30 Subtle, Obvious and Really Sexy Flirting Tips for Girls

flirting tips for girls

Want to get a guy’s attention? Or do you want to get him hard? Here are 30 subtle, obvious and sexual flirting tips to do all that and a lot more!

Flirting’s a game that’s played back and forth.

You can’t flirt with someone unless they’re flirting back with you.

But depending on the guy and how well you know him, there are always ways to get him flirting with you no matter what.

But if you don’t know the guy just yet, use these tips on how to get a guy to notice you and fall for you before using these flirting tips.

Flirting tips for girls

When you’re a girl, it’s easy to flirt with a guy and get him to respond to you.

But never overdo yourself before he shows his reciprocation towards you.

Always make a guy feel like he’s doing the hard work and he’ll show more of an interest in you.

A guy’s mind is simple. He wants the attention of all attractive women. If he knows you like him already, he’ll lose interest in wooing you or impressing you.

If it seems too obvious that you like him already, he knows that he doesn’t have to work harder to get your attention and he’ll forget all about the chase.

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The three kinds of flirting

Want to know the right way to flirt with a guy without overdoing it or losing all chances of making him fall for you? Keep these three types of flirting in mind.

But if you’re the kind of girl who’s too shy *or like being yourself*, then read these 10 tips on how to flirt with a guy without really flirting at all!

#1 Subtle flirting. If you don’t know a guy too well, always be subtle while flirting with him. He has to know you’re interested in him, but he should never realize you’ve fallen hard for him already.

#2 Obvious flirting. Once a guy starts flirting back or tries to get your attention, it’s completely acceptable to start flirting more obviously with him. While subtle flirting may make him wonder if you like him, obvious flirting moves will let him see that you’re definitely interested in him in a more-than-just-friends kind of way.

#3 Sexual flirting. Sexual flirting is right there at the top of the flirting ladder. It can be outrageous and overtly sexual, and as long as you’ve built the sexual tension up, it’ll make any guy want to do things to you right there.

You can sexually flirt with a guy anywhere you like, but as a word of caution, indulge in sexual flirting only when it’s just the both of you and no one else around. If other guys do see you, sexual flirting can come off as a slutty thing, and it may not help your goody two shoes image with the rest of the guys. [Read: How to be a seductress without being obvious]

After all, all guys absolutely love girls who seem coy and cute at first sight, and turn out to be wild cats in privacy. So keep it that way and you’ll have an easier time getting any great guy’s attention. [Read: Why are guys so attracted to shy girls?]

So how do you go about using these flirting tips? Well, start slow and subtle, get cute, take a more obvious turn and if you’re really sexually attracted to him, use the sexual flirting tips to turn him on in no time!

10 subtle flirting tips for girls to get him interested

Still getting to know a guy?  Use these 10 subtle flirting tips to draw him to you and fall for you without even realizing it.

#1 Smile happily while talking to him or waving out to him. And giggle now and then coyly at his jokes.

#2 Stare deeply like you want him while talking to him. And glance at him now and then when he’s not close, but look away when he looks at you. It’s all about making him curious. [Read: 10 eye contact flirting moves that always work]

#3 Whisper in his ear like you have a secret to tell him when both of you are alone in a crowded place. Just make sure your lips *accidentally* touch his ears.

#4 Lean on him with an excuse while talking to him by adjusting your heel, or losing your balance, or while walking through a crowd.

#5 Flick your hair to the other side slowly with one hand while talking to him. Guys are suckers for this move.

#6 Act cute when you talk to him. Keep your finger on your lip while thinking, or blush now and then. [Read: 25 ways to look cute and melt a guy’s heart]

#7 Compliment him and speak highly about anything he does. He’ll love spending time with you. And make sure you ask for his help now and then, he’ll feel more manly around you.

#8 When you’re walking away after a conversation with him, turn around and look at him, smile flirtily and walk away. This move always makes goodbyes feel so romantic!

#9 Play with something slowly and sensually as you talk to him. You can use a glass, a pen or even the corner of your shirt or your hair. Just be subtle though, unless you want to get sexy with him. [Read: 20 things that turn a guy on sexually when he sees a girl]

#10 Touch him gently on his arm or shoulder while talking to him, or tap him from behind when you surprise him from the back. This is very subtle and yet very memorable.

