8 Different Types of Guys You Meet At Bars

types of guys in a bar

Going on a night out with the girls to find yourselves some eligible bachelors may prove difficult if all you ever see at the club are these guys.

Some people firmly believe that you can’t meet quality men out at clubs and bars, and others are more optimistic. We tend to think that quality guys don’t go out to bars, because they have real careers or are above that, and any free time that they do have probably doesn’t involve them getting drunk every Friday or Saturday night. [Read: 33 best places to meet attractive and eligible guys]

The typical guys you’ll find at the club

Whatever the reason we tell ourselves for the “good” guys to not be found at bars, I can assure you that when you do find him, you’ll find the following guys at the same watering hole as well.

#1 Mr. Moneybags. This guy wants you to know he has money, or at least wants you to think he has money. He has no problem spending money, buying everyone drinks, and can always be heard saying something along the lines of “just put it on my tab.” This is also the guy who takes a picture of his bill at the end of the night, so he can post it on his social media and show off his big spending ways.

It’s great if you meet a guy who is financially well-off, but it’s important to keep in mind how you would feel if you were dating this guy, especially knowing how he always spends and wastes his money so freely, especially when he’s out for drinks.

#2 Mr. Sloppy. This guy just doesn’t know when to stop drinking, and he has no care for manners. In fact, this guy might even spill his drink on you while he’s trying to introduce himself to you, and probably won’t even think to get you a napkin when he does.

He’s so sloppy and drunk, that if you tell him your name is Sara, by the end of the night it’s safe to say every time you see him again he will have called you Sally, Samantha and anything other than Sara, because that’s what these sloppy guys do. They can’t remember names, conversations, manners, and they really just don’t care. They just want to have a good time, with the mess and all.

Of course, we’ve all had our weaker, less attractive moments when it comes to a night out involving drinking, but if you meet Mr. Sloppy out at the bar more often than you would like, it’s safe to say he’ll be a consistent mess. If he’s sloppy when he drinks, imagine what he’s like when he eats! He’s also the type of guy who probably shows up to work with his shirt half-tucked in, that is, assuming he has a job.

#3 The usual. Mr. Usual is a rare breed. This guy acts as if he’s living his life on the set of “Cheers” where everybody does know his name and what his usual order is. This guy comes into the bar acting as if he’s best friends with all the bartenders, and when he does get his chance to order a drink, he can be heard saying something like “you know, the usual,” which usually drives the bartender into a slight panic, because the reality is he thinks he’s more memorable than he actually is.

#4 Mr. Cheapskate. Have you ever gone on a date with a guy who lets you know how much the bill was? If so, then you have already encountered Mr. Cheapskate. What’s even worse is when you meet Mr. Cheapskate out at the bar. And you will. Mr. Cheapskate is the kind of guy who will come up to you, flirt with you, talk to you, and actually comes across as rather charming, except after a while, you’ll notice that he’s not once offered to buy you a drink.

Once you realize he’s not offering, you decide to order a drink for yourself, and only then, in classic cheapskate form, this guy will say something like “oh, what’s that taste like?” which is him suggesting he wants to try yours *yes, Blue Moon is just so rare*. Or he will somehow convince you to buy him a drink. Annoyingly, this guy can be overheard making comments such as “can you believe beer is 9 bucks?” to his buddies. It’s great to be on a budget, but talking about it too much is just tacky. [Read: 11 signs you’re being used for either sex or money]

#5 The demander. The demander is an asshole, period. This guy is so arrogant and self-entitled, all for reasons unknown. If you’ve ever been out to eat and heard or seen someone clap or snap for a waiter, then you know the type of guy I’m talking about. This is the guy that you overhear from 10 rows back on an airplane yelling “ma’am, I need another” to the flight attendant.

