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signs of a weak man in a relationship
11 Big Signs of a Weak Man in a Relationship that May Surprise You

When we date, we always look for a strong man, but most of us don’t even know the signs of a weak man in a relationship, and why it actually matters.

why do guys ghost
Why Do Guys Ghost? 15 Real Reasons Guys Turn into Cowardly Pricks

Ghosting was not always so popular, but it seems as soon as the idea of being a gentleman was gone so was dating etiquette. So why do guys ghost?

how to get a guy to commit

How to Get a Guy to Commit and Pledge His Loyalty to Only You

It isn’t always easy to learn how to get a guy to commit – especially if he’s a stubborn one. These tips will help you get and keep his loyalty card.

good morning texts for him

60 Good Morning Texts for Him to Leave Him Feeling Loved & Adored

Show your man you’ve been dreaming about him all night and start his day off right with these 60 good morning texts for him.

saying i love you too soon

Is He Saying “I Love You” Too Soon? 14 Signs He Doesn’t Mean It

It’s your third date and he whispers, “I know it’s crazy—but I love you.” Is he saying I love you too soon? And do you say it back or dump him?

how to handle your depressed boyfriend

How to Handle Your Depressed Boyfriend With Love and Support

Having a depressed boyfriend is not as detrimental to your relationship as you might think. Here’s how to handle his condition and come out stronger.

dating an alpha male

Dating an Alpha Male: 10 Tips to Remember for Happily Ever After

If you’re the type who loves dating an alpha male, there are a few things you’ll have to keep in mind if you want it to work. Here’s what to remember.

signs of a player

20 Wily Signs of a Player that Can Stop You from Being Played

No one wants to be played, but if you don’t spot the signs of a player, it is easy to get sucked in. Look for these subtle signs that say his game is on.

weird questions to ask a guy

15 Weird Questions to Ask a Guy to Show Off Your Fun & Goofy Side

When it comes to getting a guy, you want to show him you can get a little goofy. These weird questions to ask a guy will let him know how fun you are.

clingy boyfriend

Clingy Boyfriend: How to Survive His Attachment and Make Him Stop

Having a clingy boyfriend is both annoying and upsetting. Here’s how to make him stop and help your relationship survive his behavior.

first date tips for women

15 First Date Tips for Women Who Actually Want to Win Him Over

First dates are important. If you mess it up, you could ruin your chances at something great. These first date tips for women will help you snap him.

random questions to ask a guy

30 Random Questions to Ask a Guy and Break the Awkward Silence

First dates are awkward enough as it is. So, if you’re on one, you want to have some random questions to ask a guy, just in case things go quiet.

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