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Sporty Chick Fashion Statements

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Are you more into sports and outdoor activities than you are into makeup? Being fashionably sporty is all about being confident and suave without appearing like a damsel in distress. Are you the adventurous sporty chick?

Sporty Chick Fashion Statements - How to Dress Sporty - Celebrity

Celeb style: Jennifer Garner

Your poison: Appletini

Your perfume: Estee Lauder’s Pure White Linen Light Breeze. Feel the vibrant energy of summer all year long. This irresistible fragrance sparkles with the bouquet of a fresh green garden, Darjeeling Tea, Bergamot, rose, acacia and honey.

Your favorite accessory: Headband

Beach: Waikiki beach, Hawaii

You are a girl next door. A day at the beach is not spent on a blanket or under a beach umbrella. A good day for you is spent in the water or at the beach playing volleyball.

You may not be found in frills and girlie pinks, but are extremely talented and confident around people. You hate damsels in distress, but you sure are a confident and energetic girl who can be suave and sophisticated when you need to hitch a man.

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