10 obvious flirting tips for girls to let him know you’re interested in him

Do you know the guy well? Or have you warmed him up to liking you by using the subtle flirting tips? Use these tips to raise the temperature.

#1 Place your palm on his cheek or jawbone while complimenting him for something he’s done especially for you. It’ll make him work harder towards doing more nice things for you. [Read: How to talk to a guy and make him like you]

#2 When both of you are standing together, clasp his hand gently while saying something close to his ear. It’ll seem accidental, but his heart will still skip a beat.

#3 Find an excuse and bend down low in front of him. Pretend to be busy and allow him to take a good peek down your cleavage. Look up suddenly and catch him doing it. Taunt him for it and make him feel awkward. It’ll build the sexual tension up in no time because both of you know he’s interested in your body.

#4 While sitting next to him or across him, slide your foot closer and ever so slightly touch his foot while appearing busy doing something else. Pretend like you haven’t noticed though. Every guy loves a flirty accidental footsie. You can do the same thing with your arms or shoulders too.

#5 Give him a lingering, soft hug while saying goodbye. But make sure you’ve lifted your chest high enough for him to feel your breasts against his body. [Read: The reason behind why guys like breasts like crazy]

#6 Flaunt yourself. If you’re wearing something rather exciting, ask him what he thinks of your new short dress, your legs or even your cleavage. “You don’t think my shirt’s too low, do you?” is a great line with a naughty answer waiting around the corner.

#7 When you’re sitting with him and there’s no one else, tell him something personal about your body and appear awkward about it. Wearing a short skirt and saying “you know, I have a mole on my thigh” will always make him wish he could sneak a peek through your short skirt.

#8 Talk softly about something romantic or sexy while sitting with him. Turn towards him slowly when he’s next to you, and say “why are you staring at me like you want to kiss me?”

Put him in a spot without ever revealing that you want to kiss him. His sexual awkwardness in the moment may make him bolder and he may end up saying that he actually wants to kiss you. [Read: 6 ways to get any guy to kiss you when you want him to]

#9 Scribble a note on a paper napkin for him and give it to him after kissing the paper with your lipstick stained lips. It’s bold, but if you want to be obvious, do it.

But want something more subtle? Use a paper napkin and press it over your lips to pale the shade of your lipstick. Use the same note to write something for him on the other side, and pretend like you didn’t realize it’s the same stained napkin. He’ll definitely think about kissing that paper napkin when you’re gone!

#10 Ask him to sniff your new perfume on your hand. But don’t use any perfume on your hands! When he says he’s not getting any fragrance, pretend like you’re surprised and ask him to smell your neck for the fragrance. A slight accidental nudge when he’s sniffing you could make him plant a kiss on your neck. By accident, of course!

You could also wear a low tee if you want him to take a peek when you tilt your face upwards and stretch your neck for him to smell your fragrance. [Read: How to keep a guy interested in you in 30 super sexy ways]

10 sexual flirting tips to get him hard and sexually excited

Being subtle or obvious is one thing, but sexual flirting is a whole new sexy game. Try these tips to turn a guy on, or do something a lot more. It’s bold, but really, what else could you expect from sexual flirting?!

#1 Place your hand on his thigh while talking to him. Let it linger for a bit, but while taking your hand off his thigh, move your fingers closer towards his package for just a fraction of a second before taking your hand away.

#2 When you’re saying goodbye to him, give him a hug and kiss him on either sides of his cheek. But as you kiss him in a hurry, kiss really close to his lips or actually kiss the corner of his lips before walking away. You’ll definitely leave him feeling stretched in his pants. [Read: How to kiss a guy for the first time and turn him on immediately]

#3 Grind him if you’re clubbing with him. Even if you’re in a elevator, try to stand in front of him and use the crowd as an excuse to press your butt against his package *accidentally*. [Read: How to grind with a guy sexily and discreetly]

#4 Walk up from behind him and say hi, and place your hand almost on his butt, but just a little higher than that. Don’t try to take your hand off quickly. Slide it away as slowly as possible.

