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Sensitive Men Macho Men
15 Unexpected Benefits of Dating Sensitive Men Versus Macho Men

Although men can be defined as more than being emotional or macho, they still fall under the two categories. Here’s why sensitive men might be better.

should i give him a second chance
Should I Give Him a Second Chance or Should It be Truly Over?

There are times when you should give someone another chance and times to end it for good. Should I give him a second chance? Here’s how to decide.

what do you look for in a guy

Check That Checklist: What Do You Look for in a Guy?

If your only requirements around what do you look for in a guy is tall, dark, and handsome, well, you need to expand that list. Not sure where to start?

lesbian dating tips

15 Lesbian Dating Tips for the Newly Out Lez

“How do I date girls?” If you’re fresh out of the closet, this may be one of your first questions. Here are some of the best lesbian dating tips to use.

what to look for in a guy

What to Look For in a Guy: 20 Things That Matter Beyond Looks

Physical attraction can bring two people together, but that doesn’t always make for a healthy relationship. Here’s what to look for in a guy.

i want a boyfriend

I Want a Boyfriend! 19 Tweaks to Bring the Perfect Guy to You

Want to be single no more? If you want a boyfriend, then read up on these tips so you can find the right guy for you—now.

dating a divorced man

Dating a Divorced Man? 14 Tough Truths to Make It Work

Do you believe that “men are parking spaces because all the best ones are taken”? Dating a divorced man means newly vacated slots. But is it worth it?

Boring Boyfriend

Yawn! What to Do When You’re Stuck with a Boring Boyfriend

Not every guy is super exciting and entertaining. Some are really boring! If you feel like you’re stuck with a boring boyfriend, this is what to do.

Songs to Dedicate to Your Boyfriend

25 Songs to Dedicate to Your Boyfriend for Every Occasion

Sometimes, you can have trouble expressing your true feelings with your own words. That’s why these songs to dedicate to your boyfriend can be so powerful.

text the guy you like

Totally Crushing? Must-Know Secrets to Text the Guy You Like

Want to text the guy you like but aren’t sure what to say? Before you press send, check out these 10 simple tips to make sure your message is perfect.

Unavailable Men

Unavailable Men: How to Recognize Them and Avoid Heartache

To avoid the heartbreak of falling for unavailable men, here is how to recognize when a man is unavailable, and what to do about it if you fall for one.

nice girls

Turning Him Down Politely: A Guide for Nice Girls

Saying no can be awkward, especially when declining dates. We’re giving you the best tips in our guide for nice girls to politely turn down men.

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