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itty bitty titties
15 Advantages of Having Itty Bitty Titties and Why Men Love Them

If you’re a woman with itty bitty titties, you might feel discouraged due to your lack of chest. But there are actually tons of reasons to love them!

have sex with a uti
Is it Safe to Have Sex With a UTI? The Guide You Shouldn’t Ignore

A UTI has strong symptoms, but is it stronger than your libido? Before you ignore it, here are legit reasons you won’t want to have sex with a UTI.

Spoiled Girlfriend

Spoiled Girlfriend Checklist: 100 Signs You’re Lucky in Love

Know what defines being spoiled? Not knowing that you are spoiled at all. Think you aren’t a spoiled girlfriend? You might want to check yourself.

is he shy or not interested

Is He Shy or Not Interested? 15 Signs to Decode His Behavior

Is he shy or not interested? If you’re after a new guy and you can’t tell if he’s bashful or not into you, these tips will help decode his behavior.

am i a lesbian

Am I a Lesbian? 20 Clues to Know the Truth Without Asking Around

No one sign defines whether you are a lesbian. If you are asking the question, am I a lesbian, the answer lies in your heart.

losing interest in your boyfriend

Losing Interest in Your Boyfriend? Signs You Should Never Ignore

Does your relationship seem to be more wane than wax lately? Have sparks fizzled? Here are all the signs you’re losing interest in your boyfriend, and fast.

i don't need a man

I Don’t Need a Man: Convincing Reasons Why You Don’t Need One!

Girls *and boys*, needing a man in your life is like needing a new pair of shoes. You can live without them. Say it proud – I don’t need a man!

not attracted to your husband

Not Attracted to Your Husband? 20 Signs and Ways to Deal with It

It’s scary to think you are not attracted to your husband, but knowing for sure is important. Here are 20 signs to help you know for sure.

how to tell if a woman is attracted to another woman

How to Tell if a Woman Is Attracted to Another Woman

It can be confusing, but do you ever feel like your female friend is hitting on you? Well, here’s how to tell if a woman is attracted to another woman.

Thin Privilege

Thin Privilege: Real Life Examples and What It Really Means

Still confused about what thin privilege means? Here’s the skinny on what being thin means in society and some examples of thin privilege.

the clothes make the girl

The Clothes Make the Girl: 15 Tips to Get You Looking Your Best

People make their first impressions within 30 seconds of seeing you. You don’t have to be a fashion queen, but remember the clothes make the girl.

Greaser Girl

Greaser Girl: 16 Reasons Why Being Bad Can Feel So Darn Good

A greaser girl is someone who isn’t repressed by high society. Coming from the wrong side of the tracks does have its advantages… it’s more fun!

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