Reads for Women

hell hath no fury like a woman scorned
Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned: Don’t Be One, Really!

There’s not a woman alive who hasn’t had those crazy eyes spinning. Yes, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but don’t make us all look bad!

maid of honor
Maid of Honor Duties: 11 Things You HAVE to Do for the Big Day

You’ve been given the pleasure of having the title as maid of honor. But, if you think you just show up to the wedding and look pretty, you’re mistaken.

cute things to call your boyfriend

50 Cute Things to Call Your Boyfriend to Create Intimacy

Calling your boyfriend pet names may sound romantic to you, but it isn’t always for them. Here are 50 cute things to call your boyfriend that work.

how to know if you like a guy

How to Know if You Like a Guy: 15 Feelings You Can’t Fake

You’re confused. We’ve all been there. There’s a guy who you like. Maybe. Well, sort of. Well, you’re not sure. Here’s how to know if you like a guy.

should i marry him

Should I Marry Him? 17 Big Signs that Scream “Yes!”

You meet a man and fall in love. Your heart tells you all you need to know, but is love really enough? Are you left wondering, should I marry him?

girl problems

20 Real Girl Problems that Guys Will NEVER Understand

It’s no secret that guys and girls are different. But guys seem think they get how tough our lives can be… they’ll never understand these girl problems.

pretty pussy

Pretty Pussy Essentials: 14 Tips to Make It Purr with Delight

Have you ever wondered, “What makes a pretty pussy?” Any beaver is beautiful, but if you want to be more confident about it, try these simple steps.

the male gaze

The Male Gaze: How to Re-think It & Embrace Being a Woman

The male gaze is a term relating the way that artists and film presented women as nothing more than objects for men to gaze at. Fight it!

lesbian love

Lesbian Love – What it’s Really Like to Date a Woman

Have you ever been curious to find out what it is like to date a woman? Take a look below to find out just what lesbian love is all about!

no boyfriend no problem

No Boyfriend, No Problem: 13 Reasons to Love Your Single Life

No boyfriend, no problem! Being alone isn’t so bad. In fact, it’s kind of great. We’re giving you 13 reasons to love your single life.

slutty girls

Slutty Girls: 12 Positive Lessons We Can All Learn From Them

Why does it seem like everyone dislikes slutty girls? Maybe it’s because they haven’t figured out that slutty girls can teach some powerful lessons.

alpha female

The Alpha Female: 15 Alpha Qualities You Need to Unleash It!

An alpha female is the epitome of class. Knowing who she is and what she wants, we all have her living inside. We simply need to choose to let her out.