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Classic Beauty Fashion Statements

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How to be chic and classy, with just the perfect hint of sophistication and classic retro statements? If the good old days of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe are what you yearn for and love, then perhaps it’s time to make a bold fashion statement with these accessories.

Classic Beauty Fashion Statements - Dressing Classy and Retro

Celeb style: Audrey Hepburn, Kate Walsh

Your poison: Martini

Your perfume: Chanel No.5, classic and subtle with top notes of ylang ylang and neroli, a touch of jasmine and rose and a hint of sandalwood.

Favorite accessory: Wide floppy hats

Beach: Hampton beach, New Hampshire

You are the elegant, sophisticated beauty. A trip to the beach for you, is most likely a classy social event and you look perfect for the part.

You are a strong woman who isn’t wavered by the changing fads of fashion. You love making a chic fashion statement, and you’re everyone’s sweetheart. You know your manners and you definitely know what to say without mincing words.

You are a bold statement, and yet, one that mingles gracefully and effortlessly in any crowd.

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