredd of trying i eventually decided to ask him what he sees in a girl.. He said i would rather fall in love with a girl who neverade first attempt to talk to me.. And who says to me that i have crush on u.. I like girls who are conserved .. My girl would rather be difrnt.. Huh 🙁 cleary a sign that he doesnt like me contacting him first and the thing that i like him.. As many times i have given him the signs … Now yesterday he was saying i shall find a girl.. :'( .. And its not like he is trying to jealouse me .. No!!!! No!! He is really not into me.. Now help me guyz any guy over here who has the same mentality.. About girls?? Tell me what should i do to change his mind .. Plz help

  38. Confused says:

    Ok – I dated – well not even dated slept with a guys and semi-dated him for years (3 off and on); within the last two months he has cut off the sex and he has made us become strickly friends.

    He calls on me for extremely emotional issues (that he is dealing with/vice versa); i know most of his family members; if I need anything he is always there and vice versa. But he said we should be better off as friends because friends last forever and lovers when they end you never speak again.

    Do you feel I am selfish to think that all he saying is major bull – we have done everything under the sun sexually, and we have a strong bond in friendship that continues grows. I am sincerely upset that he cut me off and now it seems I am in this box and set on display to be admired and never be touched by him anymore.

    I really don’t think I can do this – Im I wrong in wanting to walk away from the entire relationship in order to keep my sanity?

  39. Confused girl says:

    Well. I have this friend that i like but i dont know if he likes me which is so confusing because i am constantly thinking that im trying to hard or im ugly and doubting myself. I really like him and we have been friend for awhile and in getting too confused. I am having self confident issues. Pleas help me

  40. James says:

    This list kinda sucks, as a guy I

  41. Confused and upset girl says:

    So there is this guy on my swim team and we are friends and have hooked up a few times. Every time we get together we don’t talk for weeks or months afterwards…until it happens again. He is very annoying because he is always flirting or talking to other girls. He also says he doesn’t want a relationship with anyone but a few months ago he really liked this girl that wasn’t into him. He would have gone out with her if she said yes. He knows i have liked him in the past but still won’t officially take me out. This has left me confused. He is obviously attracted to me and we have things in common but he will barely speak to me. I feel as if something is wrong with me… I could really use some advice or words of wisdom. Help!

  42. Riya says:

    I really like this guy and he knows about it but I don’t know why is he ignoring me. I’ve never been his friend or in his friend zone because I’m shy. I don’t know why is he ignoring me but at the same time even I have started ignoring me , I really can’t understand how does he feel about me

  43. Andrew Robinson says:

    It seems odd to not even mention the possibility of him not thinking you’re hot enough. (different than #6)

  44. Aimee says:

    The guy I like, he is one of my cousins friends. He knows I like him, he also lives in another state and he’s shown no sign of ever liking me but he came to visit a few weeks back and I thought we had some cute moments and I thought we had heaps of cute moments the time I saw him before that too.

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