45 Traits & Things Guy Notice First and Find Sexy & Attractive About a Girl

Are you looking to make a guy fall head over heels for you? It’s easy to be irresistibly sexy to a guy if you know the right tips and tricks!

what guys notice first about a girl

If you’ve ever asked yourself what guys notice first about a girl or what guys find sexy about a girl, every guy has a different preference. Since we all have different attractions, what one guy notices will be different from what another guy notices.

Some guys notice physical appearance first, while others notice the more subtle aspects like your personality and characteristics. As we said, attraction is a subjective thing, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.

However, if you’re looking for a general list of things guys notice first about a sexy woman, you’ve come to the right place. [Read: What turns a guy on? 51 subtle sexual turn-ons that arouse men in seconds!]

How first impressions make an impact

When making an impact on a *particularly cute* stranger, leaving a good first impression is everything. Since they don’t know you, how else are you getting their attention?

So if you know what guys notice first, then you’ll know which parts of yourself you should make an effort on.

For instance, if you know that guys notice a girl’s smile first, you won’t be as shy in showing your smile off to the world. After all, happiness is a very attractive thing for anyone, and even doing something as mundane as smiling at a stranger can make him notice you!

We know everyone says that first impressions don’t matter. But in this regard, they really do. *After all, we are talking about first impressions here!*

Until they get to develop a connection with you, first impressions are all you have to get guys to notice you. [Read: Importance of first impressions – secrets to help you make a good one]

First impressions: What guys notice first when they see a girl

As sad as it is that we’re judged based on our appearances, that’s the way the world is. If you want to score yourself a mate, you’re going to have to play the game.

Here are the most important traits and things you can use to grab your crush’s, or that cute guy at the bar’s, attention.

1. Your smile

Smiles make the world go round. If he’s really interested in you, he’ll notice everything about your smile, from your dimples to the way you bite your lip. Always remember the saying, “Never frown, because you never know who’s falling in love with your smile.”

Guys get hooked when they see girls smile, so the next time you want to impress that cute guy in the corner, smile at him! [Read: 17 life secrets to smile more often, feel great, and laugh your stress away]

2. Your laugh

Unless you went to an uptight finishing school, your laugh is something you can’t really control. Even if you sound like a cow, he’ll probably find it cute if he likes you. If you want to know what guys notice first about a girl, it has everything to do with her laugh.

Even if you’re insecure about how your laugh sounds, we assure you it’s probably going to still sound attractive and adorable to guys.

3. Your eyes

Your eyes are the windows to the soul, so it’s not surprising that this is one of the endearing qualities that catch a guy’s eye.

You’re really not doing any good by avoiding eye contact so go on, look at the guy you like, and give him some eye action *just don’t be creepy doing it*!

4. Your hair

Unless you’re meeting in the middle of the rainforest, he’ll definitely notice your hair. Your hair is one of the most attractive things about you, so a bad hair day is definitely not the way to win a guy’s attention.

Don’t forget to fix your hair, get your hair cut, and do whatever it takes to have a great hair day! [Read: How to look cute – 25 ways to exude cuteness & melt any guy’s heart]

5. Your scent

Guys notice everything about a girl, even things that can’t be seen. Just like girls are attracted to guys when they smell good and groom themselves properly, the same goes for guys! [Read: Copulins – A woman’s secret smell that drives men wild with desire]

However, your perfume shouldn’t be too strong, as that can also throw guys off.

Find the perfect balance between smelling great and not having to overpower the room with your fragrance. In fact, some guys get turned on enough by your natural scent. [Read: How to pick the perfect perfume and smell great!]

6. Your style

Turns out, your sense of style will tell him everything he needs to know about you. He’s probably not going to notice or care that you’re carrying a limited-edition Louis Vuitton tote, but he is going to notice if you show up at a party in a t-shirt that’s only suitable to be used as a rag.

If you really want to know what guys notice first about a girl, what they wear is up there, so don’t hesitate to dress up and look good for yourself.

We guarantee that he’s bound to notice this, even as a stranger. It also gives him a sense of your personality just by looking at your personal style. [Read: 33 ways to look pretty naturally and make a guy’s heart skip a beat]

7. Your teeth

Bad teeth are a surefire sign of bad hygiene. You may be the hottest girl on the planet, but if you have wonky and stained teeth, there’s no way he’s going to stay interested.

Your teeth are the first thing he notices when you smile and laugh, so book a dentist appointment if you want to give a powerful first impression to that cute guy!

8. Your body

It might seem superficial to you, but your body is one of the first things a guy notices. Hey, you’re the one who really wants to know what guys first notice about a girl!

