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15 Things to Know Before Moving in With Your Boyfriend

things to know before moving in with your boyfriend

Are you moving in with your boyfriend? Well, good for you! But here are a few things you need to keep in mind to have that perfect romantic start. By Maria Lopez

Moving in with your boyfriend can seem more like fun and less like a big life altering decision.

While moving in is fun, it’s also something you need to give a lot of thought.

So do you know if he’s a great guy?

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Do you think both of you will have a perfect relationship after you move in?

Will you moving in lead to a proposal and babies soon?

The only way to really know for sure is to try it, right?

Moving in with your boyfriend

No relationship is the same, and when it comes to moving in too, no experience will ever be the same.

But there are a few things that are common while moving in together.

There are right moves. And then, there are a few wrong moves.

If you want to make sure that both of you set off on a perfectly romantic start after moving in together, here are a few things you need to talk about with your boyfriend, and ask yourself the real answers.


If you haven’t moved in just yet, give these pointers a deep thought. Sometimes, it’s the little things you overlook that can play the biggest part.

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#1 Set ground rules. It may seem trivial and unnecessary, but it’ll save both of you from confusions and frustrations later. Setting clear ground rules can help both of you talk about faults and confusions without arguments. Unless you make rules, there’s no way to tell why the frustrations began in the first place.

#2 Be sure of your decision. Are you completely sure you want to move in with your boyfriend? Take time to decide about it and weigh all the options. It’s alright to feel confused as long as you’re excited about moving in together. Don’t let infatuation cloud your judgment though.

#3 Consider your independence. Moving in together is something that is inevitable when you’re in love. It can happen now or it can happen a few years down the lane. You may be in love with your sweetheart, but are you in the right frame of mind and have the intellectual maturity to give up on your own freedom just to share some bedroom space with your lover? [Read: 10 types of love you’ll experience in your life]

#4 How is your boyfriend really? Is he a great guy? Do you really see yourself walking down the aisle with him years from now? If your boyfriend’s gentle and considerate of your feelings, it’s a safe plunge. But if he’s domineering or wants things his way, ask yourself if he’s really the one for you. [Read: 15 subtle signs of a secretly controlling boyfriend]

#5 Can both of you take joint decisions? The decisions in the relationship have to be taken jointly no matter what. Both of you should agree on that before moving in. Everything from deciding on monthly expenses to hanging out with friends has to be taken jointly without arguments.


Have you moved in already? It’s not too late. Here are a few more things you should consider to have a perfectly romantic relationship. [Read: 25 sweet romantic gestures for everyday life]

#1 Be prepared to see his not-so-nice side. All of us show off our good sides when we’re with someone. But it takes living with someone to see their real side. Your boyfriend may have a few flaws or differences from your behavior. It’s not weird. He’s just being himself.

#2 Split the household chores. Give this a serious thought even if it’s toe curling and awkward to talk about. Create a list of necessary chores and split the chores right down the middle unless one of you is willing to take on more responsibility. But unless there’s a real good reason to unfairly split the chores like one working partner and one homemaker, try to keep it balanced.

#3 Take time to settle in. Dating is very different from moving in together. When you move in, you’re practically living with each other 24/7. Accept the fact that the relationship can feel different at the beginning. He may have pampered you like a princess until now, but now that you’ve both moved in, he may expect you to be more handy and less like a damsel in distress. [Read: How to be a damsel in distress your man will love]

#4 Talk about the differences. You and your boyfriend are not two peas in a pod. Both of you are two individuals with different wants and interests. So talk about your differences and lifestyle choices with your boyfriend. When you move in together, both of you have to make a few compromises, be it watching a favorite show on the television or deciding how many times to go out in a week.

#5 Learn to forgive. When you move in together, there are bound to be a few differences and misunderstandings at the beginning. You and your boyfriend have to take the pains to go out of your ways to help the other person feel comfortable in the new environment. And if mistakes do happen, learn to forgive.

#6 Always communicate. Talk about your feelings, it’s really the right thing to do after moving in together. Forgive those little mistakes, but talk about it with your boyfriend and let him know what’s on your mind. Misunderstandings are good, because they help your boyfriend understand you better. But conflicts just aren’t any help in the relationship. Avoid conflicts, but communicate each other’s thoughts. [Read: Perfect things to talk about in a perfect relationship]

#7 His friends and yours. Both of you have to avoid bringing friends over to your place often for a couple of weeks or months. Take time to understand each other and live with each other before bringing confusions and new people into the house.

