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The Ten Golden Rules of the Gym



All places have rules. Some are written in stone and some are unspoken. The Gym is one such place where the rules aren’t written, but breaking the rules is frowned upon. Read this to learn the ten unspoken rules of the gym.

The Ten Golden Rules of the Gym

These rules aren’t set in stone, but it’s something that will make your experience and the experiences of the people around you a better one.

Beware of Chatterers

There are always those at the gym who will, if given the opportunity, tell you every problem and drama that has ever occurred in their lives. Indulging in this will not help you in any way.

Respect Intentions

Respect other people’s desire to work out without interruptions. Lots of them love listening to music or watching the boobtube as they work out. So if want someone to talk to, talk to your instructor, if only for a minute.

Rack the Weights

Not doing so is a major no-no. If you are using two 20 pound dumbbells, don’t just plop them down for someone else to pick it up. If you pick it up. You keep it back.

No Sweat

If you sweat on it, wipe it with a towel. Always carry one when you gym. You definitely don’t like lying down on someone else’s sweat, nor would others like lying on yours.

Stink up a Fragrance

Don’t wear excessive perfume. It doesn’t mix well with perspiration, not to mention that overdosing it is offensive to others.

Respect Time Limits

A busy gym normally has a time limit on cardio machines. Don’t just sit on a machine and chat, especially when someone is waiting. The idea of working out is to get one’s heart rate up, not to exercise the jaw.

Gym Partners

Expect to work with someone. That means you take turns to do sets. Don’t waste time running around while your partner is waiting to get back to pumping weights.

Time Yourself

Arrive early to your aerobics, Pilates, or Yoga class, and place a towel down in your spot. And respect other’s spots as well. Like it or not, most exercise studios have a first come first serve policy.

Deep Cleavages

Remember that the gym is not a fashion show. Save the cleavage-display shirts, sock-stuffed spandexes or see-through clothes for a more appropriate venue.

Make Some Noise

Avoid grunting and using foul language. It will only get you dirty stares.

With these tips, you should be well on your way to a perfect workout in a fitness centre. Not only will this help you get a better body, it will also make the gym a better place!

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