Guys notice women’s bodies. So, if you have great legs, put on a short skirt. If you’ve got great boobs, be sure to show off your cleavage.

Highlight your assets, and you’ll definitely catch his attention. Right now, your physical attributes are all you have to catch his attention until he gets to know your personality.

9. Your skin

In addition to your teeth and scent, your skin is another indication of your personal hygiene. If you’ve got really bad skin, he’s going to assume that you can’t be bothered to look after yourself. Your skin health and care is an investment as it shows how you can take care of yourself.

Don’t skip your skincare routine if you want to give a great first impression to a guy. You don’t need to have glass-like skin, but at least have decent skin that looks attractive enough.

Also, how much makeup you have on plays a role in attraction as well. Most guys don’t appreciate layers of makeup, as they hide your natural glow. Natural beauty really is everything for guys. [Read: How to look younger – capture the fountain of youth in 15 steps]

10. Your personality

This is assuming he has the courage to come up and talk to you, of course. In the same way you don’t appreciate snobby and arrogant guys, men aren’t interested in chasing an aloof, uncaring woman.

Your personality is everything because you might have beauty, but guys won’t be compelled to talk to you or even get to know you if you have an undesirable personality.

They’ll just walk away entirely without wanting to talk to you again. So when trying to find what guys notice first about a girl, make sure you have a charming personality once you share your first conversation together. [Read: Why don’t guys hit on me? 21 secrets to be way more approachable]

11. How you communicate

If you think that communication doesn’t play a part in what guys notice first about a girl, that’s where you’re wrong.

Are you loud and aggressive? Gentle and soft-spoken? Getting drunk, being loud, and behaving like one of the dudes will not score you any points.

In a way, this also comes back to your personality. But before talking to them, make sure the way you communicate isn’t too aggressive in a way that’ll turn them off.

12. The people you’re with

Always keep in mind that your friends are a reflection of you. If he’s unable to get close enough to meet you or is too shy to do so, how you interact with your friends and how they behave will tell him everything he needs to know.

You’re the average of the five people you spend most of your time with, so be sure that you pick the right set of friends if you want him to notice you. [Read: The Cheerleader effect and why you look better around others]

Don’t be surprised if a guy comes up and talks to you because he’s drawn to the way you look but walks away once he gets to know you a bit better.

Whether you’re aiming for cute or sexy, he’s going to notice everything and will only decide if he wants to take things a step further once he has all the facts. [Read: What guys look for in a girl – 26 things men like more than appearances]

13. Your confidence

Believe it or not, the way she holds herself plays a part in what guys notice first about a girl.

Even if he barely knows you, confidence is something you can see even from miles away. There’s just something about confidence that plays a big part in what attracts guys.

You know what they say, confidence is sexy. So don’t slouch your shoulders and make your insecurities obvious—hold your head up high and feel confident. Own who you are, and guys will notice you naturally.

14. How you walk

Some girls walk awkwardly no matter what they wear, and others can own their walk even if they’re just wearing a crop top and sweatpants. Be the latter if you want to make a powerful first impression on a guy.

How you walk is everything to them, and that’ll definitely grab their attention. Also, maybe don’t wear heels if you can’t walk confidently in them, it just makes you look even more awkward!

15. Your mouth

Your lips and mouth are important as well, and it’s definitely one of the first things guys notice about a girl too. While wearing lipstick or lipgloss can help highlight your lips, don’t be too bold about it.

Remember what we said about guys wanting a natural look? Don’t be too extreme with your lip makeup in attracting a guy. [Read: 34 VERY desirable traits men want, like, and find attractive in a woman]

What guys find sexy about a girl

Use these little details that guys find sexy and attractive about you to woo the guy you like and get his attention in no time.

1. Making small glances at him

If you like a guy or are trying to get his attention, don’t just look away or stare blatantly at him. You may get his attention, but he’ll be bored soon.

Instead, learn to look at him the right way. Entice him with your eyes, make his heart skip a beat, and then look away—he’ll fall harder and faster than you think. A small glance is definitely something that guys find sexy about a girl. [Read: Subtle eye contact flirting tips that work!]

2. Blushing

There are many reasons why a girl might blush. If your blushing just so happens to come from his flirting or teasing, he finds you incredibly adoring.

It’s cute, adorable, and innocent, and shows a sensitive and soft side of you. What’s not to love when a girl blushes?!

3. Having a sense of humor

We’re pretty sure this is a favorite trait for everyone, regardless of gender. Listen, people love when others can make them laugh.

And they especially love people who laugh at their jokes *even when they aren’t funny*. See where we’re going with this?

