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Flirty Girlie Fashion Statements

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Are you a flirty, fun loving girl who loves sugar and spice, and everything nice? If you’re looking at making a cute fashion statement, look no further.

Lingerie- Paris Hilton- Flirty Girlie Fashion Statements - How to Dress Flirty and Girly

Celeb style: Paris Hilton

Your poison: Sex on the beach

Your perfume: DKNY Be Delicious, this juicy fragrance combines the scent of apple with a sophisticated blend of exotic flowers and sensual woods.

Favorite accessory: Charm bracelet

Beach: Venice beach, California

A wink here, a smile there, and a flirty touch now and then. You like the attention and you know how to get it. You have a casual, fun vibe around you that guys love. Your day at the beach is all about sunning in the sand, scoping for guys, or talking to a group of drooling hotties.

You like it when a man plays the protector around you, and indulges in all your whims and fancies. Cute as a button, you know all the moves to floor your man with delicate tenderness and girliness.

You’re fun to be with, and every guy feels great when he’s around you. You make him feel wanted, and he would love you and worship you for that.

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