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The Perfect Leg Workout

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Most people put in a lot of energy on working out their upper bodies and hardly spend any time on their legs. Here are a few simple any-time exercises to help you get those perfect legs.

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The Perfect Leg Workout

Free Half Squats

Make sure your legs don’t go below the 90 degree mark when you squat (don’t squat fully). Your knees should not come in front of your feet when you’re squatting. You could do three sets of 15 to 25. Take the support of a chair or any other furniture. And keep your eyes on the mirror to spot errors.

Front Lunges

Three sets of 10 to 15. Make sure your front leg is vertical up to the knee. Keep your back straight. And don’t forget to contract your gluteus. If you want a heavier work out, carry dumb bells of ten or twenty pounds.


Three sets with comfortable weight, add on for the second and third repetition. Keep your feet at shoulder width and your back straight. And make sure you squat only till your thighs are parallel to the ground.

Leg Extensions

Three sets of 12 to15. Hold the extension for a second. Do not jerk, as there are chances of injury.

Leg Curls

Three sets of 12 to 15 counts. Add on weight for the second and third set. Do not jerk or rest the weight at zero position. Contract your gluteus when you’re pulling in.

Leg Press

Three sets of 12 to 15.  Keep your feet shoulder width apart and push with your heel. Don’t forget to contract your gluteus.

Standing Calve Raises

Stand on your toes on an elevated area, and push your body weight upward, hold for a second and then lower yourself.  Do three sets of 12 to 20 repetitions.

Seated Calve Raises

This is usually done on a machine. Add on additional weight after each repetition. Do three reps of 12 to 20.

Dead Lift

End with three sets of dead lifts.

Cool Down

Cool down stretches for the body and stretch your back. If you handle this workout right, you could be on the road to making hearts beat faster, just at the sight of your legs.

Just try these tips for a few weeks and feel the difference yourselves. After all, a good upper body is a turn on, but a perfect body with great legs is to die for, isn’t it?

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