#8 Avoid creating insecurities. You may be dating for a while, but moving in together is a fragile stage in the relationship. Can you stop calling or texting other guys late into the night if it makes your boyfriend uncomfortable? Sometimes, insecurities in a relationship increase when people move in together. It takes a few sacrifices, reassurances and communication to test the waters of moving in together. [Read: 10 tips to make your jealous boyfriend not-so-jealous]

#9 Talk about money. Talk about money, individual savings and expenditures. Some things are better left out in the open than brushed under the carpet. Moving in is like a little marriage experiment. It can help both of you experience the reality of marriage before taking the plunge.

#10 Be serious. Living together with your boyfriend is no joke, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s better to consider it seriously and live seriously than look at it as an easy way to spend more time with each other or have more sex. Making any mistakes here will only force both of you apart. Be serious about the relationship and work together as a couple instead of two individuals.

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Moving in with your boyfriend is just like getting married, without the license. Keep these 15 tips in mind and your next step together will be a walk in the clouds. Get these wrong, and one of you could nip a perfect relationship in the bud.

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11 thoughts on “15 Things to Know Before Moving in With Your Boyfriend”

  1. Tess says:

    I need advice. So I have two boyfriends. One I knew since first grade and he’s really sweet, but he’s just not any fun in bed. He wants me to move in with him. And my other boyfriend is amazing in bed (or in any other convenient location), but he says he doesn’t feel ready to move in with me. Should I wait for the one I really really want?

  2. Kim says:

    I’ve been with my significant other for about 6 months, met him through my best friends husband which i thought that was pretty awesome. He is currently in the Army and we had the whole distance relationship going for about 3 months till i made the decision to move were he was because i truly believed he was the one. I came back home for about a month and being back at home made me start thinking if maybe i moved to fast and i began questioning everything like if it was really worth leaving school and starting over in a place i have no clue about. Half of my friends don’t really talk to me either because of i left and also he’s a bit jealous which is a big negative for me. Sometimes i get the idea that maybe he isn’t the one for me but then there’s those days that I’m just wow I’m the luckiest girl in the world. Then there are days were I’m just like man if i stayed and finished school i would be having a blast celebrating graduation. Im not sure if I’m feeling this way because i was back at home or if maybe i should just end things with him because I’m 2nd guessing everything. i guess the reason I’m writing to you is because i need someone to tell me that its just in my head.

  3. Kiki says:

    Tess, if you have two boyfriends, you have to ensure that both of them are aware that you have another relationship besides them. If they are not aware that you have two boyfriends, then you are cheating on them. It looks to me that you are not ready to move in with either of them. You sound very immature to be in a relationship, let alone moving in with some one.

  4. danell says:

    I’m moving in with my boyfriend again I need help on how to make this work this time. We dated 15 years I don’t think he will ever marry me his family went through a bad divorce they all bad. But um he left me a couple times in the past cause he will get a idea in his head I did something it is always something really bad and unforgivable the thing is I never did any of those things. So I have a paranoid boy

  5. Andee says:

    Tess, you’re an idiot.

  6. Nat says:

    Wow @Tess either that’s a joke or your immature, either way..if this is true, you should just be single.

    Anyway this post is very useful, I’ve been with my boyfriend for 3 years going on to 4 soon, we are planning on moving in together real soon and I will definitley keep this post in mind! Very helpful

  7. Steven says:

    @Tess is the very living example of lunacy in our society. You are too damn confused whom you should listen to,your vagina or your heart. But its vagina if you wish to listen then you better wait untill the one who satisfies you in bed is ready to move in with you.

  8. victoria says:

    Im barley 19 and my boyfriend just graduated high school (im a year older) well im moving from nc to virginia in a few months to be with my family. my boyfriend wants to move with me but wants to get our own apartment instead of living with my mother but im extremely nervous about that. any tips? would it be a good idea right away or should we live with my mom a couple months

  9. Katt says:

    Lol. SMH at Tess. That’s gotta be a kid!

    Great article

  10. bella1233 says:

    Tess you are a Moron!

  11. Tricy says:

    I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost seven years now. He live with his parents and I live with mine. He was recently offered a new job in another town about 2 hours away and will have to move. He wants us to move in together but I’m kinda skeptical. I’ve never lived away from home before and I have a daughter to consider. I also have a job that I’ve only been at for a year now. I really want to move with him but I’m so confused about it.

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