Will He Come Back? 15 Subtle Signs He’s Gonna Come Back Real Soon

will he come back

Will he come back? The only way you really know is if you let him go. But don’t complain to me if he doesn’t come back. But, really, they always come back.

Unless you’ve been some heinous person, you shouldn’t worry about will he come back or not. I once had a guy talk to me about the women in his life and he said to me, “I never stress, they always come back.” And, you know, they actually do. Okay, maybe you won’t end up back with them, but they’ll come back at least to see what their options are with you.

Will he come back?

Now once they come back, there’s a different question you’ll be asking yourself. Do I want them back? You may have realized you were better off without them or that you’ve outgrown them. It’s normal because you’re human.

Listen, I know it’s clichéd, but, if you let the bird go, it flies back to you.

If you haven’t caught on yet, that bird is a guy. And if he’s showing these signs, there’s a good chance you’ll hear from him.

#1 He always brings up the past. People don’t bring up the past until they want to fix it. Have you ever had a fight with your friend and not spoken for a couple weeks? What happens?

Someone breaks the silence and brings the fight up because they want to move past it. If they don’t care, they don’t bring it up. [Read: 15 ways to get a guy to like you again: Works like a charm!]

#2 He initiates contact. This is actually a big one. It takes a lot for a guy to break his pride and make the first step. So, if he does that, it really means he wants to make an effort and clear some things up or try the relationship out again.

Or… it could also mean that he misses sex with you and is willing to take the first step to getting some ass. Remember, we’re all animals.

#3 He reacts when around you. You see his whole demeanor change when he’s around you. Maybe he’s nervous, maybe he isn’t speaking to other girls, or maybe he goes completely opposite and tries to hit on anything that moves. But he’s not himself around you and you know that. [Read: Is your ex still thinking of you? Subtle signs your ex can’t hide]

#4 He laughs when around you. If you can still make him laugh when he’s around you, he’s still interested. I never laugh at my exes—the ones that I don’t want. I mean, I laugh at them, but not with them, there’s a big difference.

#5 He pulls out some mind-games. Guys are all about games and so are girls. But you don’t play games unless you want that person. Game playing means you care to some extent. So, if he’s trying to play games with you, you know he cares. [Read: Enough is enough! How to quit playing relationship games]

#6 It’s all about social media. I never thought social media would be so influential on these type of things, but it is. Liking your photos, statuses, Instagram photos—these are all ways to poke you and get your attention.

You know this… that’s why you posted that hot selfie of yourself yesterday. Keep it going, girl.

#7 He’s present. You may not think he’s there, but he’s there and fully present. If he’s always around, on your social media, talking to your friends and family—he’s there and waiting for the moment to talk to you.

#8 You feel it. You’re a woman and if we women know anything, it’s intuition. You feel it. Listen, the last guy to break my heart was four months ago, and I still feel that he’s going to contact me. Can I explain the feeling? No, but I just feel it.

#9 Your break up wasn’t well thought out. You know, sometimes you’re just so fed up with his shit that you explode and end it. Did you really want to end it? Of course not, but things happen. Not all break ups are well thought out and logical. [Read: Getting back together? Slow and steady wins the race]

#10 He finds a reason to see you. You left your toothbrush at his house and he wants to give it back. Do you already have a new one? Yes, but that’s not the point. He wants to see you again so that he has a chance to talk things out and make them better.

#11 He does the classic drunk call/text. Oh come on, this couldn’t be more obvious. The guy clearly likes you. If he pulls a drunk call, he’s done. The cat’s out of the bag, he lost the game. Now, what really matters is if he’s going to message you when he’s sober. [Read: Should you text your ex? The complete guide to help you decide]

#12 He talks to your friends. When I break up with someone, I usually stop talking to their friends, unless, we were all mutual friends to begin with. But, the truth is, friends take sides, that’s just what happens. But if he’s still talking to your friends, he doesn’t want to let go of you.

#13 You’ve been through this before. If you’re the couple to break up and get back together again, well, then I’m not sure why you worry. This will probably happen another hundred times.

But, if this is happening, maybe you should ask yourself why and if this pain is really worth it. [Read: 10 reasons you shouldn’t be in an on-off relationship]

#14 He’s commenting on your social media. I mean, he might as well call you if this is the case. If he’s commenting on all your photos or writing on your statuses, he’s obviously there.

If he’s writing on your friend’s statuses, this is just an attempt to get your attention. It’s probably working. But, don’t contact him first. [Read: 16 signs your ex wants you back in their life]

#15 He keeps in contact with your family. Why would anyone keep in contact with their ex’s family? I mean, your relationship would need to be extremely close in order for that to happen. Also, after a while, if they move on, the contact slowly decreases. But if he’s still talking to your brothers, he isn’t letting go.

[Read: 10 signs you should get back with your ex]

If he’s showing these signs, you won’t have to ask yourself “Will he come back?” I wouldn’t even worry, it’ll just be a matter of time, so be patient and focus on yourself.

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