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THOT: Do Some Women Deserve the Label of a Hoe?


THOT means that whore over there. Sure, it is derogatory. In some instances, that doesn’t make it not true. Respect yourself and so will others.

THOT stands for “that hoe over there.” Yep, not very nice. Another variation of the word is “thotties.” Basically, men and women use the term when referring to a woman they think is a whore and not really worthy of, well, anything.

A hoe is short for “whore,” which has been around for as long as I remember. A whore used to mean a woman who prostituted herself for money. But, over time, it just began to refer to someone with no self-esteem and sleeps around. See the trail?

Should we call a woman a THOT?

Now, I know many feminists will go wild when I say some women deserve to be called a whore. A whore isn’t someone who has sex because she absolutely loves sex *that is a sexual addict*. A whore is someone who has sex because she doesn’t believe that she has anything else to offer. That is why men disrespect them.

If women don’t want to be called a whore, then maybe they should think about how their behaviors are viewed by people around them. If a guy calls you THOT, then maybe you should take a serious look at whether you deserve it or not. If you don’t, then there really isn’t anything to do but dismiss it. If you do deserve it, then you either take and accept it or change your behaviors.

12 reasons you might be labeled THOT

In the same respect, although everyone talks about a “double standard,” it might have existed in the past, but I know for sure that a guy who screws anything with a pulse is not referred to in a favorable way either. He is no longer a “stud.” Nor is he admired in society as the sleazeball who can’t keep his balls in his pants.

So, although derogatory, there are times when someone deserves the label they receive. A whore is someone who doesn’t care if she is sleeping with a married man, a serious girlfriend, or someone with no intention of ever respecting her. If no one else has the courage to say it, I suppose it is on me to.

#1 Posting continual sexually inappropriate things to your social media. If you don’t want to be known as someone without scruples or problems with getting naked for the crowd, then stop putting it out there.

If you are okay with everyone seeing your naked body for free, then I don’t understand how you’re all worried about someone objectifying you. You made yourself the object. [Read: Your nudes got leaked: How to do some damage control]

#2 Wearing clothes that leave nothing, and I mean nothing, to the imagination. Tighter is not better when it comes to clothing. If you don’t want people to think you are easy and will sleep with anyone, then stop trying to get every guy’s attention through your sexuality.

There should be something that you hold back just for someone special, or you tell the world you aren’t really worth waiting for.

#3 Sleeping with men who you know do nothing but use you. If you know that a guy only calls you for a booty call night after night and you are okay with it, then that kind of says “whore.”

It is okay if you enjoy it as much as they do, that doesn’t make you one. If you do it just to try to land them or for self-esteem issues and wanting to be adored, then that just begs to be called THOT. [Read: 11 signs to know if you’re being used for sex]

#4 Sleeping with another woman’s man. It is never cool to sleep with another woman’s man. Of course, if you were lied to and didn’t know about her, then that is on him and is no reflection of you. If you knew and thought you could win him over and didn’t consider *or care* how it would hurt, then you can’t be upset when someone calls you a hoe.

#5 A one night stand is the longest relationship you’ve ever had. Again, if you are a sex addict, that is one thing, but if you sleep with any man that shines his eyes on you for attention, then that makes you THOT. Not having any standards or boundaries about who you will and won’t sleep with does make you THOT.

#6 You’re always trying to get someone else’s man. Even worse, if you willfully try to get someone else’s man on purpose, knowing they are attached to someone, that is one step down from THOT, as far as women are concerned. I don’t care if you have commitment issues, or if you really like a married and mature guy.

If you don’t care about ruining someone else’s relationship and seek out the chance to break one up, then that has whore written all over it. Well that, and home wrecker. [Read: 10 painful realities of being the “other woman”]

#7 Sleeping with a guy to get you something or somewhere. If you are a gold digger who sleeps with a guy that you have no interest in past getting a car, having your bills paid, or just some spare cash when you need it, that is technically being paid for sex. Guess what? That makes you… THOT.

#8 Not respecting girl code boundaries. If your friend calls “dibs” on some guy and you couldn’t care less and go for him anyway. You’re not only a horrible friend, it makes you THOT.

Not respecting the rules about friends and boyfriends, makes you someone more interested in getting the attention of a guy than who your priority should be, your friends. [Read: 20 crucial girl code rules for a less drama-filled life]

#9 Has broken up marriages and families by sleeping with relatives of a guy. If you slept with more than one man in a family, or perhaps several and are passed around like a hot potato, consider yourself nothing more than a whore.

Guys have absolutely no respect for a woman who makes her way through the family food chain just to land one within the family tree. It isn’t the case that if you fail, you try, try, again, that makes you THOT.

#10 Send naked selfies to guys who neither ask for them or want them. If you send naked photos of yourself to guys who aren’t even asking for them, then you put yourself up for display and give too much of yourself for no reward. All about getting attention, even if it is just an attention whore, that still makes you THOT. [Read: Easy lay – 18 things you do that makes all guys think you’re an easy lay]

#11 You get passed around guy groups like property. Again, if you do it with not only families but friends, and have been around the block, around the hood, and around every teammate on a sports team, then you can’t possibly have that much respect for yourself, and they shouldn’t have for you. Not being discriminate at all makes you THOT. [Read: 16 attention whore signs to watch out for]

#12 You have more porn movies being passed around the world than you did kid movies from when you were young. You put yourself out for display and ask to be called THOT. If you want people to respect you, then you must earn the respect.

I am totally okay with people who want to post sexual videos online, but you can’t do it and then get pissed that people judge you. If you don’t want to be judged, don’t put yourself in front of the court.

I am not saying that it is okay for a guy to call a girl a whore for no reason or to disrespect her. What I am saying is that if you disrespect yourself, then don’t be upset when people don’t respect you. You aren’t guaranteed respect, you have to earn it.

[Read: Slutty girls: 12 positive lessons we can all learn from them]

As a general rule, if you are okay with you, then screw anyone else. In general, if you don’t want someone to label you as THOT don’t give them reason to.

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