Sharing a sense of humor with a guy is a huge turn-on. Laughing together deepens your connection and shows that you get one another.

Plus, sharing banter is a great flirting technique. Guys find something sexy about a girl who can use sarcasm! [Read: Playful banter – what it is, how to do it & secrets to keep the flirty talk going]

4. Goofing off every now and then

Like sharing a sense of humor, a guy loves when a girl can let go and be playful with him. Being able to let your hair down and have fun from time to time is an admirable trait.

It shows you’re confident, exciting, and that you don’t care who’s watching—you just want to have fun!

5. When you stretch

Even the most respectable guys would have a hard time taking their eyes off a girl who’s showing off a bit of skin *accidentally*.

If you want to catch a guy’s eye, just look around lazily, stretch your arms in the air like you’re bored, and reveal just a bit of your midriff. [Read: The 30 best subtle, obvious, and really sexy flirting tips for girls]

6. Wearing red

We’re sure you’ve heard it before: red is sexy. There have been countless studies on this topic, almost all of them concluding that women who wear red are more sexually desirable to men than those who don’t.

So whether you’re wearing a red dress or a simple red accessory, it’s a subtle way to be attention-grabbing and get a guy invested in you from across the room. This is undoubtedly something a guy finds sexy about a girl. [Read: 23 signs to know if someone is thinking of you sexually and desires you]

7. A crossbody purse

Do you carry a bag or a purse with a long strap? Position your purse strap in between your breasts and let the bag drop to one side of your body. This accentuates your chest and just makes you look a lot cuter and sexier!

8. Wearing high heels

High heels have a way of making your legs look longer and more attractive. And if you walk past a guy while wearing a pair of high heels, he won’t be able to stop his eyes from wandering from your feet all the way to your face. [Read: How to dress sexy – 29 subtle & classy ways to make them lust for you]

9. Being passionate

Showing enthusiasm and passion for something is an incredibly sexy trait. Your body glows, your cheeks slightly flush, and your energy levels increase. Not only is it impressive and amusing for guys to see, but it’s so attractive!

10. Reading glasses

Guys find girls who occasionally wear reading glasses really sexy. In a way, glasses make a girl look studious, intelligent, confident, and even a little mysterious.

11. Being intelligent

If you’re smart, show it off. You don’t need to dumb yourself down to impress a guy, even if most guys say they’d feel intimidated to date a girl who is a know-it-all.

As long as you don’t get a rush stomping dumb guys under your heels, your intelligence will always be a turn-on for guys. [Read: Should a girl ever dumb it down while impressing a guy?]

12. Being mysterious

Mysteriousness is sexy. Why? It is inviting. A mysterious girl has so much to uncover that guys want to learn more and more about her.

So, don’t reveal everything about yourself all at once to a guy just to impress him faster, because it won’t work.

Instead, lead him on with some things about you but remember to close off before revealing too much. This will keep him interested and wanting to know more.

13. Slow sips

Slowly sipping on a drink is a seduction technique that brings attention to your lips. Whatever you’re drinking, linger your lips on the cup and gaze up into his eyes. Trust us, it’ll drive him wild on the inside. [Read: 57 seduction secrets to seduce someone and make them feel horny around you]

14. Whispering to him

A whisper is an intimate moment shared with you and a guy that can absolutely make him fall head over heels for you. It’s subtle and secretive—two traits that are massive turn-ons.

Even if it’s not a naughty whisper, it still means a lot to him to have you up close in his personal space. But, of course, double points if it is a naughty whisper! Guys find it incredibly sexy when a girl can be subtly naughty. [Read: How to talk dirty – 36 sexy tips and 55 examples to turn anyone on with words]

15. Dancing

There is no doubt that dancing is immediately what guys notice first about a girl. After all, it’s a turn-on for guys!

It is so sexy watching a girl let loose and be unapologetically herself on the dance floor. Show off your body confidence and playfulness, girl! [Read: 18 secrets to give a sexy lap dance & leave your man wet in his shorts]

16. Having high energy

Guys are easily impressed by playful girls with a high energy level.

When you display the childish streak in you, by throwing a tantrum, yelling, or screaming excitedly for the smallest of things, a guy may cover his ears, but on the inside, he’ll still find you endearing and lovable.

17. Ordering a man’s drink

Men love girls who are intuitive and thoughtful. Being able to impress guys is what makes them find a girl so sexy.

It’s almost irresistible for a guy to hold a big grin back when he sees a cute girl order a guy’s drink and carry it well. And you’d definitely awe him too!

