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A Vacation to Pristine Barbados

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Barbados, a little island that’s known for its cricketing legends, also has a lot to offer for wonderful holidays and great vacations. With a strong culture and ethnicity that is attractive and inspiring, Barbados can be a great spot for a few perfect days under the sun.

A Vacation to Pristine Barbados

The roads were narrow but empty, it was almost dawn and the weather was pleasant in the high 20’s. My American Airlines flight from Miami was delayed by over three hours. From the window of my plane, I could see the wonderfully lit pear-shaped island of Barbados as the flight attendant announced that we would be landing in a few minutes. My knowledge of Barbados was limited to the exuberance of Cricket and many historic stories of cricketing legends from the island. Who has not heard the name of the great all-rounder, Sir Garfield Sobers, the legendary opening pair of Haynes and Greenidge and not to forget the big bird, Joel Garner along with three W’s – Weeks, Worrel and Wesley!

However, I was keen to explore the little Barbados beyond the realms of cricket. A country of contrasting character with a diversity of food and culture, topography and landscapes, sports and adventure, Barbados has earned a reputation for being one of the most enchanting islands among all the Caribbean countries.

At the airport, I was greeted by my driver who was a cheerful young man with a thick accent. Lowering down the glass windows of my car, I sat next to my driver after exchanging courtesies.

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I couldn’t understand much of the conversation that ensued between us (although it was in English) as he increased the volume of the Rap music, stepping on the accelerator simultaneously. When he pushed the gear to overdrive, I almost fell off my seat, trying my best to sit glued at a speed which would have put the Ferraris to shame.

Roundabouts and countryside single roads didn’t matter for my driver who was spinning the wheel just like Michael Schumacher would do on a Formula One racetrack. After 45 minutes of rollercoaster driving, I settled in the comforts of a cottage facing the Caribbean Ocean on the west coast of Barbados. It was a full moon night, the sparkling stars filled the sky and the noise of the ocean was soothing and tranquil. It was only a few hours from my first sunrise in the Caribbean Islands.

In the three days of my stay at this island which is only 21 miles long and 14 miles wide, I was curious to explore this little jewel off the Caribbean and the Atlantic Oceans. Acquiring independence from the British colonial rule in 1966, Barbados, the ‘Little England’ of the Caribbean is today a perfect blend of the colonial world and modern times. Retaining its old world culture and architecture of the 17th and 18th century, the island is studded with wonderful churches, botanical gardens and old plantation houses apart from its incredible beaches.

Next morning, I woke up to the melodious chirping of birds and a breathtaking view of a beautiful sunrise. Within no time, I found myself walking on the beach, yet not testing the warm waters. A quiet walk in the early morning along the beach near the Almond Resort on the West Coast was quite an enchanting experience. I took in the first impression of Barbados in the morning, a pristine island with the turquoise blue waters at a stone’s throw, a quiet beach with no litter, white sands, calm serene waters, swaying palm trees, an occasional sailing boat, and an odd early sunbather lying on the beach at the crack of dawn.

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