#5 Compliment him sexually. Tell him his pants make his ass look sexy. Or turn that into a question. When you’re sitting with him, go close to him, smile mischievously and ask him if he’s having an erection because his pants seem stretched and his crotch seems big.

#6 Sexual text flirting. This is a sure fire way to get into each other’s pants. Text him late at night and talk flirty with him. It’ll definitely go somewhere sexual within a few days. [Read: How to text flirt with a friend and do more]

#7 If both of you have gone out together at night, take his car keys and drop it down your shirt and into your bra while walking towards his car, accidentally or obviously.

You can say a ‘oops’ or give him a flirty grin and ask him to help you take it out. It doesn’t matter who takes it out because what he’ll remember is the fact that his car keys just touched your breasts and how he’s holding those lucky keys.

#8 Tell him you had a dream where both of you were making out with each other. [Read: How to make out with a guy like a sex goddess]

#9 Go out with him and spill something like ketchup or chocolate on your tee shirt. Luckily for you, carry a spare tee shirt in your bag. When he’s dropping you home, get into the backseat of his car, ask him to look away while you change your tee shirt. He’ll definitely take a peek, and you can make sure you give him an eyeful.

Want to take this a notch higher in the scale of sexual flirting? Take your bra off while changing into your new tee shirt. [Read: 10 sexy ways to seduce a guy who isn’t yours yet]

#10 Take him shopping with you. Leave a few buttons unbuttoned when you come out of the dressing room. Or try something rather revealing and tell him you’re feeling awkward to come out because the shirt is see through, and ask him to take a peek through the dressing room curtain and give his suggestion. You could also give him a little peek while changing by pretending like you didn’t notice he was still around!

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And that’s how it’s done! It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for subtle, obvious or sexual flirting tips. As long as you know what stage of flirting you’re indulging in with a guy, these are all the tips you’d need to get him interested and eventually turn him on and do a lot more too!

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9 thoughts on “30 Subtle, Obvious and Really Sexy Flirting Tips for Girls”

  1. Clarisse says:

    I love it! I so love it!

    Gosh, these flirting tips are so cute and sexy! I always thought I knew everything about flirting, but my oh my, you girls know you’re stuff. These tips are so perfect in every way, be it the subtle tips, the obvious tips or even the oh-so-sexy tips.

    Of all the tips I enjoyed reading, the sexual tips were a blast. Some of them are oh-so-risque but yet oh-so-good. I can’t wait to use these sexual flirting tips when I’m with a guy. I can only imagine how hard he’d get just being around me! Lol!

  2. Christian says:

    I’m a guy and trust me, all of those tips are really, really good and work perfectly. I wish I could find an article like this but for guys =/.

  3. James says:

    As I guy I have to say this type of flirtation is disgusting… Seriously, bring him a bacon sandwich and a coffee in the morning and he will drop his trousers, because that’s the end goal isn’t it? None of this is required!

  4. Unspecified says:

    “#3 Find an excuse and bend down low in front of him. Pretend to be busy and allow him to take a good peek down your cleavage. Look up suddenly and catch him doing it. Taunt him for it and make him feel awkward. It

  5. liss says:

    Althogh I found some of the tips useful, I think many are sexist and I’m not into that. If you are shy, behave as if you were shy, if you’re not, then don’t. Don’t act like someone you’re not, because if you want a longer relationship, the guy probably wants to know who YOU are and not who you’re trying to be. You can’t fake a certain personality type your whole life.
    This article makes it look like women have to be little innocent girls who will do anything for their man, while men look like they have no brain and only think about sex.

    The more neutral tips were good, though.

  6. Milly:) says:

    Oh wow, these are good tips! Just have to actually ‘get fit’ and get up the nerve to try these out. Looking forward to it. I’m not even being manipulative or making him feel awkward as we are pretty good-natured and flirt anyway:P

  7. Manish Yadav says:

    really good tips shared here. Some of the tips are really good and helpful

  8. Katie Hill says:

    just a tease. not “OH MY GOD WHY WERE YOU LOOKING AT ME? FUCKING PIG”” but more like in a soft voice: “Michael… were you looking down my top? Naughty…”

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