18. A bite of the lip

A lip bite can mean a million things, but most importantly, it’s suggestive. It is a huge turn-on when you leave some things up to a guy’s imagination, and a small bite of the lip does just that. [Read: Lip biting – what makes it so hot & secrets to make it way sexier!]

19. Hand-hearts across the room

Are you the girly girl who loves gesturing signs from across the room or while snapping pictures? Many guys love girls who behave in a cute way.

Use the inverted hand-heart gesture in front of a manly guy, and you’ll see him melt like butter.

20. Touchy flirting

Touch is intimate. It’s bold. And it’s just plain hot. When wondering what guys find sexy about a girl, it’s touch. Guys absolutely love when a girl is subtly touchy while flirting.

So walk up from behind the guy and slide your arm in between his elbow and his body, and give him a nudge with your shoulder or cling to his arm. [Read: How to flirt by touch & use subtle body language to seduce anyone]

21. Flying kisses

Flying kisses can seem snobby when it’s not followed by another gesture.

But it definitely looks attractive when you send a flying kiss from across the room, wrinkle your nose, and smile or wink at the guy. The cuteness overload is sure to melt his heart.

22. Eating something

Guys find it very cute when a girl’s eating something like ice cream or a cupcake. It’s even cuter if you drop a bit of food and clumsily try wiping it off your shirt. And it’s way sexier if you’re eating something big and long!

23. Playing with your hair

Simple yet seductive, playing with your hair is that guys will definitely notice first about a girl.

Twirling your hair with your finger can show that you’re concentrating on what he’s saying. Moving your hair to expose more of your face and neck can invite him to see more of your beautiful features. And tying your hair up just drives guys wild!

24. When you say ‘please’

When you walk past a guy or ask him to step aside, say, “Please,” and follow that up with a, “Thank you,” while making eye contact.

It seems casual, but it’ll still make that guy want to get to know you better or at least get to know your name. [Read: How to make a guy like you – 17 sweet ways to catch his eyes and heart]

25. Being nice to children

Even if you aren’t dating this guy or you are a couple but aren’t expecting kids anytime soon, guys love when girls are extremely sweet to little kids.

Not only is it cute when you’re sweet to random toddlers, but it highlights your gentleness and femininity.

26. Asking for help

If you want to get a guy to notice you and stroke his ego at the same time, ask him for help! Asking a guy for help makes him feel more like a man because men intuitively feel manlier when a girl behaves like a damsel in distress and asks for help.

It could be something simple, like asking for a pen, reaching out for something, or opening something. What guys find incredibly sexy about girls is when they rely on them from time to time. [Read: Damsel in distress – why men find women who ask for help irresistible]

27. Befriending his friends

Our friends mean everything to us, so it’s no surprise that what guys notice first about a girl is when she befriends his friends.

Plain and simple, it’s hot when a girl can get along with the guys in a friendly and playful way. It shows you care about his friend group and you aren’t afraid of being yourself with him.

Plus, by befriending his friends, he essentially gets the seal of approval from his most trusted group. Double win!

28. When you outsmart him

Listen, every guy thinks he’s the smartest person in the room. That’s why they immediately notice a girl when she uses her intelligence to beat him at his own game.

As long as you’re not being a know-it-all, don’t shy from telling him what’s right or not.

29. Being independent

Yes, guys love when you ask for their help, but it is an incredibly attractive trait when a woman is independent.

It takes a confident and secure woman to take control of her life, provide for herself, and do as she pleases. [Read: 24 ways to be a strong independent woman all men love and desire]

30. Respecting yourself

Self-respect plays a big part in a girl’s attractiveness. If you don’t respect yourself, guys will unintentionally take you for granted or treat you like a doormat and walk all over you.

And even if you try to get a guy’s attention, he may just find you too easy to get and may even ask you to introduce him to your sexy friend who’s teasing him instead of trying to open doors for him! [Read: How self-respect affects the relationships you have]

So, what do guys notice first about a girl and find the most sexy?

Some of the things guys notice first about girls are involuntary and natural. And a few others, well, they’re traits and habits a few girls pick up over time.

You don’t really need to indulge in all these gestures mentioned here, nor do you need to have all these qualities to impress a guy or get his attention. You just need to be yourself.

But, of course, if you believe you can be a better version of who you are, then go ahead and pick a few tips from here. It would definitely help you feel more confident and sexy from within.

[Read: Does he really like me? 101 subtle signs and body language clues guys can’t hide]

It’s often your physical appearance that guys notice first before anything else, however, what they find the most sexy is your personality and charisma. Physical attraction gets their attention, but it’s your personality that gets them to want to know you more.

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