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How to Follow Fashion Trends

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Fashion trends are fun, and some can even make us look great and glamorous, but are all fashion trends worth following? Or do all trends match perfectly with all of us? How to follow fashion trends the right way? Find out here.

“Maybe if you act like that, would that guy call you back? Do you want to be a stupid girl?” – Pink

How to Follow Fashion Trends

Everybody knows, though they might not want to accept it, that some trends are for everyone, and some for no one. We all want to be thought of as beautiful and feel alive, but to what lengths are we willing to go to achieve this?

Fashion trends may come and trends may go but they can cause some long term damages too, especially if you follow fashion trends in the wrong way.

Take a look at history. We have always been inclined to partake in dangerous things just for the sake of complying with the social norms of the period.

The ghost of fashion trends past is the corset, made elegant by Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge and Dita Von Teese in just about anything she wears. A whalebone and metal torture instrument suffered silently by women from the early 16th to the mid 19th century.

A 1874 rant lists 97 diseases produced by corsets “according to the testimony of eminent medical men”. The alleged symptoms of following fashion trends like the corset ranged from impaired breathing and circulation to heightened hysteria and melancholy, to the inability to breast feed properly and the danger of miscarriage or deformed offspring. The heaving bosoms and fainting of your favorite Victorian heroine was probably because of the lack of oxygen rather than “a delicate constitution”.

Another dangerous historical fashion trend was the poisonous lead based makeup of 17th century Europe. The tone of your skin was associated with your class. The paler you were, the more aristocratic you became. The aristocracy therefore went to extreme measures to ensure their alabaster tone with a mixture of lead and vinegar called ceruse, which was applied to the face, neck and bosom.

Delicate veins were then painted (go figure) to imitate veins, and imply a general air of delicateness. Unfortunately, this supposed beauty was fleeting as the mixture of vinegar and lead would poison the wearer slowly, leading to skin lesions, rotting teeth, hair loss and death. Women in those days were thought to be past their prime at 20 and old by 30!

One would think that we’d learn our lesson from the mistakes made but apparently not. Let’s take a look at the killer fashion trends of today.


Made popular by celebs like Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie, huge sunglasses seem to be an enduring trend, but make you look increasingly like a fly than a diva. Why cover up your whole face?

The Risks

While protecting your eyes from the sun, huge sunglasses actually lower peripheral vision. Most of us opt for lenses so dark we might as well be driving in the night with no headlights.

How to Avoid It

Alternatively, you could wear lighter shades with a lower rim that covers your eyes but shows your beautiful face too.

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