This is also the guy that you will meet out at the bar who is yelling, literally, to the bartenders, because for some reason he thinks being demanding, really loud and arrogant will get their attention much sooner. Little does he know that being an asshole gets him nowhere. The more he drinks, the more the demands. [Read: 15 types of toxic relationships]

#6 The smooth operator. When you’re at the bar and a guy walks up to you, it feels good to know people find you attractive, and it doesn’t hurt to be told so by strangers. But if you meet Mr. Smooth Operator out at the bar, it’s safe to say that not only will you meet him, but every other girl in the bar with you will meet him as well. This guy uses sweet one-liners and pickup lines as often as he can.

This is the guy who asks for your phone number and you then overhear from outside the restroom door of the bathroom introducing himself to a girl in line the exact same way he introduced himself to you. Long story short, this guy might be a smooth operator, but he’s also somewhat of a player, and if you’re looking for love, he’s probably not your best bet. But he at least makes you feel good about yourself, even if it’s for a very short period of time. [Read: 7 surefire signs you’re dating a player]

#7 Mr. Downer. Mr. Downer is the guy who has either been left unemployed, heartbroken, or maybe just happens to be an alcoholic who probably should stop drinking and seek help. This guy wants everyone to know that he’s been laid off, or that his girlfriend just cheated on him. He’s really depressing to be around.

If he knew how to keep the conversation to a minimum, or learned how to listen instead of doing all the talking, his company might be more enjoyable. But he doesn’t know how to do anything but complain about what he’s going through and talk about himself. Mr. Downer isn’t the guy you should spend your night out with if you want a good time. He’s only going to eventually bore you, take away your buzz, and leave you feeling brain dead.

#8 Mr. Creeper. Mr. Creeper likes to hang out in the dark corners or ends of the bar and peruse the ladies entering and leaving throughout the night. You might find this guy mysterious, but the reality is he’s just a creeper.

This is also the guy that might hit on you, and sometimes, he may even become your five o’clock shadow the entire night, because he just won’t leave you alone. He might joke that you’re his girlfriend to anyone that tries to walk up and talk to you, and the first time it might seem somewhat cute, but after a few more times, you find it unsettling.

This guy doesn’t make you feel relaxed by any means, and if you find yourself getting stuck with Mr. Creeper, just take two steps back and get out of the dark shadows! [Read: 9 pervy guys and how to spot them on a date]

While the bar may look like a hotbed for eligible gentlemen, once the alcohol starts flowing, you might find yourself face to face with the dark side of a seemingly pleasant gentleman. So watch out for these guys the next time you hit the bar!

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4 thoughts on “8 Different Types of Guys You Meet At Bars”

  1. Joanna says:

    Oh boy, the creeper is the worst kind of guy. I literally feel uncomfortable if he’s in like a 10 yard radius around me. It’s just so unsettling. I’ve actually had tons of experience with them. Some of them can actually be charming and introduce themselves nicely. We hit it off and start talking. At one point in the night you decide to go home and he just can’t take a hint that you don’t want him to walk you home.

    I’ve had friends tell them the leave me alone, literally. I just hope I don’t have to meet another one ever again, but chances are that I will and I’m not really sure what the right reaction for a women is when something like that happens. Anyone else have any experience with creeps?

  2. John says:

    lol I’m going to shamelessly confess
    to being Mr. Sloppy on more than one occasion. I think you were a
    little harsh on his description though. Yeah, I’ve had some awesome
    club nights where I’ve been completely blind drunk; falling over into
    tables; crashing into crowds on the dance floor, but that’s what I
    went out for in the first place. It’s all apart of having a wild
    Saturday night where you’re out until the sun comes up and sleep
    until dinner on Sunday. I otherwise have a job, eat well, and go to
    the gym a few times a week. Decent enough guy just having a decent
    enough time… and that’s what the ladies want, right?

  3. downy says:

    I actually like helping Downers. I could even show/give them a good time (If you know what I mean). I like listening to people’s problems and actually trying to help them forget about it. So I offer them good company, maybe even buy them a few drinks here and there. Essentially I just want to be a good person. Sometimes I do go a little naughty though when the night is over and we’re crawling in bed. Other than that though, I think I’m doing good to our society.

  4. Sally says:

    When you’re meeting

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